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so he's not feeling the best do you want to explain today we're gonna be playing decorate the best Christmas in about me it's about time with your Christmas video on this channel and we're looking very surreal now up all money and the wall we have 10 minutes to spend and decorate our Christmas theme ha and at the end of this video Papa will be dropping it and whoever wins will get to open challenge you wouldn't let growing out Christmas has earthliness me since I got the extra I need to find a cooking vehicle that can deliver food – yeah yes legs for my sake I can't believe this I guess I only need one more full-grown meerkats to make an a on my dream besides meeting going where to joke if you accept because he's a fairly good deal I said yeah but so we're back in the car and I'm gonna summer in delivery service so if you ever see me in a game it would make me so happy but to deliver food [Applause] this box right there bar the legs I'm self helpy other packet and how everyone going I'm making all their money good because you need so much money to decorate your Christmas house and I actually just wasted a bit which was very dumb book that's okay a broader party like insane come to see the rare stroller and Ola told me babe a bit baby babe if we hit 1 million subscribers by the end of the year and that means that we can get $300 worth of room and please this is so soon I don't think we could do it by we can prove Slenderman wrong it'll be amazing thank you so much lucky to have subscribe everyone to bed first because we all know the favorite loves making the money so I'm gonna be waiting outside for my customer who and I'm the over driver and I'm very proud of myself and ledges no it's not you decorate your bed path between these Christmas mystery ball and legends please all comment like that they should make guinea pigs and all the ladies are crowding around me you know trying to pick a nice outfit and I said what many people watching bigger this is the cinema room and could you go second I'll give you something chickens don't if you like that she's really sick in normal I'll bet you because you can adopt me or normal wife for my restaurant when you make the walls really nice cuz that's good for the background and this is their way the kitchen but we need even more back to the kitchen I want that oh it's not ready yet to be done' that is like me as gamma watch to see me dropping my baby the meerkats hungry but I got donut for him and hopefully go one more thing and your turn to be darling no you're not come on going at this I'm gonna get they're gonna get they're gonna get together again they're gonna get it good good because oh my gosh wait we are in I'm never training this yeah yeah Oh oh my gosh so amazing oh my god 93% through camping and a jump plant I'm so happy I just made Naomi – did you like to say that saber cannot cross the road she's the worst Road crosswalk a big fight you say because say pink was right and every day less English because right now in dunt which means in an m1 and they're only open for breakfast and lunch so mine will be able to go home I'm gonna close up – doesn't it I think I put it on now blend them up ten million is gotta for me I think it cause but I don't think we're gonna make it don't know it's in save of both order the coconut water but they don't like coconut water but they really want to be in the bank account so usually it's time to pray and bang not eatin i-43 the one but I'm gonna prove it with the pasta so I think we should do a dummy I can make the most money – would you like a bank or something people can give me that money that leave a surprise I guess I never even get up before I've got a very healthy who's Chris South Beach I'm the land so can you salvos help ease my look at these can someone please hear some little Amy like look at much skin I got compared to you'll be chunk of rain I'm glad of my choice of land in Frisco and I got home tomorrow any maple on it yeah I can take these in my land good news nurse nuts you can have angry Oh grumpy old you know that sleek ass I feel like Sophie's a law like measles look exactly like measles like the last moment icing and doing that so let's have the fame like being the presentator you're only allowed to play for 10 more minutes at a time dad you're paid to play in three days perfect we got the present or should I do this no play let's buy a piece of play yeah build oh I do not like the half suffice no looking anyone meet and they just like to go for a thing I don't know what thing I'm going to go poetry okay I need to hurry up and think of something to do he I never got this look so he's a battery the globe will have to say oh I see fine I'm really excited for this I've been looking forward to this for so long oh where are the baby boom looking nice oh I wonder with you I them in the mystery box by back upstairs about $300 spend I think it's gonna be enough really only have 177 left so he spent all the money or not who's the restaurant how really wise where some guys will be soaking it better I absolutely think I might we was the cheapest budget that was instead I I'm budging against time it's almost done time is always do everything you can okay when we beg a pop up heated judge who did the best Christmas time you don't pink all right on the outside