10 Weirdest Weapons In Video Gaming

From teddy bears to exploding chickens, it’s time to ditch your rifle for something less mainstream.

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videogame protagonists have long since been tied to the hilt of their blade or gun or nunchuck re giving players and cosplay artists are to join wielding their custom killing devices a good weapon can define a video game protagonist and in some cases be even more recognizable than the hero themselves however amongst all the guns key blades and lacerating wits there are a fair few oddities weapons that will just leave you scratching your head at the practicality of such items with this in mind I'm Jules what culture calm and here are ten of the weirdest weapons in video gaming number 10 bubble gun Just Cause 2 in a game set on an island seemingly built of explosions Just Cause 2 is one hell of a manic ride so much so that it can get a bit much if only there was a place to relax in this tropical paradise well hidden in a tranquil Grove on the west of the map players can scale this remote tower and drinking the liquid Zen of their surroundings away from the chaos they can find peace and allow protagonist Rico Rodriguez to come to terms with the violence that now permeates his life also there's a bubble gun a simple childlike toy which can give this war-torn veteran a chance to relax ah look at him look how happy he is go on buddy go show some of the locals and spread the joy oh well you too buddy number 9 ladle Dark Souls 2 when you think Dark Souls you probably think of huge boss battles excruciating slobs across desolate landscapes and possibly a whole heap of PvP grief you probably don't think of making soup though and probably less about using a ladle as a weapon but that's totally an option if you slay the ogres guarding the sex changing coffin in the very opening of the game then return to Milla Beth the weapon is about as useless as my real-life cooking skills but one can't help but think that this is just another player imposed challenge cooked up by the Mad Men At from software number 8 real Mega Buster Dead Rising I don't want the only one who promptly lost my mind when I saw the Mega Buster from Megaman in Capcom's other classic Dead Rising and I'm also not the only one who is probably disappointed to find out that it was just a toy however if you have the time patience and some would say sociopathic desire to kill fifty three thousand five hundred and ninety four zombies then you actually unlock the real version of this iconic hand cannon it's a devastating weapon and while I personally can't tell if the joy given from killing zombies with it was worth killing so many in the first place you can't deny that franc all dolled up in this Megaman Kazi equipped with this isn't just a great sight to behold number 7 clock shot Gears of War 3 ever since Zelda a link to the past I've always been suspicious of chickens deep in their beady eyes I can just tell that they're plotting something it doesn't help matters when games like Gears of War 3 feature not only a giant golden chicken Easter egg but also a pirate hat toting ammo box flying grenade launching dispensing one and while you digest that description let's look at how you can unlock this beginning in act 4 you need to avoid breaking any of the ash people then talk to the creepy chicken and a pirate hat and finally find three ammo boxes and push them over the edge this will spawn the hellfire hen and drop the clock shot a variant of the boom shop which now fires exploding chickens at enemies it's insane hilarious and does nothing from my electoral phobia number six the bane board lands to the borderlands series has quite a lot of guns a huge amount you could say it's almost like they should have made this a part of their marketing campaign or something but of these bullets laser and shell dispensaries there is one just strange enough to edge out the others found during a side mission in lynchwood players are set on the hunt for this mythical weapon called the bane after turning bandits inside out you can claim the gun as your own but using it would destroy your eardrums and sanity as the gun not only limits your movement speed but it makes this noise when you fire it I mean can you really say anything more if you can please don't because my ears are still bleeding number 5 cat silencer postal 2 did you know that you can shove a gun up a cat's anus and use it as a silencer well now you know and knowing makes the world a much more strange place yet this is part of the odd violent and altogether inflammatory world of postal 2 in which postal do can grab any of these wandering felines and turn them into suppressors for his guns now you're probably gonna be asking at this point something like Jules you magnanimous got get the cats are silencers then are they actually counted as weapons well my beautiful keyboard vixens once you've taken nine shots with the cat it flies off the end of the gun and explodes so technically yes this counts as a weapon and yes I'm still getting over the implications of doing this to a living creature number four the waba Jack Skyrim if you tangle with the god of madness you've got to expect that some pretty odd stuff is gonna happen which is exactly what you get when dealing with scarrans version of share gorath and his quest the mind of madness which sees you curing mental ailments of a diseased mind in order to bring back this cheese-loving goofball back to reality your reward for completing this demented side quest is the one and only except for all the other ones in the Elder Scrolls games the waba Jack a staff with the extremely strange ability to cast nearly any spell but it's randomly chosen as to which one will happen this can result in disintegrating massive bows in an instant or turning enemies into mud crabs or even unequipping a target armor it's no wonder that this is the go-to tool for the Prince of madness number 3 teddy bear Prince of Persia the warrior within when Prince of Persia the Warrior Within was released gamers couldn't help but point out how the cheeky fresh-faced prince from the first game and the new trilogy looked a lot different in this iteration but despite all of his posturing granny swearing and gruff vocals there lies within the prince a heart of a child for if you revisit the mechanical tower in the present timeline and journey through all manner of traps you'll come to a room with this a teddy bear now far be it from me to judge the prince but he seems to be very fond of this toys he can brandish it as a weapon and while weaker than my humility it heals the prince with every hit and much like a Charles love for their favorite toy it's indestructible oh isn't he sweet number 2 foam finger dead space 2 dead space 2 is the gaming equivalent of being given an enema by Freddy Krueger it's painful full of sharp limbs and will leave excrement everywhere so much is the ever increasing tension and fear that players are very likely to need counseling after a playthrough especially if they manage to complete it on card core mode however if players confess this insane challenge then the game rewards them with one of the most powerful stupid and tension-relieving guns in existence the foam finger and yes you may laugh but this finger has unlimited ammo the highest damage output and has Isaac saying bang bang pew pew over and over which makes it no joke and number one mr. toots action Armageddon oh well here we are the tip top of this list and I'm about to spend nearly a minute talking to you about a man on Mars using a mythical beast backside to destroy enemies with rainbows I love my job anyway in Red Faction Armageddon you can find this beastly weapon by completing the main storyline or by heading through a secret door here and along this chasm at the end is a room filled with Wonder and an inconspicuous item called mr. toots it turns out though that mr. toots literally laser beams I'll tell you this for none kids you can't make this up the ass laser of this pointed Pony is devastating and enemies will explode into a series of rainbows and butterflies when a Visser a turd buys ask poison to borrow a phrase from my housemate Gareth this is utter are spraying mayhem and that's our list I'm sure there are plenty of weapons that flew over my head so let me know about them in the comments below and if you want to come and inspect my deadly piece then you can do so here or on my personal Twitter retro Jay with a zero as always if you enjoyed the video then like share and subscribe for more I've been jaws what culture calm and I'll see you soon

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