45 thoughts on “10 Things Only RPG Gamers Will Understand

  • How about the fact you're the one, destined to save the world. Every time in games.

  • Why does it have to be me that has to save the world? Can nobody else do it? This whole world is stuck in limbo just waiting for me to do something.

  • opening clearly marked empty containers. I always thought these games should have a non believer perk for those of us who open 1000 empty containers.

  • As to the good/bad aspect one of the best resides within Jade Empire. What a frigging awesome game. You recruit characters who fight alongside you. Before you get to the last fight you WILL lose teammates. Because they are straight up good/bad people. If you were good the evil guys can't stand you and leave. If you were full on evil the good characters hate you and leave. One time I played through a game and was alone wait there was ambiguously morale. How you handled yourself affects the ending. There are three of them and one will blow you away. In the ME Trilogy (PLEASE remake this) I loved the renegade/ paragon choices were great. Admit it one playthrough Shepard had red eyes and your face was falling apart.

  • That thing about the healing potions is so true, except I don't even use them in the final boss fight since "I wanna beat this the right way".

  • Im never going to use my fatman

    Said no one EVER!

  • I spent almost 2 hours customizing my outfits in RDR2 before I realized how much time had past. Then had a plan to do some missions and got distracted by chasing 3 star animals, I wasted another 2 hours. I hate that I love that damn game.

  • What about the one where a person knows the correct path to advance the story, but decides to do something else just for the hell of it.

    When I play Rift, I find myself spending more time searching absolutely everywhere for obscure bits of lore, than I spend actually questing. And even if I don't have a quest in an area, I'll still explore it just to see what's there.

  • 7:07 There is a mod that allow you to change your character anytime during the game and still can play without restarting over

  • Looool yes! I am 100% the potions girl. I always have so many and worry about using any cause you know…I may need them eventually. Then when I do need them I still won't use them.

  • Wait.. You use the potions on the final boss? But what if you need them to get through the credits!?

  • Playing Skyrim be like:
    Lemme make sure I pick out the PERFECT dirt color

  • Character creation is easy: I make a busty redhead amd done

  • I am in the do not use for the fatman due to finite ammo. (Without using cheats)

  • thinks of Mass Effect 1 where after forgetting to talk to your romantic options Liara or Ashley/Kaiden and right before the final mission just have 3 or 4 conversations with them and suddenly you got an whole romantic relationship and that scene
    totally possible in real life

  • Defeating the hardest boss and getting the best weapon in game versus winning in lottery in real life is absolutely and utterly not comparable, man.

  • In Geralt's defense, in the picture you used he was talking about stealing HORSES from LIVING PEOPLE

  • Fully filled inventory with loot, when I find something valuable gahh I have to look through all of it to find the cheapest ones to get rid of just to make some space for the new thingy.

  • Every Single One is right but the bonus. In dragon age origins the dog's intentions are described in detail, as only the Woof sound plays.

  • Something is going to happen and it will be an emergency because that certain type of music is playing so you start to hurry because "immersion" but snap out of it and realize you can take all day getting there. i.e. The beginning of Fallout 4. Someone just stole your baby but you have to rescue Preston and a bunch of loony freeloaders then go and build a bunch of settlents until you finally randomly get to the next level of the main quest and get a new companion who then has you do a bunch more stuff all the while handing out free bloodletting services with a sniper rifle and picking up shiny magazines and repeat the process with a new companion and eventually "Who gives a crap about the child you supposedly carried in your womb for 9 months and was kidnapped, what feels like, yesterday?" Then you are just like fuck it, back to giving labotomies from a distance and looting the aftermath cuz that is more fun.

  • I am currently a weapon and armor hoarder in Fallout 4. I see an interesting weapon, mod it to be even more interesting but not as good as what I have equipped but would be perfect for a companion so I put it in a box and basically forget all about it like I do the main quest cuz I'm too busy playing Sims and fetching crap all across the commonwealth.

  • i have hard time using the potions

  • It’s like winning the lottery life just becomes easy… *Looks at all the lottery people that ruined their lives or lives got ruined*… Well OK

  • Ruby weapon doesn't care about your ultimate weapons (ffvii)

  • When You've been playing for hours, one hitting everything. Stumble into something thinking "yeah, come here you". Only to get owned.
    Then you remember you hadn't saved.
    Throw a tantrum, vow to never play again.
    1 hr later "oh Christ, i'm all the way back here!"

  • I loved the Mass Effect player creator. BUT my characters eyes ended up looking way to close together and I didn't notice until I was several hours into the game. And then it kept bothering me more and more bit I was already in way too deep with it. And then my Sheppard got pitted over to the next 2 installments and it pissed me off for the whole trilogy. I stuck with it to the end though. Which brings me to another thing, why isnt character creation mandatory in all games? I dont always like the base character. I think the next gen (even this gen systems) could handle that

  • Yeah…whats the point in getting the ULTIMATE WEAPON!!!!!!….when the game is done. Fine, i can oneshot everything now, but it doesnt matter. The game doesnt move forward anymore…And no, grinding to max level is not fun. That just a mindless grind.

  • I could have learned Spanish in the amount of time I have spent on character creation.

  • when you're playing a first person shooter like call of duty and you're checking every corner of every room looking for s*** that's hidden and your friends are like let's f**** go already

  • I really thought the last one was going to end in smashing the barrel. Whenever I see a barrel, box or crate in an RPG, I absolutely have to smash it open, every time, to see if there's any loot inside.

  • Never got hung up on creating a character I don't care if it has no effect on their abilities I hit play and go.

  • This video really cracked me up for some reason

  • I will spend LITERAL DAYS in a games character creator. If he doesn’t come out right, it’s like an itch. I HAVE to go back and fix their face!

  • Lol most over powered weapon: Oblivion – ebony sword with health drain enchantment. Not only did that sword have some serious hitting power, but the healed you with every hit the enemy took.

  • and there's the games whose names I won't mention which turn your previously hard won clothing into tatters or even completely disappear because you got attacked by an animal while searching for stuff to make better gear.

  • me: strolling through an abandoned dungeon that supposedly has not been occupied for over 500+ years
    me: see's lit candles and signs of obvious life
    ….. Wat??

  • I remember one time I was watching my ex play Skyrim and she went into her inventory and I saw her with like 20 spoons 10 buckets 20 dishes. I couldn't stop laughing 😂

  • The Overpowered weapon I've never Used was the Magnum in Resident evil 2remake .I waited until a boss Level to use it

  • When you get a pet in a game….and it does nothing. It just follows you or attacks. It doesnt find things, it doesn't have a keen sense of smell to alert you of danger. No it just sits there staring at you suffering. Skyrim, shouting in towns and guards want to arrest you…even when you shout at a dragon….why? Let me do my job bro.

  • 7:24 this dude just turned into hiccup from how to train your dragon

  • I hate the struggle in my head on giving up the armor that looks great for a ugly looking one because of the bonuses. Then I don't like how the character look so I switch back. Ill wait lvl up some more levels I may find a better one. Just like my computer… Pss I don't need an upgrade, I can run this game… 8 years pased. Pss. I can still play with the graphics in medium. Isn't obsolete yet.

  • So true this is embarrassing

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