Asus ROG Phone 2 Hands-on Review | 6000mAh Gaming Beast!

Hands-on review with Asus’ ROG Phone 2, a 2019 update of the original gaming smartphone and one of the best gamer handsets I’ve tested. This beast boasts a 6000mAh battery, Snapdragon 855 Plus platform and tons of accessories for the ultimate PubG Mobile experience.

While the Razer Phone 2 and Black Shark 2 are solid handsets, the ROG Phone 2 is set to eclipse them as one of the greatest portable gaming machines. From the brilliant battery performance and speedy experience when playing the latest titles, to the feature-packed UI, this is the best handset for PubG, Asphalt etc in 2019. This hands-on review runs through all of the specs and tours Asus’ Armory Crate app, packed with great gaming tools.

All of my favourite bits of the original ROG phone are back in action, and in most cases Asus has updated them to make them even better. For instance, the Air Triggers feature improved haptic feedback and that gorgeous screen packs 120Hz refresh and 240Hz touch response rate, ideal for gaming with the best new titles.

Stay tuned for a full unboxing when the handset is released in the UK and Europe in September – and you can check out my accessories review and comparison vs the Black Shark 2 right now.

so is ooze has just launched it's fresh new gaming smartphone for 2019 the mighty wrong phone to and any pub G mobile fans and other gamers in general should be very excited indeed this sexy slab is that very first handset packin Qualcomm's ultra powered new Snapdragon 855 plus platform as well as a friggin enormous six thousand milliamp battery and enough gaming accessories and tools – chalky Yeti I totaled off to Taiwan for a couple of days to get my hands on the new rogue phone – ahead of the official Chinese launch and definitely so far is looking like the best gaming smartphone of all time you can basically expect all the best bits from the original rogue phone to be retained and in most cases improved upon with a few extra editions thrown in there for extra good measure I should point out though that this is the Chinese model that I got my mitts on so there will be some minor differences for the UK version which is launching at the beginning of September but here is my full hands-on impressions and for more on the latest and greatest mobile tech please do poke subscribe panting that notifications belt Cheers now perhaps unsurprisingly the rock phone 2 is a bit of a unit just one quick glance at that stylized glass frame and it's obvious that you're looking at a game and device complete with the obligatory pulsing lights and all of those other frills this is also one of the heaviest handsets around right now are 240 grams and it almost a full centimeter thick it can't exactly be described as slender but this chunky finish is a necessary evil given all of the clever tech that is stuffed inside up front you'll find a 6.5 9 inch AMOLED screen and there is no curves in sight the panel is perfectly flat which is much better suited to mobile gaming though surrounding bezels also help to make for a comfortable grip which is essential if you're playing games like pub G mobile for any length of time I spent a few hours fondling the rogue phone – and playing some games and it's definitely a good shape in size for those extended sessions the good news is that this rogue sequel upgrades the display refresh rate to 120 Hertz the same as the razor form – and beaten rivals such as the black shark 2 + 1 + 7 Pro you can change this up in the display settings if you like as well as playing about with the color temperature and other features as well like the black shock to this new rogue phone also boasts a 240 Hertz touch sampling rate basically that means you can expect next to zero touch latency is reckoned you'll get just a 49 millisecond delay between tap and swipe in the screen and then seeing the corresponding reaction inside of your game and I they did not notice any kind of like at all while blasting through the preinstalled titles you have full 10-bit HDR support as well seven up over a billion colors in total while the Raghavan two can also apparently upscale SDR quality visuals to near HDR level although this feature will be first available via a software update from August good news on the durability front as well because that display is coated in Corning Gorilla Glass 6 from my own experience that should protect you against scratches and scuffs even when you chuck the rogue phone to in a pocket with some keys coins and other hard bits and of course quality audio is also a key component of many games and azouz has definitely delivered on that front to this new handset packs in a front-facing stereo speaker setup with DTS X ultra support and a bigger chamber than the original phone on top volume this thing packs a hell of a punch try blasting music on the bus and you'll probably give half a dozen grannies a serious heart attack that stereo effect really shines with supported content as well the left and right channels are impressively distinctive even through the built-in speakers and oh yes there is a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack on the rock phone too as well if you don't fancy a bit of Bluetooth nice no worries as far as the microphones go either you get four of the we buggers distributed around that shiny chassis including one optimized for use in landscape modes definitely an essential addition if you want to use in-game chat without slapping on your headphones and another area where the rock phone two excels it is the performance as you kind of hope this is the Pioneer smartphone to pad Qualcomm's new Snapdragon 855 plus chipset with the fresh adrenal 640 GPU in simple terms this offers up a four percent CPU performance boost and a 15 percent graphical performance boost over the standard eight five five which to be fair is already hot with up to 12 gigs of DDR 4x RAM crammed into this thing as well the wrong phone too is smoother than a buttered up Barry White I played a handful of games including pub G mobile and oz fault 9 and not only did they look amazing on those top detail settings but they run with a nice nippy piece i only spied a single frame rate drop while driving across the pub G landscape and to be fair that's almost certainly down to the beta software that was onboard the finished version of the rogue phone – with a final software should serve up perfect performance and factor in the ufs 3.0 support as well something that was also found in the oneplus 