Back To School!! DIY Supplies and Life Hacks

Back To School Diy Supplies and Life Hacks with Sophia and Sarah





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good morning class Oh Sofia's gonna be upset I got an idea crane huh whoa what it's actually kind of pretty cool oh it still works Wow really cool I like it no chewing gum in class check this out yeah hmm thank you and read that wow that's a cool lava lamp babylip and this squeeze bottle food coloring love a pet I love my long time guys pay attention and subscribe to – Super sisters ugly Wow how pretty so if you haven't already make sure to go follow us on Instagram I choose the procedures real ooh I kind of wonder that actual Super sisters real Mexico Pablo's there because you're like over post and comment also make sure you subscribe to this channel if you have it already and like this video if you enjoyed because I definitely like these back to school with DIYs and like packs I need a hair tie don't want to put my hair in a bun do you have a hair elastic already guys a lot a life hack for you you need some elastics and this hook so this will help you to never lose your hair ties ever again take your hair ties just like that never lose your hair ties ever again and it's a nice hug Pacific Bank now I need a hair tie I got never lose your hair ties again you guys next time yeah face your subscribe peace

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