100000000000000 DIY Design Ideas for Your BARBIE

BARBIE FASHION SHOWπŸ’„πŸ‘—πŸ‘ πŸ‘™ A-M-A-Z-I-N-G outfits from balloons!😍

Everybody loves dolls! Girls can spend hours playing with dolls, building houses for them, making furniture and, of course, creating different outfits and accessories! Even some boys secretly like dolls and would totally play with them tooπŸ˜‰

And which doll is the best? It’s so hard to choose when there are so many cool and pretty toys in the store! Dolls come in different shapes and sizes, with their own things and little quirks. There are big dolls and small dolls, giant dolls and tiny baby dolls,, they have different hairstyles, different clothes, and accessories. But there’s one doll that every girl has and it’s a Barbie doll! Created by Mattel in 1959 it’s been a gift and a dream for generations of little girls! There’s an endless amount of games you can play with a Barbie but dressing her up is one of the best things ever!

In this compilation, we gathered three episodes with design ideas for your Barbie doll and we can bet you are going to LOVE them! We’ll show you how to make stylish and fun outfits for any occasion and the only things you need are scissors and a bunch of balloons. These are all NO SEW designs so don’t worry if you can’t sew. Find out how to make clothes for Barbie from balloons and turn your dolls into princesses! Everybody can make these easy girly crafts at home, no tools are required. These clothes are also much cheaper than the store bought ones.

2:20 – How to make an asymmetrical top

2:37 – How to make a plie skirt

3:06 – How to make a hair band for a doll

3:59 – How to make a no sew dress for a Barbie doll

5:42 – How to make a classic dress

6:47 – How to make a bandeau (sleeveless) top

7:20 – How to make a pencil skirt

… and more balloon hacks and Barbie outfits after that! Did you like the Angel and the Demon outfits in the beginning o the video? See how we made them at 20:12! πŸ˜‡ 😈



