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Today on DOPE or NOPE we’re unboxing and checking out 10 of the coolest (or potentially dumbest) smartphone and iPhone gadgets that we could fine online! We’ll put all these tech gadgets to the test and let you know if they’re worth buying or not! SUBSCRIBE to see more videos like this in the future!

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that was so funny my turn you you guys are so bad what's going on guys welcome to dope or not' the channel in which we review products and drink so much water that we barf it up that's happened so much almost good for you as you can see we have a special guest J fry here from Team edge if you don't know team edges it's a matter of info card right there today we're gonna be looking at ten unexpected smartphone accessories that are worth buying these are so unexpected in case you're not aware J Fred we're each gonna take one of these products and review it dope or no product night eyes night eyes it some serious not original feely vent mount pelée steely eyes dude it's a bone mount for your phone to mount to your vent if you don't have something in your car that allows you to mount your phone this is really exciting whose vents are that stay this is top not dope top-notch dope or no but guess what we're gonna turn this around because we're gonna actually test this in Tanner's car and you've never seen Tanner's car here's the deal ready for it I'm ready for your deal Tanner supposedly has french fries in his vents I do so how is that gonna help us and already heard this so does every movies turn on the AC you just smell french fries I don't have AC 15 degrees outside yeah now you want my armpits are sweaty I missing something I know this is the night ice you see that you clamp it and it clamps what all it's a magnet I missing something Liz oh it's the magnet they sent us this we had to order this separately oh this thing separately didn't realize that until we got it mrs. does not include them out this tiny dumb little piece comes separate that's the steel here that's 18 dollars what the heck wait wait wait wait seriously though why can't they just include this this little magnet thing was $25 that we bought and then this thing this thing was $8.00 it's literally the size of a quarter I'm just upset that it came separately we gotta see if this works in Tanner's car let's go explore taters cars I've actually never been in Tanner's car tanner go on the other side and won't you give me a tour you're gonna get like dirty welcome to my car what's this that's from coffee I don't remember that coffee oh my god when I drove back from Vegas that long give me a tour of the back stuff is literally disintegrating – my car breaks down I use from this team EDD shoot I was in with Joey year ago I was like a couple months ago rocks yeah you know too much about your feet to touch that though it smell good here's like a little trash area here's water not water but water in this just in case I ever need to put water in my radiator I thought you were like I kind of like that memory you know yeah yeah I can see it right there's fries in there so take this little guy put this thing right here clip it and then lock it and that's it there you go what do you think about that that's good I like that I keep that yeah I'll keep that oh well you're gonna have to buy one of these for $8 cuz I can't get that off just because they sold these things separately like what are you doing we're trying to scam people deeper Pro smart portable sonar wireless Wi-Fi fish finder for kayak and ice fishing here's one critical failure you ever noticed that when you put your phone under water it just disconnects from everything like Bluetooth Wi-Fi cold breaking blue – blue on top of the water what if it just goes bob's underwater like I don't know I'm not like a genius I can tell you for sure thumbs up with a four-season sonar used for ice kayak shore fishing those aren't seasons I'm confused 3.5 ounces in a season easier why I was late this morning so I woke up with a lark I'm gonna take a shower deeper smart sonar for smartphones and tablets do we have some proper like way to test it so we have an aquarium that we set up downstairs how many gallons 10,000 and 500 it's a lot of milk it's not even in there it must be already being used let's go downstairs and see this giant fish tank and maybe we'll have a fish expert joining us hey bird can you explain to me how this works it's a fish finder though wait have you used this before I have used one kind of like this this is an off-brand or knock off no this is a good one oh all the fish wonders of iviews you're supposed to read temperature depth or the fish are while you're fishing on like rocks and grass sand can you show us how it's used can you like demonstrate whether it's great or bad in other words do it over home sure thing so how does a sonar thing detect fish does it detect air in their system no it's basically sending a signal down and when it comes back up basically reflects he's got a connecting between so as we're moving he'll send us more data so you can tell what we're looking at but working look at that it is working so can I do a test here are we disconnecting too deep so you have to allow – there you go what if there's ways laughing over it constantly well so see it if it's reading something that's 30 feet deep it can still see it but it might oughta might be kind of like this do you want to take this home and you have it yeah as David famous I know I told you that fish finder was doe but I decided to take