11 Life Hacks And Ideas For The Best Party Of This Summer

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Are you planning a cool summer party? Need to be well prepared!

Supplies and tools:
• Slime glue
• Borax
• Baking soda
• Ziploc bags
• Big sheet of paper
• Acrylic paint
• Water gun
• Cleaning detergent
• Dust cloth
• Protective gloves
• Hot glue gun
• Star shaped sequins
• Patterned paper
• Scissors
• Sugar
• Edible glitter
• Sprinkles
• Glue
• Egg white
• Mixer
• Powdered sugar
• Sugar cubes
• White T-shirt
• Printed cupcake picture
• Black fabric marker
• Fabric paint
• Parchment paper
• Iron
• Tulle
• Paper plate
• Ruler
• Pencil
• Utility knife
• Cord
• Decorative tape
• Popsicle sticks
• Ribbon
• Thick cardboard
• Net
• Cardboard cups
• Glove
• Balls
• Wooden bars
• Cable ties
• Fabric
• Twine
• Blanket
• Cushions
• Shuttlecock
• Quail egg
• Printed pineapple and pizza pictures
• Sunglasses
• Paper lantern
• Foam paper
• Candies
• Confetti
• Double sided foam tape

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blow on the count of three haha gotcha that tricky target is my oldest enemy but I'll take care of it I've got a lot of slime add borax to slime glue and some baking soda mix thick slime divide it into parts and put it into ziplock bags paint a target on a big sheet of paper I dip my slime into paint and strike the target I did it another one this time you won't run away from me who's the winner now what a spectacular victory what should we do this is the most boring day ever I've got an idea what if we throw a party Cindy will handle the decorations Jessica comes up with activities and I am our party's senior manager but not in this sad shirt place a printed picture of a cupcake inside of a white t-shirt trace it with a black fabric marker color it with fabric paint add shades and highlights define the outline let the paint dry for 24 hours then cover the painting with parchment paper and iron it so can't cool as the icing now that's way better it's obvious that I am throwing this year's best house party now let's go down our list and Jessica already made a giant monkey cut a big monkey head with an open mouth out of thick cardboard color it with acrylic paint add cardboard eyes and some details attach a cardboard ring with a net to the monkey's mouth oh what a mysterious monkey it loves fruit the player has to hit the target and feed the monkey and here is another game it's a giant bartender hand trace your hand on thick cardboard make your drawing a few times bigger cut it out with a utility knife coat it with acrylic primer and paint it blue color cardboard cups with different acrylic paints and attach them to the fingertips of the giant hand attach a glove to the back of the hand you have to throw a colored ball into a matching cup come on dolly you can do it don't name the pink ball at me aim it at the pink Cup it's so close yay one point our guests will definitely love the games we came up with what's this fruit on a regular boring plate our party deserves better draw lines on the back of a paper plate to make a square in the center cut out wavy edges cut the plate along the lines and fold the box hot glue it wrap a thin cord around it a box for fruit is a whole different story it looks cute and interesting our party manager is running so many errands that she's starting to get sweaty here use this cute handmade fan fold a four inch by 12 inch strip of patterned paper a few times make zigzags hot glue another identical piece to it fasten the edge with decorative tape attach popsicle sticks to both sides tie them with a ribbon open the sticks up to make a fan it's so comfortable this fan will definitely come in handy at a summer party be careful this is a construction site Cindy is very serious about throwing the party so she wants to make a tent for a picnic she has some wooden bars and cable ties place two bars into a triangle and fasten them with cable ties join two identical pieces with a crosswise bar attached with cable ties and assemble a wooden frame cover it with fabric hot glue twine for fastening to a piece of fabric tie the fabric to the wooden bars put a blanket inside the tent a soft cushions this tent looks very professional it's a great lounge zone we are almost ready for our party you can't have a party without a funny prank someone should try playing badminton cut a birdie into parts remove feathers paint a quail egg white hot glue the feathers to it attach a strip of black cardboard and tie a cord around it so it looks like a real shuttlecock and here are our first victims I mean guess they hit the birdie oops it looks like it cracked badminton over easy welcome to our party friends and here come the girls they look so different in their party masks cut out a printed picture of a pineapple play sunglasses on the back and trace the lenses mark an allowance inside with a dotted line cut out holes following the dotted line put the sunglasses on to the pineapple and hot glue them make a pizza slice mask the same way miss pineapple and lady pizza are VIPs at any party our event is in full swing hey Alex hit the pinata take a paper lantern cover the bottom with a circle of foam paper decorate the lantern with foam paper butterflies put in candies and confetti tie a cord to the handle let's blindfold Alex okay aim carefully and don't hurt anyone are you ready yes and now a candy waterfall but there still aren't enough treats for everyone the real hunt begins when our friend comes in a pinata t-shirt attached candies and small chocolate bars to a t-shirt using double-sided foam tape hmm so many candies watch out run pinata run [Applause] did you like our ideas for a fun party then let us know in the comments how you like to spend time with your friends and don't forget to give this video a thumbs up subscribe to our Channel and click on the bell so that you don't miss new summer ideas from trim trim

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