AppAdvice Daily: Gaming Rumors, iPad Accessories, And A Must Have App

On today’s show we’re checking out the big rumor this week: Could the Apple TV turn into a true gaming console? We’ll also be snapping some shots using our iPad, as we talk about an upcoming accessory that might make iPadography a lot more acceptable. Finally we wrap up the show with our must have download of the day, Genius by Rap Genius

cuz the Apple TV turn into a game console and is the person over there using the largest camera you've ever seen no it's just their iPad plus Apple isn't the only one using the word genius these days I'm Robin reis and this is appadvice daily today's episode is brought to you by moxtra do more together available for iOS Android and the web what's up guys I'm Robin worries and welcome to the show now as any Apple fan girl or boy will tell you your iOS device is an absolutely great gaming tool that one would be better if you could actually get those games on the big screen rumors have been flying this week that the Apple TV will actually have real support for games in fact according to ilounge who has a pretty flawless track record developers are working on Bluetooth controllers and it's a possibility the games could be downloaded directly to the apple TV itself rather than using another I device to do it now could this be true could games really be coming to the apple TV well the Apple TV actually be in competition with sony's playstation or microsoft's xbox well that's the rumor now do we actually believe it here at appadvice yeah we kind of do but we doubt it will actually happen this year so I'll keep enjoying those games on your idevice for now now for those of you that laugh at people who whip out their iPads to take photos hold on let me just get this shot yeah it looks ridiculous well Sony apparently didn't think the idea of iPad ography was so funny which is why they will soon launch the SP eighty a one a clip on camera lens adapter for tablets yeah don't really think this thing is going to make you look any cooler when taking a photo with your iPad but at least the pictures will be better right yeah the specs are on the iPad camera kind of suck not gonna lie even on the most recent one which is why Sony is kind of on the right track here now keep in mind that this is just an adapter for the DSC QX 10 or 100 which is a lens style camera and they're not cheap it will run you either two hundred and forty-eight dollars for the lower end model or four and ninety-eight dollars for the higher end one the good news and the adapter will only cost you around forty bucks and should be available sometime after April although no actual launch date has been confirmed as of yet and finally let's wrap up the show with the must-have download today genius by rap genius all right now some of you may have heard of these guys since they do run a popular music website already where you can search for pretty much any artist song or lyric to not only get the lyrics to songs you love but also get the meanings behind the lyrics which is really cool all right well now the app is available give you guys easier access from anywhere using your iOS device so let's break this down alright so genius lets you play your favorite music if available thanks to SoundCloud in the app and read the lyrics at the same time this is absolutely great for all his closet Mariah Carey's in the house alright to actually find what you're looking for type in a title or artist just like on the website to pull up what genius has available click on what you're looking for you'll be popped into a screen with the lyrics and anything that is actually yellow is clickable and has annotations along with it the app also has a really cool Shazam like feature so you just hop on the button and hold your iDevice up to the music that you're listening to to pull up whatever song you're listening to if genius recognizes it it will pull up the lyrics as well now I found this feature really helpful in the apps and sometimes when I would search for things like indie artists who maybe weren't as popular as a lady gaga it wouldn't find them but when it actually heard this song it had no problems now as you guys can see the highlighted lyrics are clickable like I mentioned before if you click on one it might give you some deep meanings behind the lyrics or words or just a picture or even just a fact so the annotations are not always deep end analytical now I have to say the search in the app is not as powerful as the one on the website hopefully that improves over time I would also love to see a recently searched for a list of songs as well either way this is a fun one to have for any music lover so check out genius today it's free alright well that is it for today as always thanks for watching I'm Robin race and i will sync with you next time

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