it out on the lake and try it for real instead of that little tiny kiddie pool that you have in the studio there so let's see if this thing actually can find real fish well Matt it definitely found the fish so I'm gonna have to call this one a dope sure after Carter toilet speaker iPod whoever uses those still white toilet dispenser condition it is used I would like to buy the world the boxes the box was no no no you didn't read it right the box has was and names the item inside is an excellent condition whoever made this listing with lives in their mind Oh this item is new never been used but the box is aware from storage it said it was used above yeah you guys don't know what you got you hey pop I can't open this thing Oh found it first try now be careful be careful watch out for the wasn't dings do we have an iPod for this we don't but we do have an auxilary cable I've been informed by lizard over there what millimeter is six I think no 3.5 got you through boy vibes anything I comes with some beats looking auxilary cable yep oh wait don't put it on without the TP wow this is really bad design if you put that on it just falls off yeah of course it's supposed to go on the bottom where else use toilet paper check this out I'm gonna play some of my own music backwards so that I can make some song sales however you remember if you point forward so the song is called backwards playing I know you have it on iPod you doofus [Applause] pick my crap up off the ground I keep telling myself no okay just hard cut tipping off well guys it's still in this plastic piece down in the center as well to show that it's new and then you can adjust this as well so I think is pretty dope I'll say dope all right so guys this next product this is a like to buy that's right we're bringing it back check this puppy out naturally this isn't an iPhone accessory however we had an idea to do an entire video all around things built and made with just cardboard that actually worked so this right here is one of these items that is really really time-consuming so we want to know like should we build this obviously this is done by mini gear so shout out to them but we want to actually make this so if you're down to clown it with some cardboard in this town then guess what give this video like will hit 50,000 likes will make a video titled 10 cardboard gadgets that actually work and guess what we will do this in it Sony Japan disc 2 quick 10 for a smartphone attachable compact lens digital camera pink I've seen these before this is zany somebody who might be five-year-old explain it like a five-year-old okay so let me explain what this is okay okay this was made at a time when phone cameras weren't great they were really like lackluster and the only way to get a good image was to take it with like an external camera just so you know though the iPhone 10s has like the most incredible camera I've ever seen look how natural that is wow that is so much oh yeah look how crazy good that camera is this camera the only way that they're able to get a good image is by putting all these elements in the lens and having a bigger sensor and attaching that to your phone I don't think there's any reviews or anything I'm gonna watch this nope I like to Sahni oh nice you see that okay it still fits on this now as you can see it's actually not a bad image it's not great though see what's most likely poor is just the Wi-Fi quality that I'm seeing the picture at so I'm gonna take it sure snap that pic give me something special mom did it save the photo to my phone or did it just show it to me there is a micro SD card in case yeah because it's not transferring gracefully it's not transferring the full image size no it did so this is with that lens that we just showed you it's not bad it's lacking clarity color is great and that's one of the things I've always loved about Sony color is spot on this now is the picture that I took with this phone which has like an immense amount of clarity I'm gonna write a dope what do you guys say I don't know I couldn't hear past all the pink I'm gonna say no deal too hard to set up too long to set up yeah you're right out of a degree I say nope now right pocket graphite with right Suzie Zink sticker paper is it made out of zinc um we're gonna find out I think you guys are classic comedians thanks man this is what it looks like no this is what it looks like covering cardboard Oh looks like the little printer that you can get for your photos and you can attach it to your phone it's like a Polaroid Wow Wow and get what gifts on pictures and 2018 what do you mean as you can make into a sticker the girl funny you thought that was easy I have a sticker on my face well we know what it is but let's see if it works this isn't Bandcamp tanner packaging is looking good right has this kind of like nice orange so gradient feel let's open it up beautiful probably instruction with them oh the camera's missing there's just a bunch of barcodes look I've got it boom hold on oh I was in the Box the whole time okay so let's see it work print that wait was that wood I literally just imprint and it's a picture of me and woods that somebody got it's rendering it currently oh it's like making it into reality oh my gosh comes outside oh there you go you and woods cuddling in an inner tube and this is a picture through a chair and so here are some of the other images that we've taken this thing this is from a previous go porno product comment down below if you know what product we use in what video now watch this if you go to scan look at that it's like a boomerang okay