#1 GIRL PRO *DESTROYS* FaZe Sway in ZONE WARS! (Fortnite)

She really is better than Sway…

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#1 GIRL PRO *DESTROYS* FaZe Sway in ZONE WARS! (Fortnite)

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FaZe Sway DOMINATES Zone Wars.

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FaZe vs. FaZe – Zone Wars Challenge

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like and subscribe in the next five seconds if you think you're better than face way at 4:00 at night wait wait what's going on everybody welcome back to fortnight first in today's news a streamer known as Demi completely bodied phased sway in zone Wars she plays with sway and a bunch of the other pros and they got a lobbyist own Wars going obviously nobody expected her to be able to do really anything but she really proved herself and showed that she was super good at the game like I'm not even kidding she bodied him and everyone's reaction was hilarious didn't you're not gonna want to miss it on top of that at some point in this video I'm gonna reveal to you guys a secret way you can play for an IO face sway right now and know it's not a cliff bait you really can make sure you watch the whole video and you'll find out for yourself shout out to the giveaway winner from the last video guys if you're new here we give out a thousand B bucks on every video here at four-night first if you want to win all you need to do is hit that like button right now turn on post notifications subscribe and comment up your games ID down below make sure they use code first in the item shop to support the channel and the giveaways and make sure you subscribe because we're subscriber away from 700,000 songs and if you subscribe right now you could be that 700,000 sub and it'd be really awesome I appreciate it a lot with all that being said let me know what you think about Demi and her skills down in the comments below and enjoy the video you know wanna kill you yeah I don't get what I don't get what my god I'm editing the wrong thing y'all mini if you keep you in our dick rider I'm gonna beat your fucking head no creaking on the stick Oh believe what you do not totally fun how did me enemy out of me fuck that I didn't know if another kid alive dead man you gotta call backs to the chest ain't no let me still alive no no no come down here everything at least I got one on the board oh my god it's over too many I'm gonna shut them behind the garage nice week that guy's lost sick thoughts oh my god let me where you at – yeah I wanna fuck with you come here pussy Oh Syd that means coming hi hold up hold up hold up damn it come on oh my god it's starting I know you'll stop behind boys didn't if you did ask my stream is pissed on well I had 70 HP like what are you talking about I was almost getting shit on came up behind me miss every single song hi ground I'm so confused Vinnie you win okay that means by the doing beyond a decision that means that means button he would share my weight she's about to be on the to game win streak she has two kills I know I already lost nice little flat tunnels and that's a no-no till then OH – OH what I'm so cranky the hundred or now I'm getting stunk by who who is the vagina oh my back to back oh my god one more one more one more oh yeah one more four thirty and three more poor like is it that serious like it's really that serious why so far away from your and I'm 29 no Daniel no I'm gonna shoot I'll shoot that's right Oh what would it kill them to he's no house right Betty husky face wait thanks everybody hunt see right now oh oh they just shoot it on mini please thank you you saw that no you like my meaning Te'o's wait are you actually I am very high up in he like Oh what are you doing Ernie excavator is 12 like you know no are you in bed are you gonna go to sleep I have to wake up at 2 you are so what my bullets didn't honestly fuck this game okay one more after this one more up this grow light oh my god good ok not that serious there your ass like holy it's a fuckin one two three four five six seven eight I tend to let me tell thirteen people in this Lobby I don't wanna battle booze they understand like why they can doing this I miss about you hi boy oh I don't have a teammate on Thursday why they're cookie all right guys so as promised here's how you can play with face way for yourself Demi does sub-only zone wars about once a day on Twitch so basically if you go to Demi's twitch and you subscribe to her she will play zone Wars with you and about 15 other people at a time and basically ghosts SAFF X and a sense assault and a ton of the pro players are just always hanging out under zone Wars and faced way does aswell and if you want proof of that well sway was playing in these games and these games were taken from her vods which are you know obviously from her zone war stream you guys want to play with sway all you need to do is you need to go check out her twitch and drop her a sub it is sub Tober so you get half off your subs this month and all you need to do is be in her stream whenever he's playing with her I'm feeling tears stream down in the description below as always if you guys did enjoy the video be sure to leave a like definitely subscribe and I will catch you in the next upload peace out boys

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