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ah these are so beautiful that's unusual I'd love my outfits to take part in a fashion show one day but to achieve this I need to study a lot you learn to create new outfit fashion design is amazing I'm glad I started to study it hey guys have you ever created your own outfit write in the comments right and I need to practice drawing is good but I need to move on to real-life outfits to understand how they look in reality huh I don't have enough fabric can't do much with these and who will be my model Oh Sammy thank you so much but I I want to make dresses arvydas oh that's a wonderful idea Thank You Sammy yeah welcome I won't only use dolls as models I'll use Samantha's idea to use balloons Sam do you remember where the box of balloons days there were a lot of them left oh and I'll get everything ready hi everyone we are going to hold a workshop on how to create simple doll outfits and for me it'll be fashion design practice can't do without fun great Sunni thinks and for today's outfits will only need colorful balloons of different types and scissors don't forget to be careful with scissors and what will you start with hmm let's see what we have here AHA these two balloons complement each other I'll make a top from the blue blue you'll need the wide part of the balloon I've always wanted to make an asymmetrical top right this is the opening for the arms and here is our stylish top let's make a cool skirt to match it this balloon will make a wonderful pleated skirt to make it we'll need to cut off the top and the bottom part of the balloon that's stylish and here's our skirt time to try the outfit on give me a beautiful doll and what's a me an accessory I keep thinking oh right right I'll use the remainder of the yellow balloon to make a hairband I'll cut off this ring and a piece of the balloon right you need to shape it great now let's tie this piece around the ring done let's put it on carefully not to tear it great and we also need Wow see I mean you can read my mind I know that's wonderful right let's see and maybe ah ah yes bees let's try them on 1 & 6 you now it's done next I'll make a dress it'll be fashionable purple a ruffled balloon will be great for that I only need to cut it on the top and at the bottom it there come here you'll have to part with this beautiful angel costume but there's an amazing dress waiting for you let's try it on carefully maybe putting a balloon on isn't very fast but it looks elegant done only to simple yes let's add a small detail I'll cut two pieces of a balloon from the narrow part and two I'll put this piece on the top of the upper part of the dress nice and slow and I'll adjust it right and this narrow piece will go through the white one and over the head let's smooth it all out and voila time to add some accessories these shoes will highlight the festive mood of the dress and a bracelet and a handbag done the flow found the heavens straight to the ball and these two beautiful somewhat new assets new outfit no problems I've got so many balloons left right let's see what colors will suit each of you hmm this is a wonderful turquoise color for you and for you this one now oh yes so bright and sunny and this clear white to accompany it let's go I'll make a classic sheath dress from the turquoise balloon Belon and I'll select some accessories for it alright I trust you with this important task right to make a strict sheath dress I need to cut off the ring one eat it later and the top of the balloon just like this okay now let's make holes for the arms I'll cut out neat triangles it's better to go slowly here these are our openings time to put the dress on now we only need to decorate the dress with a cute belt like this Oh wonderful Sam I couldn't have selected better shoes myself one and two and done beautiful a very busy like elegant lady I'm glad you like it so let's dress you up as well this wonderful sunny orange balloon will make a wonderful top I'll cut it off here at the top and at the bottom to make a narrow strip but not too narrow like this let's see this top is called a bando it doesn't have any sleeves I think it's a wonderful top for summer guys give a thumbs up if you agree wonderful let's not a cute detail to our top a pretty wide ruffle I'll just cut a piece of the balloon right let's try you on wow it looks even better than I expected and this balloon will make a cute summer you skirt we need to get off the top and the bottom let's see how this pretty skirt will look on you I also had a skirt like this very summery time for shoes all right Sam oh these are wonderful summer accessories Sammy gorgeous so our summary sunny Beauty is ready attention everyone I resent to you the first fashion show of thank you cream so nervous don't worry your outfits are great and please write in the comments which outfit you like most of all guys if you want to know what happened after the video leave a comment below and while you're doing that we'll get to our next interesting craft let's go green is amazing hi guys look at my fashion collection I found out that so wants to become a fashion designer it's a great profession but I think I'll be better at making clothes I love dressing my dolls [Applause] that's my Empress everything I've spent an hour on this and now it's all torn and crumpled looks like no soccer today Samantha your fashion collection can't be faked well even a penny taken he'll go away I don't want to talk to you I can leave sure I but allow me to have holiday gift to you hmm an apology gift Oh shoes and no need to thank me just great you decided to celebrate my ruined collection with balloons oh no you see with our fashion culture so chose a good idea we'll see who's going to be the best designer and where's my I thank you oh I've got awesome ideas for doll outfit these ideas will be worth high-ranked fashion shows Oh right on time Thanks let's get back to our dress like I said it'll be created for runaways it's actually just an idea a small copy of the real thing why am I even trying to explain myself okay I only need to put it on like this and now this there let's pull this rubber band through this piece and over the head got it don't you think it'll be too hot for your model to wear balloon very funny you better come and take a look at this cool dress guys today I'm gonna make five awesome doll outfits watch closely there will be a pole at the end of the video guys now I'm