ready for this tanner I want you to throw up a gang sign go yeah you actually look insane we got this photo and then now we're going to a scan it you see that photo right there and then boom check this out it's like Pokemon right here I will rate this a dizzy no that's a dope for sure deps deck Wireless and dusk go Wi-Fi borescope inspection 2.0 megapixels HD snake camera for Android and iOS a snake camera iPhone Samsung tablet this is for when the toilet paper on the last product isn't working so you give yourself an endoscopy because nothing's coming out oh my gosh that's when an endoscope yeah you stick up your butt no not all endoscope and just go all of them I do though it's not just used for internals of humans you'd do it internals of anything right outside animals you I knew your brain was going there look like we got vents in the wall let's try to like take this endoscope and like see what's in the wall maybe these in the walls alright be if you can hear me tap back unlike other endoscope camera on the marketplace the wireless Wi-Fi endoscope camera not only work with the Android smartphone above Android 2.3 but also iPhone iOS system above iOS 0.6 oh this is perfect for iPhone user who want to do inspection work do dress out weird this is here's the thing guys Joey is making a bunch of jokes but endoscopes are designed to sometimes go in your colon to check for polyps and tumors so they check for serious conditions now when we go through the wall it could do the same thing if you got rust you got like termites maybe vloggers like V mouths on open I know that's probably just a box right take a look at this Michael I put it in this old it's a hairy man if it's fiberglass what are we looking at here oh that looks like somebody's nostril hairs okay this isn't working I think that's like a closed thing you want to try going down the scene oh it just fit oh my gosh let me see where I'm gone oh that is disgust oh you eat out of that what am I saying nothing doesn't seem to be light enough it's lacking like the ability to like focus on things close up things are like this close to it it just can't do it it needs to be like like an inch away otherwise it's just out of focus which kind of for me is like defeats the purpose of this I'm gonna say no maximal power lightning charging port adapter for Apple iPhone an iPad it's a home button you know how it's not legit alumina tea made by me to just be gibberish because like niacin capitalized on iPhone and iPad would you know the P the P he isn't capitalized you suck at it if you haven't seen I phones recently they don't have home button it's a slightly slightly thing what does that little guy peeking out there that's me now some people have been having issues with the lack of home button and instead of just not buying that phone they've decided to buy the phone and then complain about it yeah just adapt I prefer this way yeah for sure almost like within a couple days I got used to it and then I was like actually this is way quicker support extend home button no need app just plug in and use no need a stupid okay I'm the card that's the packaging look at this Wow it's an actual button it's really tiny though it's not near the size of an actual home button can I get an actual home button up in here real home button fake home button such a knockoff so much deeper is this zero and bad okay so let's see if this works oh it doesn't even match the actual length of the bottom of the phone it looks so disgusting nice I'm so glad it worked cause it's like this for sure go elsewhere No thank you for this home button home button you got a double press it okay I just have to press really hard it's so slow though you gotta warm it up a little bit it's gonna be nice to me so I naturally see why they can't make it the length because that's where the speakers are on some of these phones but it being just barely poking out that much enough fulfilling the length just looks super awkward to me I agree with all those points Tanner and for that reason I'm gonna rate it uh know let us know down in the comments below do you think about this do you think people should just adapt to the lack of home button or do you think people should embrace the things they love and never move forward with technology or learning adapt or perish I think you're gonna perish to the CTA call to action Digital two and one i potty with activity seat for ipad – what honey hot poor and older does that mean the 45 year old could use it depends on Medusa as I just what did you learn a garter [Laughter] where your pants on it brother all this commercial did for me is make me not really like that kid he's a punk dude he's the spanking don't give your child an iPad toilet and will spank him look how happy is wait hold on a second if you have a brother that's dancing while you're on the toilet this is the IP is this like a discontinued product list do you think it's like still you can still buy it on Amazon you got some insubordinate employees the iPad that's okay this looks brand new what are you doing you're taking a picture trying to look at this picture on the potty you're sick it does that oh it's for Sierra there's about a hundred pictures this is Sierra's iPad Thank You Sierra we're sorry that you have that many pictures of us but I'm not well I did it on purpose this is the toilet seat cover you gotta get in wow that is one tiny hole when I was a four-year-old kid I weighed 150 pounds they didn't let you up and throw you off the balcony no it's why you grew so tall cuz I grabbed you by the hand right before you fell those