25 COOL IDEAS TO DECORATE FOOD LIKE A BADASS CHEF || Food Hacks And Food Commercial Ideas


If you are preparing for a Birthday, we know how to prepare super-easy and delicious desserts ever!
Cupcakes are perfect for the Birthday party and you can decorate cupcakes without any skill. If you love unicorns, you can make cupcakes with rainbow unicorns. Check out how to make cute cupcakes with princesses for a little girl birthday, make cute cacti for plant lovers, classical pink roses for your mom. Celebrate a birthday with incredibly decorated cupcakes.
If you want to decorate a Birthday cake for your friends, we are ready to help! Everybody knows that decorated cakes may cost a lot but we know how to make fondant at home and share easy tutorials on how to decorate a cake with animals, flowers, hearts and even a super-cute teapot. Follow these easy steps and make a tiny fondant teapot. Roll any fondant into 3 balls. Make a small lid and a handle. Attach to the pot. To make a spout you will need a tear-shaped piece of fondant. Create the right form according to our tutorial. Then attach it to the teapot.
The next collection of ideas is dedicated to cookie decoration with icing. You will learn how to decorate cookies, how to cook delicious and quick desserts, how to make the most beautiful cupcakes ever! Decorated cookies are a perfect idea for any occasion. Watch this video and you will find amazing and easy tutorials on how to create marvelous cookies. You will find how to turn your cookies into romantic hearts, beautiful flowers, cute orange and a lot more. Besides, you can make cute gifts for your friends.

00:09 Cupcake decorations
00:28 Cupcakes for princesses
03:29 Easy fondant figures
04:15 Fondant swans
08:14 How to decorate cookies
17:37 Chocolate leaves

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