7 pro and this handset fairly flies of course there's apps the subtle point in having a superpower device if it's going to heat up and throttle but do not stress zoos definitely has you covered the rock phone – busts proper thermal coolant with a 3d vapor chamber heatsink and vents all cleverly positioned inside the phone plus an external vent on the rear end as well while the air or active cooler – accessory helps Don risk that pesky hot air away the back of the phone did feel quite toasty after a few hours of constant use not too surprising but the cooler certainly helps connectivity is strong as well you've got four separate Wi-Fi antenna how is the Massassi to ensure that your big fat fingers don't block that signal with up to four point six gigabytes per second speed supported sadly there is no 5g support here with the rod phone – so if you are after a 5g ready Gaiman phone well your quest continues now you might expect all of this uber power tech to drain the rogue phone – in no time at all but even if you're given non-stop the frankly enormous six thousand milliamp cell will not run dry anytime soon this is one of the biggest batteries found in basically any smartphone in 2019 and no doubt a big contributor to that chunky hefty construction you've got 30 watt fast charging with the bundled adapter delivering a full day of use in roughly an hour and taking around 90 minutes or so to complete a full charge and there is full quick charge for point or support on there as well now the camera tech isn't quite as high on the priority scale as far as gaming handset score but low worries if you do demand quality optics as well because the rogue phone – boss the sim rear camera as the excellent zenfone 6 well that means is a 48 megapixel primary lens backed by a 13 megapixel ultra wide-angle shooter offering a 125 degree view of the world Sony's AMX 586 sensor is back on board as well so you can expect some great lookin snaps across all kinds of conditions Zeus has served up a full complement of camera features including a dedicated night mode and the ability to shoot up to 4k resolution video at 60 frames per second and as usual swapping between those two main lenses is as simple as a question of a button and like the zenfone this camera can flip around 180 degrees so the rokform 2 does sport its own separate 24 megapixel selfie camera and oh god just don't judge me too harshly I shot this video after 20 hours of constant travelling and a few too many type here beers so seriously just yeah let's just kill this now but idea of how good the rogue Fontes camera will be check out my zenfone 6 camera deep and review live right now and so finally on to one of the most exciting parts of the rogue phone to the exclusive game and features which really helped to set this handset apart from rival premium phones first up those dual air triggers these are basically a pair of touch sensitive spots on the edge of the phone which work like trigger buttons when you're gaming these have been fully updated for the sequel and are vibration feedback latency which was one of the biggest bugbears of the original phone has been trimmed from 63 milliseconds to just 20 while the haptic vibration itself has been fine-tuned so you really feel like you're pushing an actual button you can never click when you press the trigger and another one you remove your finger and you slide and gesture is also supported in addition to the tap for changing the viewing angle in pub G or whatever you need and this feature is coming in August for Chinese users the rogue phone – also introduces dual vibration feedback in other words two separate motors offering directional rumbles with a slightly stall and amount of power on those very top settings and of course this wouldn't be a gaming handset without that in your fish a C lights and yes this device has a Zeus's or RGB lighting on boards as before this can be fully customized to a flash or pulse or whatever you fancy when your cap and falls in pub G and it can also double as a not too subtle notifications like flush and whenever a new message pops into your box you can personalize the aura lights and from inside of the Armory create app which acts as a kind of all-purpose gaming hub and control center as well as the lights you can play around with the phone's air triggers the fan speed and lords more besides you can even set up individual profiles for your games rather than sticking with the sim setup for every title definitely handy when you actually finally get around to Lorde and something up for a quick blast you can summon the game genie tool with a quick flick to mess around with even more settings in game there's a Do Not Disturb style function which blocks alerts and calls plus a brightness lock and the same general customization settings few vloggers out there you can even record your game and marathon to share online or do whatever you fancy and all of these many many many many features sit neatly on top of Android Pi but good news few purists you can actually choose to have the rogue UI with all of its glitz and glamour and sexy bits or swap to the classic Zen UI instead this option might actually appear in the setup procedure for the UK and Europe and also you can switch between the two at any time in the rogue font two settings and even if you do go for the wrong you I which I imagine the vast majority of users well you still get pretty stock Android experience for the most part just like with the zenfone 6 most of the add-on stuff like a 100 more and dock femen for the menus of definitely worth happen anyway arounds an off those specs the raghavan 2 packs in a whopping 512 gigs of storage space and that seems to be the only option available there is no microSD memory card support as azuz couldn't physically get a slot in there but seriously 512 gigs people that is gonna take some serious filling so that right there is my rather girthy hands-on review of the is Zeus rogue phone – as I say coming to China now basically and come into the Europe in September time but that isn't quite it not even close in fact because the azusa's also launched an absolute stack full of game and accessories for the rogue phone – as well which you can buy optionally on the side I've done a full hands-on with all of those as well so you can go check that out live right now – and don't forget for more on the list and great smartphone Zac please do poke subscribe and ding that notifications bell Cheers

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