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– Cooling: AMD Wraith Spire Heatsink and Fan
– SSD: 512GB SAMSUNG 970 Pro Series MZ-V7P512BW M.2 PCIe 3.0 – HDD: 3.0TB 7200RPM 64MB Cache SATA3 6Gbps Toshiba P300
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– PSU: 750watt EVGA SuperNOVA G3 Modular 80 PLUS GOLD CERTIFIED
– Networking: Onboard 1Gbit LAN
– Sound Card: Onboard HD 7.1 Sound

– Monitor: Dell 27 inch S2719DGF 155Hz Freesync QHD (2560 x 1440) 2 HDMI 2.0 and DP 1.2

– Keyboard: Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Cherry MX Red Switches

– Mouse: Logitech G502 HERO High Performance Gaming Mouse

– Headphones Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro 80 OHM

– DAC + Amp Fiio E10K

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Gaming greetings everyone and welcome to a new ASMR gaming fortnight video so today I am chewing two pieces of juicy fruit bubble gum and I love juicy fruit tastes so good but um before we start a special thanks to patreon supporter Funko guy really appreciate you supporting the channel on patreon so this video is dedicated to you thanks so much it means a lot and we're going to Paradise Palms have it actually landed paradise ever since the big you know Mecca robot and monster fight some people were mentioning that certain areas of the map slightly changed let's see if anything changed over here at Paradise I haven't landed here yet since the event but uh today I'm playing with some subscribers as you all can see at 16 slow pilato and risk brazuca or risk oh I really appreciate everyone joining me here well went out someone already got to look try to get over on this side I mean he isn't me he's good look I that was up here ran away not sure where he went but I just didn't want to fight you I see something green over here what is that SMG no it's an AVR I still Oh call your the green SMT got a jet back – not a big fan of the jet packs but it's nice that it's back I guess it makes it easier to jump down you know for my spots I'll take fall damage big shield we need to find a shotgun though I might really need one somewhere like actually they're fighting some lighter I need a shotgun though no shotgun oh wait there's a shotgun in here oh we got a heavy you know what let's drop Jeff back rabies sniper we can snipe some of these guys been fighting over here I hear them they're right over here Oh bottom or the other wonderful down there I imagine if I did oh there's one more guy wait let me get a ground appeared okay they got him it's all good then I think that's all the names that landed here one-handed floss yeah I just need to find a shotgun now combat preferably or pump bumps okay boy here's another sniper someone else gonna take that I guess so far two snipers right at the start of the match Paradise has some pretty good loot yeah yeah hamburgers we only have to do that every match or cellar just so people don't forget no joke and I was actually playing some solos earlier and while I was waiting in the lobby I did the sizzling emote which I call get your hamburgers but to like soccer skins run up to me in the lobby while I'm waiting and they start doing the donkey laugh acne while I'm doing the Cicilline mode so I don't know if they were making fun of me or what but it's funny that it was the soccer skins like they know they know they really don't like me it's always the soccer skins I'm telling you on this one emo let's go get this chest over here I got like the watermelon wrap on my tikal Desert Eagle and Canada whatever you want to call it where's it up there many shields or someone's them okay well I guess we need to go for this rift if everyone else is gonna come all this way for them I wouldn't go to dusty it's far away one-handed floss and go the part in the like robot versus monster panel at the end where he does the one-handed floss I thought that was so awesome cuz it was so random I like it as a watermelon like skin wrap their boat weapons always remember the mecha robots saved our lives from the monster are you ready or just waiting for a 60 I think he's getting some mats or something over there one-handed floss let's go we need to go guys I better already oh I have that one – wait wait wasn't it show whether it is team mech hey I was team mech all along I knew it was gonna win – I just felt it I just felt like he was would win I feel like most people like the mech over a monster cuz the monster was kind of bad I think I think he was gonna destroy the map or something okay let's see there were people there's people there's another I think it might just be wondering yeah one or two guys their squad died possibly how we should just go for a circle dusty debit okay people definitely I have two down here don't shock down finally a shotgun bye boy was I was i calling the revolver deagle and that's what I get whenever using revolvers are both purple so it confuses me like they had cannon in the revolver whatever just pretend I didn't make that mistake I just realized it when I dropped in I was like wait I have pickup cannon all these guys appear 60 heard him as well he's in the moisture boy says they're on the roof oh yeah they're out there oh there's a guy here yeah I was not expecting there's so many people here drink this I need ammo for my shotgun actually laser that default not Yolo droll good name well yo how many people stronger here here's another Oh oh I can't build here just finish we has a pump Oh someone's in here oh no wait what it didn't let me shoot there was like a lag delay oh man that guy's low though he was killing his teammate good job yo shut up turrets come over here our Zuko I don't know I think it's probably like a lark bar or it's called or something like Japanese sounding username possibly I'm not sure apologies if I'm saying your name wrong let's go get some meds combine some give me this not in here there's a good shot you know someone once a reload this okay all these are reloaded trying to find some mental there's more people above guys I just heard them the light in how many people are over here all the meds thank you blow SMG yes wait oh no no no no sink pumps but I'm gonna die I'm only 10 each being let me heal up quick up top two guys are camping on top of dusty I think they're angry we killed their teammate so they're up there waiting for revenge the storm is gonna close let me get this you try to shoot these guys okay I just got spam through my builds and again you can shoot him rip basalt pilato's down – oh man it's over oh he's trying to go for a vibe nice F in the chat for slow pilato though and you want to have any minutes and I'm gonna die let me just use the shockwave check over the slipstream no let's try to go up here well where do I get shot from