are stretch now here's the thing for me having a kid I don't think this would work we have a kid that's going through potty training right now we do a man a night oh you're saying we brought it okay the child named Luna she uses the regular-sized toilet this is dumb like she doesn't need to be distracted in there just focus on what you're doing get out because you discipline your child she's not throwing stuff at your head really good aim so funny my turn you you guys are so bad here at don't know if we like to bring you the latest in tech and entertainment and today we bought you a USB Drive to Joey it expands your memory its ass and this guy expand flash drive 64 gigabyte for iPhone and iPad black and silver SDI X no come together for your the most satisfying thing is that they haven't missed the USB Drive once like every time you try to put in first try it's always the wrong way I expand flash drive pick it up at your local CDN so can you give me a reason why you'd need this to expand your memory here's a hundred steps the reason why people don't like cloud storage and a lot of times they want to be able to transfer files on the go or take pictures to something else on the go what do you mean it's too hazy bro mmm – Isaac like some people only have like a gigabytes of storage on their iPhones remember those no that's not it doesn't exist anymore yeah but it used to don't work for lightning so if you guys have not owned a new iPhone no they don't exist anymore the dunsany those are not human beings they're cavemen okay watch this no wrong one while I was way less fun do we have something to plug that sided so what does it say walk me through it baby you're connected take a tour la blah blah take a tour of me set up my oh my goodness we didn't do this before the now okay I got it so now you're just copying it over photos yeah he's oh he's going to get photo photos of raspberries photos of copy cut copy cut copy here okay you guys get the picture what delete next product my thing is this if you are someone that is buying a phone let's say an iPhone because iPhones you can't expand the storage so if you're someone that's gonna fill up your phone spend that little extra money and not little it's $100 for like a hundred more gigs but think about how long you're gonna have the phone and how many times you're gonna encounter that problem and that hundred dollars might be worth upgrading to that bigger storage size and if you don't have $100 you know sell your puppy or your grandma's Social Security if you don't have $100 you can't afford that phone in the first place cogito panoramic accessory for iPhone 4 I think I've used this in the past oh my gosh I've tried a product like this guys do you know what the product I'm talking about because there's no way in heck I remember I'm not even trying to get comments or anything I'm just like I know I've tried something like this in the past the way this works is back in the iPhone 4 there was no panoramic kind of feature within the iOS system so they came up with cameras that would allow you to attachments for your camera that you can put on it that allow you to take a panoramic picture that is what this is it also has a seatbelt naturally built-in as you can as I can't see anymore Adam all right before we get this product on the table though tanner we have a notification shout out and that is for Elijah Campuzano they say why don't you say that you are dead inside anymore memes are done you guys are giving us all these dead memes we've done this for like a year now guys give us the new means we have so much malleable contact well what a ding showers our shadows out even this video send us the new memes leave them in the comments down below tweet a matter which ones are your favorites also if the notification by the dead inside is dead bring me the product so we have the iPhone 5 everybody can't get a while Wow oh don't tell me it has the velcro stuff no that's cool I like the instructions it's a 1-2-3 step attach your iPhone 4 get look rapid start shooting sharing 360-degree video all right so we're gonna let in pop this on here because we can't find the floor because the fours are also the the app doesn't exist anymore so we're gonna try and see if we can going on here I can make it I just made a big deal about the home button and why I like this better but it's literally not letting me get into my phone you're not trying hard enough you supposed to have your face there alright so if you everybody get in my ball wait let me get the home button there's a virus at work this thing messed up my phone so what you're looking at here is the camera looking at this mirror so this mirror is now reflecting everything around it what the app is supposed to do that doesn't exist anymore is this supposed to then take this image and then stretch it in all the right ways to make it a proper like 360 plane but the app doesn't work anymore so this product is useless because this is the type of picture that it's making that's the picture so alright guys big thanks to J Fred for being a part of today's doper nope episode if you want to check him out he's on Team edge and also I am on this episode of team edge where it is don't fall off the ledge that's right I cut people's cords I cut people's cords and they might fall off the edge if they get the questions wrong in this video over here is the video that YouTube thinks you specifically will enjoy okay so click that and maybe also like the videos so you we can do that cardboard thing okay night you

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