A Masterpiece Gamers Forgot

This is the greatest quick time event of All Time

all right well here's a game that I guarantee maybe three of you know the majority of you don't I fucking love this game when it came out this is from software right before they made demon souls so I'm really fuckin excited to play this one I guarantee it hasn't aged well though I don't remember anything about this game fuck yeah I'm excited man now I know the ninja in this game looks like fucking Booster Gold like the world's most rejected superhero last 24 hours so we called in the ninjas naturally who better to defend the city than a crew of ninjas is the moment you've been trained whatever I'll see you kids on the ground spoiler alert I remember him being a bad guy I think that I could be wrong I'm actually not sure that was Sasuke's voice actor nice I didn't understand it's a sword you will who is that that cyborg telling me keyboard controls but I plugged in a controller I didn't mean to betray you from software [Applause] I'm ready to fuck some bitches now show me your tits yeah yeah oh man the game definitely does not seem to be going at normal speed yeah hold on hold on hold on so this is ninja gaiden but bad bad the fuck do you mean is doing the Halloween costume as a ninja how could this be bad oh hey that fixed it I think Oh baby someone mod the guy that said to change the FPS cap a man deserves to be modded oh now it's running like a dream can you believe people are playing Devil May Cry 5 and 2019 slightly lower and I'll turn it down just a bit that's Jack I don't want to turn the music off and just get in voice acting in effects let's do that he's one shot I guess I can't lose god this is too so 2009 it makes me want to fucking be ten years old this rubble they won't let the environment stand in your way I thought he's gonna it really preachy about like Environmental Conservation stop burning fossil fuels Kenned it is not the shinobi way switch to vegan and essential oils this game needs a fucking sequel oh never mind fuck this game let it die the fuck just happened Oh quickly we must go after it no I've got it again if it got it by its ghost oh how high can I go doing this I wonder I have a glitch in mind come on I have an idea I'm already gonna start looking for speedrunning strats and a game no one's thought about in ten years no Beast is getting away hurry this is like how I used to play with my action figures as a kid huh ah shit yep I actually looked up the speedrun before downloading the game mean to blow up the plate and certainly there's a more practical manner of doing that as opposed to throwing a shuriken really fast no music makes the dialogue lose its impact disagree this makes the game much better Oh there it is baby that's that's self-defense classes from after-school kicking them eat this I don't know how this didn't get game of the year no 9 what else came out in oh 9 that beat this where's the music yeah I turned it off it's a lot better without the music okay you know I'll turn it on but just a little bit just that way you guys know it's there this came out five days before shit five days before Demon Souls why did that damn well what what am I doing wrong yeah this might be impossible okay I have a plan I can't wall run that I can't I can't Walter on that thing this is the blight town of Ninja Blade oh there we go I got it I don't know what was different that time Jesus good arm my god it's like attack on Titan now two blades are quicker than one use them against faster creatures you must use a heavier weapon to breach that armor Jesus this man's just a fucking loot crate full of medieval items thanks man you have a bazooka by chance when I was a kid I had a really hard time with this part right here I remember this boss really ate my ass out very hard take it easy Annie I don't know what's happened he's been shot by a paralyzing beam somewhere oh no oh no fuck you guys for wanting the music on it ruined it it ruined it you guys ruined it yep it's gone oh hey I fixed it Oh bankai how did I get over here I just looked at it and all of a sudden I hear there was a continuity area sweet Jesus Christ what happened to video games man why don't we get more shit like this maybe I should know I knew he was evil I called it Oh Kudo what are you doing I'm sorry [Laughter] classic oh man this morning think of what you can accomplish what do you mean what's the operative in' you haven't even pitched this to me if this was Shark Tank you'd get off boot off immediately you haven't told me the idea does the end oh we honestly this game is aged really fucking well I was worried that this would be shitty coming back to it after fucking actually ten years but so far I think it's aged too beautifully it's still badass and cheesy greatness I think from mid and black – oh I was sending a text message sorry chief I'm gonna deal with something real quick that is a brutal combo I'm eating this guy's lunch what did I even slice the hair I circumcised it or something or the alien penis is gonna dock because there's one above me isn't there he's got like a little crown that's super cute god damn it it's still not over I guess not even technology is spared from the infection the slow I'm chopper sounds like an old Nickelodeon thing back when they see the slime time gonna have to kickflip this missile back at the slime chopper it's the shinobi way Oh can can Oh into the hardflip oh shit no when I miss my manual my combo is ruined there we go shredding some gnarly airwaves fucking beautiful there we go see I've got the hang of it now I've mastered the mechanics of movement how does this thing's still alive am I still in mission two crisis is a long game plague snails a pretty cool name yeah these snail mechanics are rough so close thank God first try give us a beautiful QTE a big finish thanks for the hundred fire ice oh it's beautiful oh yeah about to come in my pants Union of course Oh God not an illiterate measureless or maybe Tokyo Station I see them oh no I can stay with him as long as we can keep teleporting to him like this there we go yeah it is a long fucking tunnel hopefully there's no more static turret segments in the entire game it's kind of cute the dads giving a piggyback ride to his daughter no God no no son of a bitch oh thank god I'm so glad I don't have to do turret shit anymore oh yeah there it is close this up this is big points right here god that's fuckin cool I mean those super unnecessary the thing was dead but that's like a cool finisher – he's still got glasses on he's still a nerd you know and I played this when I was younger I never realized just how little combat there is it mainly is just cuties and watching Germans go finish the mission this test pretty bold strategy old man I'll deal with this pest by being a punching bag yeah yeah yeah road-roller well just move well not much I can do to help you in that situation Who am I speaking to who is on the phone okay where is my ubereats Oh honestly I think everyone's sleeping on Ken Ogawa when they make those power level charts on YouTube for the strongest video game character Hey look who it is I figured if I turned on my suit tracker you guys would find me suit tracker

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