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OE Mars One:



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360 degree sound away life and now music are meant to be heard this is the OE Mars one designed to fit into and enhance every space the Mars one audio system has been engineered to complement and improve your quality of living an advanced device that fills your life with high fidelity music rather than filling up your home with expensive clutter no longer must you tolerate cumbersome traditional hi-fi systems nor endure other wireless speakers mediocre sound quality the Mars one has been meticulously engineered to provide comparable sonic fidelity to devices twice its size and three times its price numerous technical advancements such as a 360 degree omnidirectional ribbon tweeter the 360 degree median speaker a newly designed long stroke woofer and a high-powered digital amplifier were employed to achieve these uncompromising results the Mars one is also easily controlled with your phone when a quieter approach is needed multiple connectivity options earned with cutting-edge technology that brings you lossless audio gives you the best sound no matter your music streaming service and a four layer piano lacquer finish ensures that the Mars one will be a beautiful addition to your home bring the highest quality 360 degree audio experience into your home by backing us today thank you [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] you introducing beauty the world's most advanced true wireless earbuds uni automatically turn on and pair with your device enjoy an incredible 360 hours of play time graphene driver and Qualcomm apdex for audiophile sound quality IV x7 waterproof for ultimate protection CVC noise cancellation creates immersive audio intuitive touch controls for simple operation a new generation of wireless has arrived the future is here with UT never miss a beat no matter your adventure introducing revs to high-performance sunglasses powered by revolutionary bone conduction technology different from any bone conduction products in the market revs delivers premium stereo sound through the cartilage behind the ear the open ear design not only is natural to sunglasses but also keeps you aware of the world around you by sending vibrations through the ear cartilage revs bone conduction sound is richer with more bass revs helps you stay connected via bluetooth and allows you to enjoy music listen to podcasts and make calls on your adventures we pioneer the bone conduction into a headphones category with aftershocks the experience of open year music is so amazing and useful we integrated the technology onto performance optics built by the aftershokz team that leads the bone conduction audio industry with over 200 patents rebbe's showcases the behind your transducers that make bone conduction sunglasses possible powered by aftershocks leaks layer technology revs suppresses sound leakage and allows you to enjoy music discreetly boosted by six hour battery life and ip55 sweat resistance revs is the ideal Iowa companion for an active lifestyle offering complete UV 400 protection and interchangeable polycarbonate lenses revs fits into your daily activities there's no sacrifice and comfort with the revs lightweight nylon frame the bendable pivot point arms assured gentle contact between the transducers and ears see the world here the world and listen to your audio all day long aftershock delivers great audio in a comfortable pair of sports sunglasses visit opticians calm and the join the journey movement this is where it all begins waves of air particles moving in various speeds they are called sound waves and we have found a way to reproduce them better than ever before we are Laura a team of scientists engineers and entrepreneurs with a shared passion for high fidelity audio and we have developed a new material that will change the loudspeaker as you know it first let's go back to some of the basics a sound signal travels through a voice coil vibrates a thin membrane called the cone and voila music to your ears the quality of sound all depends on this little guy the cone this is the actual part of the speaker that's responsible for converting mechanical motion into sound and it needs to be as light as possible most lightweight materials will bend in vibrate in ways that are not intended by the music to create an ultra fidelity experience we needed a super light material that's stronger than anything we knew graphene is a new material isolated in 2004 and has been dubbed the Wonder material it is the thinnest material possible and 200 times stronger than steel basically the ultimate material for a speaker cone now we just had to prove it first we had to come up with an industrial process to form graphene into cones and we needed to acoustically optimize the material for use in loudspeakers that's how the team came up with graphene cue our proprietary nano composite formulation which is 95% graphene by weight by the way we noticed one of the smoothest frequency response curves ever recorded for a headphone driver and an impressive reduction in power consumption this was our answer to the perfect loudspeaker membrane it was now time to turn our proof of concept into the ORA graphene cue headphones we worked with product designers engineers through many iterations to make sure we weren't compromising on anything we wanted them to be practical for everyday use with an intuitive user experience so you could have incredible sound quality on the go we incorporated a gesture control trackpad on the right so you can control your music without taking your phone out there's wireless Bluetooth connectivity but we also made sure you have the option of using them wired so you can always enjoy the best possible audio experience these are the world's first graphene headphones this sound is amazing we're so proud and excited to finally introduce them to the world we have suppliers lined up and a manufacturing process in place now all we need is your support to help get this project off the ground graphene Q has a huge potential this is just the beginning backing aura means that you're playing a direct role in the graphene revolution this is the first commercially viable application for this wander material we're already in talks with major brands looking to incorporate our technology inside the next generation of consumer electronics but with your support aura we'll be able to directly deliver the first graphene audio experience thank you for checking us out and thank you for your support

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