4 Easy DIY Slime Ideas! How To Make VIRAL SLIMES!

Slime! 4 Easy DIY Slime Ideas! How To Make Viral Slimes! How To Make Slime! DIY Slime Recipes! The BEST Slime Recipes! Butter Slime Popcorn Slime Crunchy Slime Fluffy Slime!

Hey everyone! For today’s video I thought it would be so much fun to make 4 AMAZING DIY SLIMES! I’m going to teach you how to make super popular Instagram VIRAL SLIMES! Today we will be making DIY Glitter Slime , DIY Butter Slime , DIY Rainbow Butter Slime , DIY Fishbowl Slime , DIY Popcorn Slime , DIY Crunchy Slime ! All these slimes are perfect to make if you’re bored! These are easy, simple DIY Slimes without Borax! Thank you so much for watching!

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hey everyone its Jillian and for today's video we are going to be making four different DIY slimes and I am so excited about this video I'm still so obsessed with making slime and I am so happy with how all these different slimes turn out they are so easy and fun to make so the fourth ones that we're gonna be making today as slimes that I'd be wanting to try for so long and I finally made them and I thought it'd be so awesome to share them with you guys and yeah all these things are so much fun I seriously love making slime so much and the signs in today's video just have such an awesome texture and I love all the different colors and I love how creative you can get with slime now this is my first video that you're seeing that hello my name is Jillian I'm so so happy that you found my channel and if you like see more videos from me in the future and you haven't already subscribed and just make sure you click that subscribe button and then whenever I upload a new video you'll be able to see it how cute is that little unicorn pillow back there I just got it and it is so fun and cute and he's got ain't brain borough horn and he's just so adorable so we have so many slimes to make today so I think it's time that we start and yeah let's start making slime starting with this super sparkly glitter fairy slime and this is seriously the prettiest slime I have ever seen the first thing you are going to need is a bowl and then to this bowl add about half a cup of clear glue and I'm using Elmer's then it just take a jug and to this jug add half a cup of a warm water and then half a teaspoon of baking soda and just mix this together until the baking soda has dissolved then taking that a baking-soda mixture just add this to the glue and it mix it all together and now for the fun part it is time to take what our kind of glitter you would like here I went with a lot of blue glitters because I wanted a really pretty blue slime so I just added a bunch of different glitters there's some glitter stars as well and this just looks so magical and sparkly I love the way that all the cleaners look together so just mix the glitters into the a glue mixture and it should be looking at really glittery and pretty and now to make this glitter mixture into slime you're going to need some contact solution so just add a little bit of contact solution at a time you don't want to add too much otherwise it might ruin the slime and go too rubbery so just add a little bit at a time and mix it together and then once you're happy with how your slime mixture is looking you can just go ahead and take it out of the bowl and start working it with your hands and then it will come together to make the perfect slime I love that this slime is so quick and easy to make it is so much fun to play with I love all the different kinds of clutter and how sparkly it is and yeah I'm just obsessed with this line you guys know how much I love glitter so of course this is going to be one of my favorites now for a really fun and a different slam we are going to be making popcorn slime and I love how interesting and if it just looks so cool I'm just obsessed with this slide so the first thing you're going to need is a bowl to mix the slime in and then this time we are going to be using PVA glue so just take half a cup of PVA glue and add it to the bowl and then we are going to need some yellow food coloring because we want to make it look like the butter that's covering the popcorn so just take a little bit of yellow food coloring and mix this into the glue and then once you're happy with the color of your flame take half a teaspoon of baking soda and add this into the glue mixture and just mix this all together until all the baking soda is mixed in and then taking contact solution or we are going to start a mixing our slime together and forming the slime so again just following the same steps as the previous slime and just mix it together until you're happy with how it's looking and then just take it out of the bowl and work it with your hands now to make it look like a popcorn slime because this is popcorns lives just take some styrofoam and I just got this styrofoam out of a parcel that I got in the mail and just break it off into little pieces just like you can see me doing here and then just go ahead and take your slime and drip it into the styrofoam and mix all the little styrofoam pieces into the slime and I ended up mixing