ASMR Gaming | Fortnite Unstoppable Duo Returns! Gum Chewing 🎮🎧Controller Sounds + Whispering😴💤

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– Ram Memory: 32GB (16GBx2) G.Skill Ripjaws DDR4 3200Mhz Memory
– Motherboard: Gigabyte X470 Aorus Gaming 5 (AMD X470, HDMI, 2xPCI-Ex, 6xSATA, M.2, 4xDDR4, Wifi)
– Cooling: AMD Wraith Spire Heatsink and Fan
– SSD: 512GB SAMSUNG 970 Pro Series MZ-V7P512BW M.2 PCIe 3.0 – HDD: 3.0TB 7200RPM 64MB Cache SATA3 6Gbps Toshiba P300
– Optical Drive: 12X LG Blu-ray Player / 16X DVD+/-RW DVD Burner SATA
– OS: Microsoft Windows 10 Home 64bit
– Case: Fractal Design Define R6 White Tempered Glass 3 Fans, Audio/USB 3.0
– PSU: 750watt EVGA SuperNOVA G3 Modular 80 PLUS GOLD CERTIFIED
– Networking: Onboard 1Gbit LAN
– Sound Card: Onboard HD 7.1 Sound

– Monitor: Dell 27 inch S2719DGF 155Hz Freesync QHD (2560 x 1440) 2 HDMI 2.0 and DP 1.2

– Keyboard: Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Cherry MX Red Switches