red Gonzaga theaters which open to look brighter a day where I can choose any out laughs TV we've got a cashier we've got some doughnuts and I know cookie I don't be made but that's kind of already how it looks but you just change the color upstairs we have the ounce bed theaters one does mrs. Claus have a bed yeah we have the bar with different color shower these was the only wallpaper so I did a couple people then what do you give that I can't keep none of the seven I just want to see more features but then I'm not sure however else is going to go yet so where I can sit and if you were quite older daughter yes oh yes we're going to just write it down boy I also have a fireplace to stay warm since standards living in the dolt Pole and I have Braille seems to make the entry more grand I also have a on st. grieve and then I also have a TV that sounds very over here we have fukiyose could you never knew that scandal of to reach any we also have pattern of the windows like red green red green red Wow and then in here we have the beautiful kitchen with the same pattern Papa or red green red and seeing I can make his own pizza see Anna only likes to put right on it and we also have a rug the upstairs is an even better one cranes run a parents into the baby place okay Santa and mrs. Claus have a baby here red and 1/7 Teddy box and his star shine bright pink and did you know Santa Claus had brain used so he has to have any intern carrier for and the sleeping area I see you see we have a fish tank which makes the entry more grim like you walk up and so if there's nothing there would look good bitch there's a fish tank it's like wow in here we have the bathroom with snowflake as the boss and I kept the bathroom floor because I thought it looked good together wow that was absolutely an extraordinary house what do you give it goodbye people like NASA as well oh I'm just gonna give him the same wait what really bison a time was not equal to I did compete I get at school it was even decorating he got me he's my spouse basically my window she's dropping my wallpaper your wallpaper was blues red nowhere he's my beautiful house Christmas is red and green the walking for the beautiful snow might happen yes no nice we had this great entrance I'm not going to place what you can pay some character moves on Christmas it's reading greens like CPCC on I like it I'm pretty early on so we have an area of Pisa we can speak and we can say it was cold no off me you had a penis yeah very very happy they have a place where the baby can sleep and we also have a kitchen when mrs. cole's can cook present wallpaper where we take absorb where's the gingerbread trying to rip off and we go up the stairs into my bed right where we can watch TV and we have a bar fight piece if we can take five of them so forget daddy we have a bookshelf here and we can read here and we have raised very good YouTube actually they have a makeup bag a microphone so we can sing songs and a place where I can date on my gaming – yeah okay so I say I'm gonna give you a seven and a half later shoot gonna ain't but really you like this yeah I like that I think it was cool he had a few cool features like the filming room was very cool I realize the red and green things and what so soon so he's good he's not feeling the best you want to explain don't mean you can just talk about it's not used up no welcome to my place and I have my dressy cheeky that sounds very gaming your voice okay yeah welcome back to my channel we go inside this beautiful green place you walk into doesn't look Christmassy enough we had this noise we just know we had the paint owner a red rag red floor and some balloons because it was sort of like a party and what they were doing but I'm doing a Christmas hat and that powerful bookshelf we have a fireplace and a little star going up green barrier into a baby area get some cuts on funding MMH the baby oil and we had some pet drinking area and we have a little we go down here into the eating area and all the table look like most Christmas yes instead of doing a color so it did kind of matches I've also got my high chair into the Christmas kitchen we have a mini fridge storing cookies for Santa we also have the nice kitchen with red and green outside oh and did I mention they also have the reindeers mm-hmm yeah we go upstairs into my area treatment area I'm thinking looks like Christmas Eve done everything we had the book for my bed we have a nice large of you've light green we have a baby bar pets oh I got the ID right watch this ah it's alright and we have a nice you can't change that okay okay okay and we've also got a wardrobe with clothes no one's ever done that before yeah that's cool we have my BC area into that we have a green box nice little praise box okay school is you got a big biggie okay I'm going Kentucky a7 sorry like you being a Debbie down on it like I just want to I just don't like put this in the video because I feel like if I do that no you eggs we just think I'm a crybaby I'm gonna be thought of that cuz I want to I want to be I know when I accept my school and I'm sorry for ways I'm not doing that not accepting it when I went all the girls when they lose from me they're always really good about it so so I mean crease with me 3 bucks and what's inside what is that okay

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