Ambulance | Car Garage | Garage Game | Video for Children & babies

Otto Cruz presents a new car garage video for kids. This time an ambulance gets assemble in the robotic garage and start doing his duty to help the city. The toy factory video is specially designed for toddlers who love to watch & play car garage game. This video is simulating kids imagination & their creativity. It’s fun to watch how the toy car comes to alive and start showing what he doses. Children will learn about the street vehicle, emergency vehicle plus a rescue truck, ambulance, which they see in there day to day life.
Enjoy car garage toy factory videos with us.

00:00 Ambulance Garage
01:52 Fire Truck Garage
03:55 Monster Truck Garage
05:32 Car Garage
07:15 Police Car
09:13 Garbage Truck
11:25 Tow Truck
13:39 Car
15:34 Dumper Truck
17:38 Taxi
19:28 Sports Car
21:49 Ambulance
24:07 School Bus
26:25 Car Coloring Book
28:04 Fire Truck Coloring Book
29:59 Police Car Coloring Book
32:14 Scary Garbage Truck
34:17 Scary Ambulance
36:29 Tow Truck Coloring Book
38:19 Water Tanker
40:18 Street Vehicles

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Music and Lyrics: Copyright USP Studios™
Video: Copyright USP Studios™

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