– Mouse: Logitech G502 HERO High Performance Gaming Mouse

– Headphones Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro 80 OHM

– DAC + Amp Fiio E10K

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Gaming greetings everyone and welcome to a new ASMR gaming fortnight video so today I am playing two O's and we're landing and frosty flights and I'm joining two delicious pieces of peppermint to bubblegum this is a new skin that a subscriber gifted to me so thank you very much for that and by the way this video is dedicated specially to Cooper a new patreon supporter Cooper so thank you very much for supporting the channel on patreon Cooper it means a lot this video is dedicated just for you so thank you very much this guy's up there got a warrant or kill this peppermint bumble that was actually pretty good one of you guys recommend did I try it out in the comments and that I'm showing it actually tastes nice I hear someone above us they're on like the top floor I need to find some Sheila's comment off smg's gonna get a shotgun though I hear them they're bumping they're on top you a sniper oh no no no oh no it's friends here – wait gonna finish to finish up what us friends here no he got me they're wearing the same skin to help Eric oh he's gonna finish because I finished his friend what a bad way to start the game here's our COO coming to my rescue a goer Gil if you can do it there we go nice arc oh they're coming in clutch save me well to get my reboot garden I select my loop back there so thank you for that ooh well he has five minis already that's insane I dropped me some dice I feel like who doesn't need any introductions on the channel everyone knows him already he's been around for you a year more than a year pulling for tonight here on the channel always being extremely good at the game I got this don't we gotta find it I think it was over here in the corner don't even want that pistol okay over here yes give me this yeah give me all this good loot I'm gonna take these shadow bombs we got four never know if you're gonna need them for something you know this is a better shotgun version of the drummer's shotgun what do you guys think of the drum shotgun do you hate it you love it sometimes it's actually worked pretty well for me so I have I kind of like it now I reload this AR didn't even notice that it needed to be reloaded Oh shadow bombs there's another chest over here wait my Ridolfi minis gonna leave the med kit in case or who wants it brothers green a heart appear they didn't even grab it that's a crazy okay yeah there's ballers I'll just take the one down here let's go there's a chest appear maybe let me check wait there is no belts off or who's already leaving he's like far away and wait for me here – Oh big shield the man magic if we find a blue suppress I really I really want a blue one always find the green and suppress SMG as you know whoa well our who sees enemy is wait for me oh no she bumper Derek oh it's awful what to fall to him it's a duo well one of them seems kind of try hard with his builds oh yeah yeah try art building over there not regular building this trade building it's like one HP no Adam over here we block you okay basically Herc who did all of this on his own I just came in at the last second to clean up the last guy who was kind of low there's a lot of good loot they're over here too good shotgun I love this I thought there was more loot I thought I saw more oh yeah err let's copy that copy some of this I'll go get the baller over here oh yeah I'll take this one huh I think that one's mine but this one was hit as it doesn't matter yeah this one has low HP so mazurkas cuz I didn't get shot not least I don't think so I never remember getting shot at oh there's building over here towards new building someone's over you up someone's here over here oh there's people back-to-back boom boom boom did I land every single shot I think I did it every shot I took I landed it got like Oh storms coming I just check the chest upstairs it might be something good it's like juicy nose no nothing Norm's here my baller is over here it was Supply Drop let's go to that I'm in the storm oh yeah I eat those mushrooms there's a campfire over here we can go yield on that let's go for the end Supply Drop first apparently need like 10 HP anyway well the storms are cold so far away here we can get this Supply Drop right here now let me just block off this area oh wait there we go I'll drop you some whatever deal that's a medal there well we're getting shot at from where someone's building up yeah someone's Melling up well I'm getting shy from the back here what the air goes down break out snuck up by some like sneaky eyes you don't love me yeah they finished her killed where did these guys come from I'm busy getting the Supply Drop Rhydian these guys sneak up on us I see you boom take it that we get our dues card all the stores gonna close soon where's his card it's over here that's funny Orko gets my card I get his card we both gotta get each other's cards if I can revive him and not tilt it and if I'm fast it says quick need heal up wait I'll keep my combat right now try go for that reboot been awfully the storm is slow impulse a shock wave where nades would be good I want to keep the shadow bombs let's see if there's a slurp in here Chuck's pleasure there get the home here let me go get this load over to here for it best what doesn't let me go through that I've gotta go around Noah the storm get my baller I don't think we're gonna be able to get the one in tilted now oh we have to go for the one near like dusty man it's gonna have people for sure maybe not though maybe now let's see oh I see building over here but I don't see anyone fighting right now so maybe they're not here anymore I'll just go by slowly we can go for the one near lazy this peppermint gum is pretty good the flavor actually lasts for a while like peppermint tea the bands over here I think we can sneak up I don't see anyone over on this side try to sneak up on it I hear people gliding in no no no no they're shooting at me there's people down here too no no no no no no no yeah yeah fuck that you want to shoot at me try soccer see yeah now they're gonna camp circle I'm thinking they got a deaf life look the other people let's just oh we had a coward my Virgo that is our only mission shadow bomb out of here I'm about to die in the storm ergo is the Gary King after all and I'm dead there's no way he can win what if our kids alive we can still win him oh no no no there's people healing up in there there's like a box over there near the truck oh no no I'll leave it in here me I hear them he owned up with like bandages or something we've got to make it over here to the Kaiser we gotta go to the next reboot man all the way over there Sonny steps oh I shouldn't land there more often I used to like it at the beginning of this season okay let's try to go for this geyser I'm gonna hear people gliding above me or are they yeah they're down there they're like a base hopefully they don't follow me let's go storm it's about to close in again they make it to the reboot van I'm so low right now HP m15 HP one headshot with like infantry rifle or something I'm dead come on we gotta get this pin the storm is closing I'm gonna stay and die in the storm we got to do it fully reboots first the storm is kind of slow oh it's catching up I gotta go over here immediately let's go come on er to earth comes back that works on both levels and how he's back this we go over here's a weapon form he only has a pistol drop those minis there drop you some Mets to starve is kind of slow we can outrun it I like this skin it's a nice one though the purple hair is definitely wanna like the cool features of this skin here kind of reminds me of like a superhero character or something let's go let's see we got a others players over there over there oh there's a loot over here yo look I can get some weapons over here there's like an a hard for him and everything I saw a shotgun those people are gliding away and we just get down here Oh Megan I'm safe I'm safe yo this is the best life ever I could drop her some stuff too what's up what I guess we're back salmon what you need wait you own minis I thought I dropped them maybe the big no mo that shotgun ammo okay there we go now there's more loot down here make it cool yes give me this rifle here these are so good when you get headshots here girl give you some traps donut trap there goes really good with trapping people he's been doing it since like what season 2 season 3 I've seen the only trap entire squads and traps before so he's good oh no he's getting crushed by like two different teams alright boot down here these guys are got a third party they always my baller it always should have my baller and then they don't push like come on I think these let's get work we've got it got someone wait for me shut up for up here this is a second where is this other guy I hear him I think he's above me yet – nope I'm out no he got me got the other guy and this tried immediately dose a third party what he knows our news a little no no finish that guy well it's a 2v1 jiffy one that guy immediately went to go third party waited for us to kill those guys and then they come hello it's a second way he looks like Kirk is low – he needs is there any good loot over here how do you had any shields argue there's medkit it's this guy spamming this guy above us seems kind of good that's not what he's playing he's not really scared that it's a 2v1 so that worries me like a lot he's playing very city boy SMG over here let's go we got shields we have blossom Jean we got air – we can't lose America's going up to fight him here fully healed up there's Marlo – here boom holding combat you can tell this stuff let's go ever needs our help well boom where's we go this guy's trying to build their weight let's talk down I don't think the ark is up to I so we should begin he was like right here oh no heart is up really high boss sorry or do know or dislike 1 hp thanks to me spam – this guy spilled it's a knock him down you know this is one of those triad builders look at this let's try to block them off no he's too fast break them down yo this guy's like crazy yep there we go are going out to kill okay now I feel better even though I'm a dork you lose a lot of notes sorry or do launchpad wall look at these builds yoder do what the I'm just gonna dance on that work it lose some lag there yang did not handle all the frames of urk who's building did you guys just see this it just felt like a masterpiece in like three seconds look at this there's like an edited pyramid to a 90 under another one like what I'm telling you guys but check out his channel he's really in it for tonight really really good it's like 30 kill games so low squads and stuff like that on the channel there's proof of him doing that we had a 45 kill squads game before that's the official squad to record of the channel up until now it's never been broken I don't think it ever will be GG Erica this was a fun game I was getting really really scared not that I wouldn't be able to revive you had three but VIN and there's no way I could have defeated these guys at the end alone so you essentially carried us even though you know we had to reboot you but still we wouldn't have won this so GG and all of you listening or watching thanks for watching thanks for listening please be sure to LIKE comment share and subscribe and I'll be sure to have a new ASMR gaming video very very soon and if you want to help support the channel and on over to patreon comm slash ASMR gaming and with as little as $1 a month you can help support the channel and the creation of videos just like this one so definitely do that if you can do but yeah that's it and I will see you all next time so thanks again for watching so long and farewell

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