Assembling Turtle Terrarium For Two Cute Red Eared Turtles

Thanks to all the comments of our viewers, slime Sam and his friend Sue got a new terrarium for their pet red-eared turtles. However, slime Sam had a slightly different idea of searching for a better home for the turtles. He took the turtles on the tour to see if they can live with other pets. However, it didn’t go as planned.

2:52 Visiting the hamsters

5:42 Visiting the giant snail

This new terrarium is big. It has pebbles on the floor, an UV lamp to give the turtles the sunshine they need, a heat lamp to keep the turtles warm, a water filter to keep the water clean, some plants and a place where the turtles can bask in the sun and rest, as well as lots of water! Sam and Sue hope that this terrarium will last for a long time and their turtles will be happy!

8:36 Look at the turtles enjoying their new home!

This video has English subtitles for your convenience!

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No animals were harmed in the making of this video.

Our cutie pets are kept in favorable living conditions. Each of them has its own home, tasty food and medical care. And every day we are trying to give them a lot of warmth and care from us.

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they are so cute I love these guys amazing creatures it's so nice to watch their daily routine how they eat swim and bathe in the Sun totally awesome do you like them guys in our last video with Turtles we made a terrarium for them it was very pretty and bright you got a lot of comments from you it's that it's quite small for two turtles plus now our terrarium doesn't look so nice anymore that's why we've decided to make a new one it will be bigger and our turtles will have enough room for sure so guys do you want to see your new home being constructed cm i urgently need your help Sam the turtles and I need your hand there were so many comments that our terrarium is too small for two turtles so we need to move them will you help me yeah no problem let's go guys we'll find you a new home you see me that's not what I meant Sammy ah well at least you'll be with me guys our turtles will have a brand new spacious terrarium here they will play swim and warm up in the Sun but we don't get much Sun here so we'll need a UV lamp it will shine like a real Sun on our Turtles with its UV rays and another heating lamp that will keep them warm every terrarium with living creatures needs a water filter make sure that it's powerful enough to handle the size of our terrarium and a thermometer so we can check if they have comfortable air temperature whoa I can't wait to assemble this terrarium Sam and the turtles are up to we'll need something to cover the bottom of the tank lookee here it's like in the wheel see we'll put them carefully inside here here under the shore we'll have bigger stone the rest will spread out evenly across the bottom like that the turtles used to live on a small island but the new one will be so much bigger and comfy so we set it here check out this slide I wish I could slide down now we need some water lots of water filling the tank it's getting wet in here here we go make sure to install the filter we can't do without it our turtles definitely got used to their own little garden we'll have it here to some greenery near the island and a little bit of greens here in the corner as well let the filter do its job almost done this looks very pretty do you like it y'all then give a thumbs up and write in the comments below what you think about this terrarium wow this looks comfy enough there's enough room for every line why did you climb up there guys to enjoy the place we just need to take care of the lamps and they're not just for lighting this is a UV lamp it's rays help the turtles digest calcium they get from food that way their bones and shell will get very strong like that now our turtles will be healthy but that's not the only lamp we'll need there's also a cheating lamp we need it to keep the temperature comfortable in the terrarium the turtles really enjoy sunbathing under this lamp great I guess the air temperature is just okay but the thermometer will help us know for sure now let's install it now we can see that this temperature is really comfortable for the turtles Oh guess who's back ty they're little travelers where were you that's not always so Sam red eared turtles are predators that means they need to chase their prey but you can't really tell they're so sweet home thank you for waiting to accommodate them with hammy or Gary but they like neither belly Sam I asked you to help me with their relocation to a new terrarium not someone else's tank and spacious now there will be enough room it's really big so guys are you ready to move welcome home purple loop swimming time the water must feel nice sometimes I wish I was a turtle don't get lost in your little garden look Sam it seems they liked it oh yeah and the new island looks interesting to them enjoy it in fact they eat a lot I've always wondered how much food could fit in their little bodies hey don't eat all the food at once save something for later oh well I guess they just know that we won't leave them starving here okay eat as much as you like and do you like it guys then give the thumbs up and leave some comments below like Anna

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