8 Epic Hot Glue Gun Hacks You Must Know

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Today we’ll share 8 cool ideas of things that you can make with hot glue gun! You’ll be pleasurable surprised that only with hot glue can you make so many amazing things!

Supplies and tools:
• Hot glue of different colors
• Parchment paper
• Masking tape
• Pencil
• Scissors
• Cardboard
• Clear iridescent plastic
• Plate

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weirded hot glue come from was it a brilliant scientific invention or was it a gift from the gods of arts and crafts yay we're about to go on a great vacation what a nice hotel but we should have watched our bags why is there a three year supply of hot glue in here and where is our stuff just stay calm we'll find a way out we can make everything we need out of hot glue attach a sheet of parchment paper to a table top using masking tape shape straight lines with hot glue make bristles on each line draw a base of a brush fill the drawing with hot glue take it off when the glue hardens make the handle thicker with another layer of hot glue take off the bristles and attach them to the base make a heart with pink hot glue and decorate the brush with it a hot-glue brush is all done try it don't worry it won't glue your hair what a great idea this sun is shining right into my eyes but we've got an idea to protect you from the Sun outline a visor on parchment paper fill it with hot glue create a bright emoji in the center draw strap for the visor fill it with pink hot glue and attach a fastener so it can close join the visor and the strap this visor is light and bright and it's made out of hot glue what a great way to stay sane my sunglasses are just as good sparkliest girl out here outline a sunglasses frame on parchment paper in pencil trace the lenses on clear iridescent plastic cut them out make rims and the arms out of hot glue also make the bridge and the nose pads hot glue all the pieces together why would you put up with the bright Sun if you can just make a beach accessory out of hot glue Christie wants something new in her wardrobe what can we sew using hot glue a stylish skirt outline 1/5 of a skirt pattern make a grid with black hot glue shape hearts using pink hot glue take the hardened piece off the base make five identical pieces join them together this glue skirt is amazing but it doesn't match my look I bet it'll look great on my friend though let's add a top layer to her regular denim skirt it's stylish fashionable and creative where should we put all of this stuff our backpack is m.i.a too but we still have some hot glue left trace half of a play on parchment paper draw a rectangle near it that'll be one side of the backpack fill in the piece create waves using hot glue of different colors make two pieces for the front and the back trim the heart in pieces with scissors mark the length of the oval part of the backpack and draw wide strips fill it with colored glue copy the wave pattern like the one on the side pieces mark details for the lid and fill them with hot glue make long straps for the backpack the same way join all the parts of the backpack together make a lid out of two pieces and hot glue it to the back of the backpack leaving a small gap so you can open it attach straps to the back here it is my hot glue creation to that long journey was totally worth it wow what an amazing backpack it can hold everything I need and what kind of glue construction is this are these really flip-flops outline a template of a flip-flop sole on parchment paper draw trapezoids for the top to trace the outline of the sole with black hot glue and fill the entire sole using clear hot glue cover the top layer with black hot glue add dots on the heels of the sole in a heart shape to create a foot massager create a leopard pattern on the straps with hot glue use black and yellow colors take the hardened pieces off the paper and hot blue the flip-flops together Christy was running so fast to get her treasures that her feet started hurting but these leopard flip-flops will help her rest we can go for a walk afterwards Christy you're the queen of the concrete jungle I'm so thirsty next thing you know I'll melt right here booking a room without AC was a huge mistake but our loyal assistant hot gloom is here just wait draw round handle fan on parchment paper fill it in with hot glue create a lightning pattern on it use black for the base apply another layer pot glue onto the handle this cute fan will save you from the heat a hot glue gun is great for creating summer accessories I'm having trouble with my bag friend help me out I need a safe way to carry my groceries draw a grid on a big sheet of paper in pencil trace the drawing with glittery hot glue make two identical pieces for the sides draw long pieces with slanted v-shaped edges hot glue the parts at an angle draw a triangle to fit the piece and hot glue it to the edge of the piece shape a straight rectangular side for the bottom of the bag hot glue all the parts together make handles out of hot glue a hot glue shopping bag is coming to the rescue we did it our bag can hold anything did you like our hot new inventions let us know in the comments about what interesting things you would make out of hot glue and don't forget to give this video a thumbs up subscribe to our Channel and click on the belt so that you don't miss new hot glue hacks from true true

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