Today Im testing out 10 Different viral instagram slimes! I didn’t intend for this video to be so long but I hope you enjoy every bit of it!

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hey gray welcome back to my channel guys so today I'm gonna show you guys ten different types of signs I'm gonna lost my videos before but I feel like there's the regular science and there there's like instagrams line I feel like there's no signs coming out every single day I have familiar with some of these but most of these are those Instagram ones and I don't think I'm trying those times to make the oddly satisfying ones ASMR and all that stuff I don't think I've really done that before being my sure to subscribe box so if you're not aware I'm hanging a big get one right now where I'm getting away in iphone7 a MacBook Pro and a $500 gift card and all you have to do to enter this giveaway and have a chance of winning you have to be subscribed to this channel and you have to be subscribe to my blog China Carina bear vlogs and I will also link that down below so good luck also for this video I did team up with my friend Ashley from Ashley we both did slam related videos and I believe she's doing testing out swings as well I'll make sure to link her video in my description box so watch our video after you finish watching this one tour I sent you and yeah and without further ado let's hit I really don't know like the original creators of these types of slimes if you want to comment down below who they are I'll happily put them in my description box but I don't really know I just know that these are like the really popular ones and stuff so the first slide I'm gonna be doing is okay I'm not sure if it's called pearl slime but it's the one that has like the multicolored slime effect thingy I think you need an actual pigment for that I think it's called a wonder lust or some kind of like loose pigment that you know it's like multicolored or whatever but actually could not find that no matter where I went so I took a metallic color it's like privileged I don't know I just thought it was like the closest to those types but I've never made one like this and I thought it would look pretty cool so I'm taking some clear Elmer's glue I have made clear slime before but this is a little different than what done to make their sign I forgot where I saw this but I remember it like I actually remember seeing this so I'm hoping like I'm kind of just thinking that egg goes right because I feel like I remember them adding contact solution so we're just gonna go with it we're just gonna mix that in I think if you let it sit like overnight or for days you can actually get the bubbles to go away instead but ain't nobody got time for that it also days like the Forex method but I take about a fourth of teaspoon and just put it into one cup of hot water and we're just gonna mix it together until I basically dissolve in the water instead of putting the solution into the slime I'm gonna dunk my glue into the solution I guess it's like a way to not get as many bubbles definitely getting slimy we're gonna stick your hands in there we're gonna need very slowly in there I just don't want to get too much bubbles I think this is the point of doing this method you still get your bubbles but it's not as bad do you see that but it comes out super super soft it looks so clear guys these do look super great pearly it looks this definitely does work I think it does it does give it like that little pearl effect if that makes any sense oh this looks really pretty this one is so soft I love it next time I'm gonna attempt to make I believe this Chris feet bubbly slime I supposed to be like a super bubbly slide but I might add more glue and I have my gallon here so let's see how much sure would make that should be fine I've never made crunchy bubbly slime but let's see what we need an igloo you need foaming soap and I'm taking this fresh sparkling snow my bath and Bodyworks you probably think it's a waste of money to be like using this but I've been used in a while and I have like so many of these so I don't mind using it oh my gosh this time is gonna smell amazing right now some shaving cream I feel like that's a lot already I really doubt I needed this much oh my god I might do the most for now we're gonna need some lotion this is gonna smell so nice what is this supposed to come together as it is because I don't I didn't I don't think I brought down by getting it activator for this was this supposed to come together on its own because if so I totally messed something up when hasn't stuff with activator I added too much oh my gosh oh my god this is like super super fluffy it's like one big marshmallow fluff look at this I don't know what's going on what am i doing oh my gosh I feel like it rolls this one down a while a little and I don't remember if this is how it was supposed to look oh my gosh guys this is a complete fail it's one did it work oh I did it wrong I'm sure I did it wrong my next up we are making crunchies I noticed people use all types of beads and the beat that I got are actually just says little crystals I couldn't find the full blown beads and I'm sure it's because everybody's making slime so they're like totally out of stock these are the beats that I got so what I think you would do I've notice that they put this like in a different container and they make the slime and they're like dip it and there it is what I've seen so let's add our activate our music star flow I also really like that method I use with a borax I usually don't really like the borax method but that one that like I love how it came up close news I'm just gonna need this already I don't know for the stuff though my Tiki to mind by the way looks like a pink marshmallow I'm gonna do is I'm gonna put these in here and you take a piece of your slime I'm even gonna let it just like drip in there that's literally how I seen it and the cool look this is amazing it's so beautiful and there's people who like nobody fill it with it and I think they'll just let it sit in like a container and I'll just like soak it all up and it just looks so freakin cool let's just look how beautiful it looks it feels amazing though I gets a love/hate thing drop so much beads but it's so fun to play with so next I want to try iceberg slime I've seen a lot of videos on it like of them crushing it and stuff okay so you need glue shaving cream then you need motion baby power I'm gonna do blue just because you know icebergs fly meant blue is the way to go I'm going back in women one cup of water and my teaspoon of for ice it's actually articles about how borax is the toxic stuff it isn't the way that like in the Sun side you can't eat it of course but it doesn't get absorbed by your skin so you're safe to use it as long as you don't eat it this you're supposed to add I think I think it's supposed to just like sit on top wait hold on it what am I doing wrong isn't that like it I'm supposed to leave it for two to three days to dry oh my gosh yeah this is definitely a fail I definitely don't have three days to wait Wow let me insert some pictures of what it's supposed to look like I am so sorry what fail next up we're making toothpaste line I'm not sure this is on a pop and now on Instagram but I feel like toothpaste line was really like a thing and I feel like it still is but I don't see it as much anymore