5 Cool Gadgets And Gizmos You Didn't Know Existed

5 Cool Gadgets And Gizmos You Didn’t Know Existed
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5. PITTA – Transformative Autonomous 4K Selfie Drone

4. NEVA – The Easy 3D Printer For The Whole Family

3. Sonos One – Smart Speaker with Alexa Voice Control

2. Sandisk iXpand Mini Flash Drive for iPhone

1. XGIMI Z4 Aurora – Entertainment Center For The Future

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and idea we believe that the capturing process should happen seamlessly just like the experience itself does PETA is the world's first transformative drone that enables true versatility in a way that you capture your experience whether it's aerial and held or mounted PETA transforms the your needs in a matter of seconds the action cam module has three screw holes for universal mounting changing modes is quick and easy with modular design that magnetically snaps and twist to lock optimized for the first time pilots across all ages PETA is light and small to take with you everywhere without and an extra book with our vision recognition technology to target and follow users capturing with pita is as easy as throwing it with a click of a button we have been working days and nights for the last year and a half to bring the same video processing technologies to pita to create a small yet powerful autonomous drone that combines all the pros and previous drones and action cameras we have completed development and are now in need of your help to move on to the manufacturing stage to shed light on PETA please join us to make Peeta a reality imagine a future where you have the freedom to 3d print anything you want from home what would you make imagine if you could save thousands of dollars with the power to make things yourself instead of buying them what would you spend it on instead imagine if your things were created with biodegradable materials how much cleaner the earth would be you don't have to imagine the future is here the easy-to-use 3d printer for the whole family has arrived welcome to the revolution that is changing homes offices and industries globally Alexa play cuffed back what voice Springs is more than just convenience it's more than just an intuitive interface it's more than just hands-free introducing introducing introducing Sonos one the first product from Sonos with built-in voice control so you can use Amazon Alexa to get to music playing faster in more rooms all your rooms during more moments and without having to pull your phone out without even having a phone and use your voice are their voice anyone's voice we created the smart speaker built for music first and foremost puts on us one in any room to fill it with music or pairing them together and a six microphone array to hear what you say the first time sona's one gives you all the music there is at your fingertips and at the tip of your tongue with a single app that has it all in a system that makes it all work together so whether you love Apple music Spotify music and/or title I heart rate one new audio Koonin podcast your playlists their playlists old vinyl new formats white noise play them all plug it everywhere not with good enough sound but with great sound make you move sound crystal-clear all around sound introducing the new Sonos one the smart speaker for music lovers is this a gramophone if not what else can it be maybe a projector or even a home theater with boundless edge meet the XG me z4 Aurora the world's first smart heater it is able to turn your wall into a theater in seconds and deliver you an ultimate home theater just plug it in connected to your Wi-Fi and you'll be able to stream your favorite shows from Netflix Hulu and any other Android supported services with up to 300 inches giant screen and 700 ANS I lumens the aurora supports 1080p and 4k picture quality output so it's compatible with the latest game systems airplay and Android apps the aurora also has built in customized Harman Kardon crystal stereo you'll get high quality sound and incredible listening experience the c4 Aurora can also project in 3d with this function you'll see incredible images leaping out of your wall way of thought to to the ultra ard illumination which mixes a picture brighter and the clearer in screen up to 300 inches we also used high capacity or size early to support various functions like my hand gesture control 3d movies commercial lollies pictures realization and the keystone correction there's not always a perfect place for your projector so we built the Aurora with Keystone correction software you can get a straight-on image even if you're projecting from any angle most of us used to work for traditional cubic happening we know that the widescreen innovations in the market are too heavy and too expensive so we went to produce simple smart and a football widescreen TV with us in mind after two years developing and more than hunter the 10 of 15 we finally make out the rifle Aurora we have already disabled not positive feedback we hope that more people and join us to change the way we watch and sings and you a part of our team project what are you our imagination you

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