there's still people here you know there's still a guy up there yo these people are so mad we killed their teammates they're literally camping in the storm ready to fight no no Margaret's go is down ours dude oh I've got to go I don't know I know a Japanese like you beautiful or the gay is kind of like silent like in a neon genesis evangelion it's like Fosca instead of Masuka so it's an Oscar so R it's called or something like that about the time right hopefully someone gets my blue SMG and bring them good luck get parents go healed obvious bullshit shoot full health not fulfillment he has colliders I don't think he has a launch pad though but it should be good sixty what sixty is still doing a dusty needs to get into the slipstream like now okay well the star is so much damage it's it's about the clothes too soon I think maybe it already closed I think the one after this is one that does like the done like mega damage like the one wasn't what is it the five five ticks or a second or something then there's like it's ten hopefully can go over here reboot us so I don't see anyone lucky lucky I don't think sixty is gonna make it storm is so much damage like oh there he is right at the edge no snake Steve I've been the Chad for sixteen well nice builds here 200 IQ strategy so you don't get sniped and I've never seen that one nice no one's getting sniped today let's go come on come on hey thank you do you have any weapons or over shields I'll take that if I don't wipe in his vest they will have a great pistol okay Trump guns good let's see if we can go but no you can't go for sixty is too far away and the storms closing down I'm Hannah feels bad I would have gotten your reboot card sixteen sorry it starts close in yeah get weapons fast um oh here you try to get like an AR SMG which I have my tableau SM gene no there's a slurp over here it's all gonna take that over here the worst a shotgun basically oh here's some mini isn't another pistol yo for tonight is trolling us right now with the worst one Vince seriously for tonight come on okay jetpack jetpack I'll take this is it okay here's some better shotguns war minis here's a chest my storms close and boom yo this is like our third heavy sniper this game did they increase like the the spawn rate of these seems like it apparently they're fighting some one guy over here remember I'm on my way okay well rates go got both of them I think is these chicks by she's like storm skull is in no need some bats to I'll have like 115 would okay we should go for this Supply Drop oh okay it's a 3 B 7 so it's at least like another squad in some random guys over there on top there you can take those minis well let me see if I can snake this guy no oh man Liz – Lois – I'm gonna slope the back we're not good with the snipers but I dry a dry okay that's Supply Drop we're gonna land soon let's see if this other Supply Drop landed they get snipe someone – I've already going for this apply drop down here oh there's a guy over here come try to shoot up throws build over here it's us versus like six other people I think that guy might be like a solo cuz his teammate turn to ting so I don't think yes teammates Oh better shotgun thank you very much finally a good man all we were finding we're like the drum and shotguns I don't want to go for this over here Oh snake this guy oh whoa whoa okay hit us for some Sheila got a breakthrough well guys are shooting us from the mountain here drum done time come on lasered but not only as a ploy somebody let's go give me this scar and wait there we go it's big shield – thanks get back here and heal well what the oh there's a guy there's a guy camping back here i ground help me guys help me subscribers okay Sal pilato and oh it's car shooting at him and he looked like I'm about to die that kind of got me really good I don't know where he was hiding was probably a bush or something don't plate limas know anyone have a mo I don't have like any ham over my scar oh the old boy he's still down there nice or it's go got him here some shields yo welp oh I don't need shields everyone need shields oh well thanks for kicking me out of the campfire time well so what's trying to snipe over there you have some ammo Gemma please nice lunch bad but I need some ammo at all thank you thank you very much finally some ammo okay let's do this here's some minis by the way there's a lot of needs minis over here yo yo Vinny is it's a 3v3 I think all these guys are on the same team let's go they're camping in new circle well that guy up there he has a sniper right there that's the high would that be sniper I think you just tried to snipe me too okay try to move to the new circle I still have stink bombs – how many stink bombs do these guys have like there were two earlier let's block that off we don't want to go let's try to knock this guy down oh man he knows her over here ready go Oh let's get trying to build up come down hey we got him oh he has a jetpack I some Chi oh no a lot of them blossom tea you can always rely on it you know it's someone for at least a little damage when you're missing with this car it's a good wipe in a switch to okay I only have these bandages I need to go help let's go he's like going up against two guys over here well that guys don't wash shield there we go Thing Thing last guy last guy give up let's go up here whoa only one GG let's go guys I got seven kills where it's go says he got ten so that makes 17 bills and I guess slow pilato and sixty probably got a few kills too so this is probably like a 2025 kill squads game so nice nice GG everyone it game good game I thought for sure we were gonna die in the storm there near dusty but we turned it around definitely couldn't have done it without all of you and the juicy fruit gum has absolutely no flavor in fact after like the first five minutes of this game the flavor went away I just didn't say anything I'm telling you if juicy fruit bubble gum like partnered with a Willy Wonka candy like Wonka everlasting gobstoppers they would make the best juicy fruit gum ever like everlasting juicy fruit imagine that that would be amazing people would buy like every day but yeah GG everyone so thank you all for listening or watching this video please be sure to LIKE comment share and subscribe and yeah I will be sure to have a new a smart gaming video very very soon and if you want to help support the channel on patreon so more videos like this can be made head on over to patreon dot-com slash ASMR gaming and with as little as $1 a month you can help support the channel and I really appreciate it so thanks to everyone that does and yeah I'll be back real soon with a new video thanks again and I will see you all next time

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