7 Strange Amazon Gadgets Under $10 You NEED! Natalies Outlet

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Hey guys, it's me Natalie and if you know
anything about me, you know that I like weird quirky and strange things. Like this. This actually how I wore my hair in high school. I got in trouble because the kids behind me
in math class couldn't see what was up front but you know what, Live Weird or Die Normal! So today, you and I are putting to the test
some very strange items to see how worthy they are of our cash. Because a lot of these items honestly they
seem pretty gimmicky and I'm just curious to test them out with you, that way you don't
have to spend your hard-earned cash. Click this board if you want to be notified
of new videos and if you click that little bell, comment below which of these items you
think is the coolest and I will actually be sending one of these to you! I know, that way we could be twins and we
could try them out together. Alright, let's get on to the test. This item.. This is a strange one. I came across this on Amazon. This is all actually written in… Japanese? Chinese? I'm not really sure; let me know down below
in the comments. So basically this is a sticky magic gum that
helps clean keyboards and phones. It's pretty much like slime but stickier. I'm curious if this is just slime and they
just package this up. Pretty much it's for all electronics that
collect dust and this is your little gal. I'm gonna open this up, I'm curious if this
has a little smell to it… No. It doesn’t feel slimy… Yeah, it's pretty slimy. So this is how much product is in here, that
is it. This is $9.59. Like the fact I even bought this, they're
getting some money up in here, it's a really bad slime. This is what it claims to do; it reduces bacteria
effectively, maintenance of home life quality and health. I don’t know how. Just press the cleaning gum onto a surface
you want to clean and press it down and lift two to three times. Very effective at removing 99.99% of harmful
particles. I highly doubt this; this doesn't even smell
like it would do anything like that. It just smells like slime and glue, that's
pretty much it. I'm gonna try this around the house, let's
go. Alright, so we will be trying out our little
slimy dusty companion. So first of all, I just want to show you guys
how cute these, now this all the stickers are. This is happening right now for Outtie Squad
memberships. If you want to join, we're creating these
really cute little goodie bag over here you guys say "thanks for becoming a part of the
family". If you haven't joined make sure you click
that "Join" button or there's going to be a link down below. Let's test it out! We're picking up different little stuff, so… Nice! Look at that. I do the work for you, ha ha. Again on this corners, there's probably some
dust right over here, I see some stuff. Oh my god! Ok, no honestly, I don't really get the point
of this. On screens, it leaves behind like the residue
and the stickiness and in real life, like… All right, so this next product is actually
a tea infuser, I got this at my local CVS. So, this claims to be useful for tea bags
or just the loose leaf tea. I'm personally a huge tea drinker. I'm curious to know if you guys drink tea,
if you're a tea lover like myself or if you're more of a coffee lover, #coffee or #tea, I'm
team tea, team tea all the way baby, because I cannot sleep! So it says how to use it, pretty much what
you do is you put in the teabag in here or some loose tea, cover it up, soak it in hot
water, stir it if you wish and then press this little plunger for even more taste. This retails for $6.89 on Amazon and it does
have Prime. It's not pretty expensive at all actually. I'm a huge tea fan, so I feel like this is
gonna be really good. I'm curious to see how many reviews this has. Oh my god!! 541 customer reviews and it is rated at a
3.9. Let's go to the one-star; leaks your tea leaves
into your tea. That is not good. If I could give it zero stars, I would. This contraption is the most ill-conceived
gadgets in the tea infuser universe. Daaaammmmn! Absolutely recommend this item! I personally really love this item. I'm a huge tea drinker and I’ll try to stick
with as natural as possible which means more loose leaves and flowers instead of processed
things in tea bags. Great convenience, could be careful with the
lid. Great product, she's showing her little tea. But as you could see, in this picture there's
actually some little tea leaves particles in there which I'm not a huge fan of. I personally like my tea nice and non particlely,
if that makes any sense. OK, you know what, what the heck, let's go
try it out. I'm curious to see if this is gonna be my
new favorite little gadget. Here's our little tea gadget and here is our
little tea bag. Now, I'm just thinking, I'm I supposed to
– oh yeah, it works, there you go. BAM! Now we have our #VIRAL cup. We're gonna add some hot water and we're gonna
pour this little bad boy in it and then I'm not gonna drink it and Jock [sp] is gonna drink
it. Alright, so now I'm just going to
swirl it, deep it and push it to get more of this out. So there you go, it's been steeping for some
time. Enjoy your beautifully brewed tea. First of all, I just wanna know, are there
any particles in there? Like inside my tea? Yeah, because that was one – oh no. No? No. OK, amazing, because that was one of the cons,
people said there was many particles. Oh. Honestly though, here's the thing, I don't
know why you would use that if they already comes in a bag. Well, because it's also for a loose leaf tea. That's right. But it also says bags on it. [Inaudible] This tastes like water. Next gadget. So, for this next item, this is what you call
a Reusable Ice Cream Cone. From the picture, this seems to be more of
like a little kid gadget because how many times has it happened that on a very hot summer
day you are enjoying your ice cream and like the heat is so hot that
it's melting your ice cream and you cannot enjoy it –

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