5 Gamers Who Got Caught Cheating And Were Humiliated

Cheating or hacking in multiplayer games is something that is frowned upon, but when you are caught live on Twitch, it becomes a whole lot worse! Here are 5 gamers who got caught cheating on stream!

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cheating in games is definitely something that is frowned upon but what if he cheats in front of people on Twitch in the history of twitch streamers there's been a few cases where some people have cheated and used hacks in a game thinking that the audience wouldn't notice so in this video I'm going to be going over five gamers who cheated on stream so let's get right into we're starting off at number five is a Zulu force gets fined League of Legends is the biggest eSport in the world so playing the game at a high level is something that is very serious and can actually make you a lot of money so needless to say the punishment for using cheats or hacks is going to be very high and this is exactly what happened in this case a league of Legends team called azubu frost which was one of the best League of Legends teams at the time did something that they never should have done and actually got fined thirty thousand dollars at an LCS tournaments one of the players on the zulu force team actually looked up to the big screen that was only meant for the audience to watch where he could get some information for he could normally get on the big screen you could see what the other opposing team is doing and what items they are holding so by looking at the screen fat is only intended for the audience this player got an unfair advantage although this was very small it was taken very seriously because in the LCS there was millions of dollars on the line so any small cheat like this has to be punished quite hard and that is exactly what happened number 4 girl hacks csgo this is one of the most embarrassing incidents of a person getting caught hacking a game of all time a streamer by the name of Miss Q Gemini was playing csgo and accidentally left her cheats on this girl was using a hack in game where she could see players through the walls obviously this is something but there's no part of the game and the only way to see players through walls is to use a hack it speculates about this girl was using hacks in her own time when she's not on stream and on accident she forgot to turn it off when she realizes the huge mistake she made she makes an excuse saying that this is actually a glitch and not a hack about a minute later she realizes that this makes no sense and pretends but her friend named Clara actually installed the hack onto her computer without her noticing she changed the story twice and it's pretty clear that she just messed up and forgot to turn our hacks off if it's true for her friends call Clara Ashley hacks onto a computer she would notice the difference right away I would wonder why she can see players for walls however she only acknowledged that when our chat was mentioning that she was using hacks but that being said let's play the clip construction oh my god stupid dude jump man thank you very much though welcome to the W Empire my name is miss Q Gemini welcome where we're trying to not be a noob yo you guys some you guys ever get that uh that weird glitch in csgo where this shows your rank that it shows everyone's rank because my game I played the other day I put it the other day with rock and he got that and now I have wait what Clara hold on Clara give me one second Clara I'm just messages Farrell give me one second why it's on my computer right now where is this how do I close this you'll rock I need some help because I don't know what I'm looking at right now what the hello I need to text my friend Clara right now she was at my house earlier today what's the actual yo rock do you remember do you remember when Clara I got this I'm gonna kill this girl this girl seriously I'm gonna just quit hold on guys this is what happens when you let people use your PC you can't trust them all right that's nice to know real quick I have a challenge for you guys and you only have 5 seconds to do it go down smash the like button and subscribe to the channel if you can do this within the next five seconds you will have amazing luck for the entire week now with that being said let's get right back into the video number three Zach ubers teeming force nights is very strict when it comes to teaming in soloqueue if you want to play with your friends in a team you should definitely play as a duo or a squad if you're playing solo and you do anything that could be considered teaming you will get bands very quickly and this is exactly what happens in this case Zach Obus is playing in a LAN tournaments and he notices that he sees his friend and decides not to attack him he asks his friend if that's him and he says yes so he can awesome and goes the other way so he may declare that he intentionally decided not to attack his friend and epic games considered this teaming and banned him for cheating immediately is kind of crazy to see this happen so quickly but without being said let's play the clip Oh what so the rule is not gonna be overturned the adamant this was a form of teaming which I guess it kind of was avoiding each other I know that every other team out there was doing it they just weren't streaming it or got caught streaming it though I understand their reasoning I don't think it's it's entirely right and that's my opinion number two for tonight's swing so there have been quite a few bugs and glitches and fortnight's some are taken seriously and some can actually get you banned in the early days or for nights you could interact with a swing which would basically glitch your character out and you would get shifted around really quickly this was something commonly done and people did this quite a lot for fun however what some players didn't expect was to get banned for the ringer you see by interacting with this swing you would actually move your character way faster than you could normally in the game and in four nights those cheat detectors where if you're going at a certain speed it knows that you shouldn't be moving at that speed this is an automated system that detects where your character is moving in an unnatural way so in this clip a kid is playing around on the four night swing just glitching his character out and then the auto detector for cheats immediately bans him so if that being said let's play the clip whoa yo do you see me look at me [Laughter] it's not working Oh was i banned okay number one invisibility cheese so a streamer by the name of Orton L is actually a developer of h1z1 so he's playing with a bunch of people and actually forgets to turn a command off that makes his character invisible this is definitely not a hack as he is the developer of the game and he can do things that normal players can't do such as ban people mute people and go invisible in-game in this scenario he forgets to turn off his invisibility and players around him accuse him of cheating however in this case is definitely sure that he is actually doing this by mistake and just forgot to turn it off I think this is just an honest mistake but it's pretty awkward to watch so that being said let's play the clip I can't see me oh my god I'm right hidden oh my god can you guys hear me see me oh my god I'm so sorry guys oh my god I can't believe it yeah you deserve that quell thank you I'm sorry my guys oh my god unbelievable why didn't you guys tell me oh that's right you can't tell guys if you enjoyed this video please leave a like down below that would be the absolute world me this is volte signing out

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