but I've never made to face line before so I really want to do it it supposed to be a really easy slime and it's like a two ingredient thing just basically toothpaste and glue I'm assuming the activators our toothpaste so that's a little bit of glue at a time the only reason I'm doing it on my table is because it's supposed to be really easy to make I feel like it's coming together a little bit oh my god I really wish there wasn't a certain type of toothpaste that I needed what the heck what's happening and that's the thing for this one like I really did think it was really super easy because cuz I really did see that it was just straight up just toothpaste and glue it didn't mention what type of tooth face for a month like the one that I saw I feel like it wants to come together but it's not does that make sense oh man now I'm really bad with these names but it's basically a clear slime and then you have like little confetti it what kind of second Fetty or like sequins you know what I mean like that serious Lima it's just satisfying to like mix it in so we're gonna make clear slime again when I sing for isolation I need some more solution some contact solution slowly mix that together so people usually do is I see let me put into a little container right but I have a container easy so I'm using like a little ratchet bottom waterline as we cut it and their sequence like this this is like some parts of this is like so on and I've seen either on the bottom on top like this and I guess it's just like settles into the slime because when they take it out it looks so cool oh I love it's on you know what I'm going to pour all the sequins in here I know I suck guys only one expects no benefit that would be a terrible terrible like slime collector or like the ones I make all different types i've definitely the loss line before but I feel like the instagrams line is always so pretty and perfect like super perfect you know I mean honestly I know it's like not super clear but I think this looks so pretty Oh next time we're gonna make some flow oh my god mate is this getting so messy I almost feel like disappointed that some of these you're not coming alright but you know it's a testing video when you're making foam you usually do want to like leave it a little stickier than usual just so the beats could really stick to it on the flip coloring mix it in so you'd nice line and then waiting outside for me people just take your slime and I just like that it just looks so cool when they do that this is amazing the beads I found them at Dollar Tree so that was cool oh my gosh and then when you add like it gets stiffer and stiffer and that it's a phloem next time making fluffy slime oh but I was way too much it's too much the thing I'm a fluffy slime is you really don't need that much glue so let me tell you about fluffy slime I did a video literally made like a giant and batch of fluff he's fine but I've got not seen it well of the time is super easy to make I need his glue me shaving cream I feel like this is like too easy actually some shaving cream mix that up you also need some food coloring you know what other sign is super in right now – butter slime I felt like I want to do butter slime only because I did like a full video like dedicate our butter time work I did like four different methods and I think this is it salinity it now you just add some contact solution you need a lot of it just please try mixing and it's gonna start coming together you see it's like a fluffy cloud of slime it's also better to need this on a flat surface because no matter how much mixing you do or how you get in there it just it's just like a big ol Wow so just like throw it onto a flat surface and take it from there super light and it's funny because the last question I did was actually super heavy so I think I added more glue that time it was so heavy and dense and right now it's like super light like and that's basically lucky swine okay I put a little bit extra shaving cream like it's super light okay this is oh I never get tired of fluffy slime that's amazing next I'm gonna make some milky slime now I think this was in a few months ago all night I feel like I'm seeing it again though basically what it is it's very silky very soapy just very soft very shiny soft slime I'm gonna make my wife don't look like actual milk so after we got usual you're gonna add some lotion this is all to make it soft I'm assuming so you got motion then they see how much they I didn't have that much I saw that you also add either coconut oil or like some kind of baby oil or just like a type of oil in general and that makes the you're also gonna need some shaving cream mix that all up I think you're just gonna have your activator that sounds really easy so let's hope that works well I always just put too much on accident it does look really glossy like as you're making you super glossy oh my god this is so soft now I'm assuming if you want to even softer you can just go have and add like more oil I'm at add a little bit more just cuz I wanted like smooth they're super soft that's super shiny I don't know I suck look how pretty that looks Oh okay super pretty ball so shiny I feel like I don't meet the right noise with my fingers because I have nails so kind of something stabbed oh this is so soft okay guys the very last one number 10 is candle slime I have been requested to do candle slime for a few weeks now and I never understood what it was I feel like I've seen it in my feed but I really thought that it was just live in a candle but it's legit like you literally use the actual candle in the slime so it's like oh my gosh that's crazy so I'm assuming this is gonna snow bomb so you take a candle you melt all of it you basically use all of it so I decided that I'm gonna do island Margherita I've melted this end here I did let it cool down a little bit because I didn't want it to be like boiling hot either I was gonna add some glue and we're gonna mix it together so I'm actually not sure like how much I don't know this happens anyone else and I'm hoping I did this wrong listen used to like put the glue in I was like super hot this would be you just ignore the fact that it gets like into little clumps I'm out a matter percent sure but wait let's just a stock low I'm Nick see that starts to happen Oh we'll see what happens tonight doing this wrong I'm nice and be more like watching right now cringing oh my gosh I hope I'm doing this right it smells good it's just like super weird like I love it this is not what it should look like if I'm doing this wrong I'm so sorry this is basically what I came out with I do like that it's warm because it's very flexible one I don't think it's supposed to look like this I really don't think so what did I do wrong but I like it it's like super stretchy and you could definitely play with it super foldable it's like oh it feels like actual ability but that's basically it for this one so that's it it's pretty cool I just feel like I'm doing the wrong but I actually like it so I'm basically for this testing out ten different Instagram or just viral general Sublime's you're not forgettable check out my friend Ashley I'll link her video down below in the description box also make sure to join my giveaway for a chance to win prizes thanks so much for watching like I said I love you bye

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