quite a bit of styrofoam in just so it looked like there was a lot of popcorn in my slime gotta get a car I love how this slime turned out so much it was so much fun to play with it was such a cool texture and it was so so crunchy and then to make your popcorn fly look even more realistic you can take these popcorn containers and I just found mine in a dollar store and add your popcorn flan at TV popcorn container and it just makes it look more awesome and it's just a little bit more fun and I am so happy with this slime I think it's so cute and I seriously think it looks like popcorn now for this a really awesome a fishbowl slime I love how easy this is to make and it gives you such an interesting slime the first thing you're going to need is of course a bowl and then we are again going to using a clear glue so just add half a cup of clear glue to the bowl and then again in a jug add half a cup of warm water and half a teaspoon of baking soda and just mix it together and then add it to the glue and then just decide what color you want your fishbowl slime to be here I'm going with a blue fish bowls like so I thought that would look really awesome so I just added a small amount of food coloring to the clear glue and I think it looks so awesome here the clear glue with a blue food coloring and then it taken contact solution again it just added a little bit of time and mix together until you form your slime now I found that it was better to leave the slime a bit stickier just so it would hold on to the beads better when my slime was too rubbery it just would not stick to the beads at all so I found it was better to work with a stickier slime and then up for the beads you can use whatever kind of beads like I'm just using these small clear ones that I found from a craft store and then you just want to start mixing at the slime into the clear beads and then you'll start to form your fishbowl slide and it's so awesome so I just went ahead and made a couple of different colors of this fishbowl slime and I love the way it looks it's just such a different and awesome looking texture and it also is really fun to play with now for the most awesome slime of all and I cannot believe it took me this long to try making butter slime I am so obsessed with it it is such an awesome and fun texture so to a bowl add one cup of a PVA glue No now to give it that kind of fluffy texture we're going to be using shaving cream so just take a one cup of shaving cream and a mixes into the glue as well and this is just going to make out butters slime more fluffy and airy and then it's time to color your butter slime whatever color you want it to be I decide to go with the traditional butter color of yellow but you can do whatever color you like I also made blue and pink and green but here I am making a yellow slime so just add the food coloring and then add one teaspoon of a baking soda to the glue and then mix this in as well and then taking your contact solution again just add a little bit at a time until you're happy with how your slime is looking and now it's time to take our ordinary climb to butterfly so to do that we are going to be using a model magic and this is just like a really really soft dough it's actually a really cool texture so just break off a little amount of this and start mixing it in to at your slime so I was just kneading it here and mixing all the model magic in and you'll see the texture of your slime start to change and I just love this slime so much you guys I think I have a new favorite slime just the consistency and the texture it's so smooth it is so much fun to play with and it's unlike any other slime I have ever tried so because I could never just make one slime I went ahead and made a pink butter slime a blue butterfly man a green butter slime as well and they all turned out so awesome I was seriously addicted to playing with this and I cannot wait to make more I seriously want to make one in like every single color of the rainbow I don't know why how do you get by and it's also really fun to like mix all your colors together I always have to do that when I make slime and it made this really pretty unicorn hat still color when I mix them all together and then of course I cannot make butter slime without spreading it with a knife and it is just such a cool side over my gosh I cannot even begin to explain how obsessed I am with it and I just I seriously feel like I need to go and like make some more right now there's something that I'm do too oh my gosh so much slime I think my favorite was definitely the popcorn slime and looked so awesome and so much like real popcorn let me know in the comments below if you love slime and just as much as me and also let me know which slime from today's video was your favorite if you liked the video it would be awesome if you let me know by giving it a thumbs up and if you haven't yet don't forget to click that subscribe button for more videos thank you so much watching I love you all so much and I will see you all in my next video bye beautiful stars sukar nothing can break me no no nothing can break

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