going to make something very interesting Eilish jumpsuit first I need to cut the balloon like this perfectly and now cut up it here we get these two ribbons see I'll make a pink cotton them nice and slow you got it and then I'll cut the bottom you done I need one more balloon I'll make a top from it I see you're still making your outfit yes this time is going to be a jumpsuit jumpsuits for babies no Sam you're wrong maybe you'll make a hat from balloons for me don't you get hot in them fine I'll make it myself and I've almost dressed our new dolly I only need to have justice straps one and two it looks for it kid guys if you like this jumpsuit more than the dress write in the comments it's very important for me can i cute try and get attempt suit like that finish making your hat first for me don't you add faces taking at least one hat that's got a better idea than Sam's head I'll make these balloons for it first I'll make many shirts for the doll I'll cut here and there yes and that's really easy there let's put them on hopefully fit yes they fit perfectly great no I need to make a top I'll cut the balloon like this this tub will have a print on it and it'll be an S metrical top there will be a strap only on one shoulder I need to call the opening for the arm that tiny triangles should do it looking good so far great now I need to try it on come on yeah Wow some may advise Peter your ideas are getting more and more creative oh well the fashion hasn't seen tops with mini shorts for a long time it's just the middle step I'm going to need one more balloon look closely now I need to make a few cuts here and there to get an unusual shape I simply need to put it on the doll then you'll see there it's a lovely skirt don't look too comfortable it doesn't you have to be comfortable it should be pretty clearly fashion designers are really weird my next outfit meets two balloons these two I'll make a tough out of the yellow one I need to cut at the top and at the bottom and I need to make two openings for the arms this time little triangles again done and now I'll put it on the doll it's not as easy as it may seem now let's make a skirt out of this pretty balloon I will have two layers I'll make the white part to make the first layer let's put it on the Gulf don't you want to help me nope but when you become our world famous fashion designer I'll be expecting an email from you yeah then I'll have to tell us so that you told me about her idea with balloons you need help where nothing I'm almost done look at this awesome skirt I made mm-hmm let's ask our viewers shall we buy if you think this fur is awesome write in the comment and my final design will be a little livening dress that didn't cut out now invented already she invented it a little black dress and my dress can be of any color for example this card just shiny purple pen isn't at the same thing fashion world is about detail Sam let's try the dress on to our beautiful doll mm-hmm just one balloon and look at the gorgeous dress it made fashion design doesn't feel like hard work I think I should give it a try too nice today Samantha created five dialects for ya personally I like the jumpsuit most of all which the model did you like most of all write in the comments below and don't forget to subscribe to the channel hey guys if you want to get to know me a little bit better comment below and they'll tell you even more funny stories of my life while you're doing that we'll show you another cleaning I just love cleaning I hope the person who invented it was giving an award for their genius invention and anyway how can anyone punish their own sister with these medieval methods as if there really was a reason for that who knew well he wasn't supposed to writing the washing machine you seem to have enjoyed it where does it say cats can dry washing machines I can't I need to clean so sorry guys no video told me to clean it turns out you have to pay for your mischief if you do well first I gave Flavia riding the washing machine then I made a scarf ahead of Sue's dress but the last troffer suit was when I wish her good morning in the bathroom mirror it would have been fine but sue took away my phone my computer and the internet anyway that's right she'll see [Laughter] without the example in handy well and it's right on time now what do you think your answer in the comments have decided to make a couple of Halloween costumes I'll use ordinary balloons for that first we'll cut off the bottom this will be the top that's why I need to make a cut and also two holes for the arms let's try it on the top fits well I like it now it's time for this Kurt let's cut this pretty balloon here and here it's time to try this carrot on Oh these stars look really cool great darker Barbie's what I need the angel costume is for my doll and I'm done with the wings now let's make the base we'll need this floppy wire I will insert it into the wings carefully now I don't want to tear them and now we need to attach them to the top halo should have a halo fine let's make one I'll take another piece of the wire and fold it like this ah how's it gonna hold hmm let's attach it to the ponytail yep just like me guys give a thumbs up if you agree I'm gonna use a black balloon forces doll it'll be a real Halloween costume will make us live less top uh-huh looks good and produce another black balloon to make miniature mine let's also make the sleeps will take small balloons and cut off everything we don't need no we'll make unusual tips for the sleeves this will make the sleeps look your Nick nope let's try them on the doll fine really cool no will use this heart-shaped balloon to make a skirt we'll cut off the excess from one side and the other I hope I got the length right well I've got one more bed balloon just in case thanks but it looks rather pretty and the horn to make her look just like soon yep let's bend it like this and like this I hope they will hold well Kevin a some of his wire please yeah we'll make a tail for suit now she'll think twice before taking the phone and the internet for me oh yeah in this costume the doll let's tell much like you especially when I eat her sleep or when I caught her dresses both costumes why you didn't put away your toys again no more internet for you ever get to lazy's line yeah I thought so too maybe we should give her these costumes please vote for the costume you like best in the comment

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