Why mobile phones are not just fun and games for teens

Groundbreaking education programme PhoneBrain launched A groundbreaking education programme called PhoneBrain will now target youth clubs in England and Wales, following the successful roll out of the scheme in schools which has contributed to a 75% decrease in complaints about premium rate telephone services (PRS) in just two years. Complaints about these services most commonly relate to users paying more than they expected for ringtones and mobile games, or signing up for subscription services when they thought they were making one-off purchases. And young people are amongst the hardest hit. The PRS market in the UK is worth £810 million annually and is an area ripe for business and social entrepreneurship. But in 2008 there were 23,624 total complaints to PhonepayPlus the UK national regulator for PRS. Positively, in 2010, the number of complaints fell to 6058 complaints — and this reduction is due to projects like PhoneBrain which helps young people understand issues surrounding PRS. The award-winning scheme has in two years reached 20% of schools nationwide with thousands of students taking part. Today it will be expanded to, aiming to reach over 1,000 secondary schools and hundreds of youth clubs to help teenagers understand how to recognise premium…

10 Unusual Problems With Dating A Gamer Girl

Gamers are their own breed, and these are 10 biggest rules you’d have to face, and problems you’d have if you dated a gamer girl Subscribe now to The Gamer! Click here: Having a girlfriend that is just as interesting in gaming as you are? That sounds fantastic, right? You could play Smash Bros together, give each other games as presents, and share great memories on Minecraft. But those of us at The Gamer see ANOTHER side to the equation. You’ve gotta deal with the extra expenses, the hordes of guys asking for her number… or she might not even be real! Check out our video on ten problems you might have if you decided to date a gamer girl. listen you're a gamer guy right of course you are you know every character backwards and forwards and smash bros you know whether or not to construct additional pylons and you think you know what i missing in my life an amazing beautiful gamer girl girlfriend it was just as passionate as I am in fortnight but hold on there cowboy you don't know what you're getting yourself into here are ten problems you might have dating a gamer girl…

Gamers Are Awesome – Episode 99

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Wie "Frag Nart" Geld verdient mit YouTube Gaming Videos

Abonniere den Kanal: Hier geht’s zum Kanal von Frag Nart: Persönlichkeitsentwicklung | Selbstständigkeit | Business mit Herz Danke dass du dir das Video angeschaut hast. Lass mir einen Daumen nach oben da, wenn dir das Video gefallen hat! Auf diesem Kanal begleite ich dich auf deinem Weg zu einem selbstbestimmten Leben. Einem Leben, in dem du dein eigener Chef bist und Geld mit etwas verdienst, das du wirklich gerne machst. LIVE ONLINE SEMINAR ►► FACEBOOK COMMUNITY ►► MANUEL AUF INSTAGRAM ►► ich hatte bevor ich mit youtube angefangen habe kein youtube account größer dass ich habe sehr verzögert reagiert weil ich erst mal drei mal durch systemen laufen lassen wusste dass du das gerade gesagt hast du bist reich mit gaming bereich naja du lebst von gaming ich lebe auf jeden fall von gaming und vielleicht kann man das auch nennen weil es einfach was geiles ist also also wenn wir natürlich hat raich ganz viele ebenen das private die liebe alles mögliche aber das ist mal bevor wir in alle anderen themen einsteigen in das thema einsteigen wie gut kann man leben von gaming er wird über social media streaming maß tisch unter anderem youtube und natürlich andere profile…


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The ULTIMATE RGB PC Build Guide!

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Motivational Professional Gamer Video

Go For Your Dreams, Not Just The Money. Want To Succeed, Don’t Worry About Failing. Put In The Time, Put In The Work, You Make It, You Succeed. -TaZe Yendezz

Best 3 Running Games On Your Phones

Hi friends iss video mein humne aapko best 3 running games dkhaayi hai. Inn games ko khelne ke baad aap fir se Subway Surfers aur Temple Run nahi kheloge. Best 3 Running Games: King Of Soccer Sky Dancer Death Pipe

The Bedroom GAMING Setup – Samsung N650 Panoramic Soundbar Showcase

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15 Things GAMERS Can't Resist Doing In Multiplayer Games

What is it about multiplayer games? No, we don’t mean what is it about the genre that attracts so many developers. But what is it about multiplayer games that can cause us players to do things ranging from the bizarre to the downright evil? Whatever the deeper cosmic reason may be, let’s take a look at the 15 things that players just can’t resist doing in multiplayer games. SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOS: LIKE US ON FACEBOOK: FOLLOW US ON TWITTER:

How To Make Good Gaming Videos | YouTube GAMING TIPS

If you have a gaming YouTube channel and want to make good gaming videos we have you covered. These YouTube Gaming tips will improve all your game captures. ————————————————————————– Mixer – Twitch – Clutch Blog – ————————————————————————– Get the app and submit your clips – Thanks For Watching!