BlizzCon Controversy; China Taking Over PC Gaming? Diablo 4 reveal this year? & more…

New Final Fantasy 7 remake cinematic and gameplay trailer; Chinese PC gaming population soars; Loot Box crackdown; BlizzCon 2019 ticket controversy; new Grim Dawn patch; new Titan Quest Atlantis expansion trailer and release; Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor – Martyr Prophecy expansion; Path of Exile Q&A; Diablo 4 likely reveal at Blizzcon 2019 likely; Diablo 3 Season 17 start date announced.

Final Fantasy 7 remake: 00:30
Chinese PC gaming: 00:43
Loot boxes: 04:12
Blizzcon 2019: 06:13
Grim Dawn: 12:51
Titan Quest: 12:57
Warhammer 40k: Inquisitor Martyr: 13:22
Path of Exile: 13:32
Diablo: 15:54

Final Fantasy 7 remake gameplay trailer:
China PC gaming market:
PUBG replaced in China:
Loot boxes:
Blizzcon tickets:
Grim Dawn patch:
Titan Quest Atlantis expansion trailer:
Warhammer 40k: Inquisitor Martyr Prophecy expansion:
Path of Exile Q&A 2:
Diablo 3 Season 17 start date:


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45 thoughts on “BlizzCon Controversy; China Taking Over PC Gaming? Diablo 4 reveal this year? & more…

  • This video was on the money

  • Very happy governments are stepping in now to take action again the aids and cancer that are plaguing the game industry. Here's to hoping they go after the MTX next and maybe in a couple of years game devs can start making games again that are…. u know games and not cash grab scams.

  • AXS can give their staff paper scanner machines for the lines but they are just being assholes about it and they want everyone to have phones because they are going to drop Immortal at the show

  • All the same games we have now with big tittie anime girls that is the future.

  • Who in there right mind would go to Blizzcon spend money to see a tablet game or for what? Wow wake up not happening.

  • You like telemarketers? Because AXS (and apps similar to AXS) is how you get telemarketers!

  • if the game is good enough, people will just have to do what is needed. sadly, china is also pretty infamous for selling your ID. sooo. big oof

  • government ALWAYS goes too far. people will have to speak out about where too far is. if you just let them they will use this law as precedence to regulate as much as possible. because they think they need to? no at all. because at the end of the day politicians are purely self interested. a law, ANY law, passed is another notch in the belt so to speak.

  • Im so sick of what they have done to Diablo, first they screwed up D3 by making the graphics look cartoonish, then they introduced this family friendly BS, I'm done, D2 was the best, it only gets worst

  • china pc gamers —> diablo mobile…. have fun

  • The blizzard apps is all about getting user info. Obvious — they're in the phone biz now

  • They're inviting him, and his phone this year.

  • Next POE league is "Do People Still Play This Game?"

  • china can't even handle mobile games with blood visual in it

  • Way to support intrusive forced coercion of personal data. First time you’ve managed to irritate me.

  • Anyone else ever get distracted by the fact Rhyker insists on putting his hats over the top of his ears?

  • A personal opinion about loot boxes:
    1. The senator's aproach makes sense when you think about minors, but as every app – more precisely gacha games – states in there Terms of Use, and also some of them are post it at their loading/booting screens that "If you are a minor, you can't make purchases, or you need an adult's permission if you still want it". So there is a disclaimer for that from developer side.
    If the player decides to go against that -> Terms of use break, user's responsibility. That said, it's not fair against 10 year old children. But it's also difficult to judge.

    I don't know how the Senator or the US wants to veritfy the correct age of the player? A proper authentication process could lead to risking lots of personal information, and if they come to this with loot boxes, shouldn't they need to start such vertification system with adult sites?!

    2.As mostly a Gacha/hero collector player on Mobile, i hate P2W content, even though i like the satisfaction when RNJesus bless me with a rare character or item. It's the same satisfaction what i feel in D3, when finally the last piece of gear drops to complete a build.
    I have to say that a lots of anime games/turn based RPG-s are exclusive to Mobile and i don't want them to close just because loot boxes are bad.

    I would love to have a system in hero collector games which are not P2W however, it would be difficult to change it since it depends on the rarity of the character you pull. My greatest fear is that my favourite games will sipmly close if a loot box ban globally happens, instead of changing the games to something acceptable.


    "A.K.A. ME" 🙂

  • your daily reminder that everything socialism touches turn to shit

  • It's a good question about the Chinese PC market.

  • Add a public comment section

  • If you are a western developer it makes no sense developing games for the Chinese market. They'll just rob you blind.

  • itanquest never ever was dead!!!!! i lay it all the time for years. i have a serious addiction for it! 😀

  • I get why Blizzard wanted to wait, as much as I hated it…New consoles will be announced this year, and it's the perfect time to introduce D4 as well since it will most likely be on the consoles too. Last year I was 50/50 on a reveal, but this year I'm 100% certain they will reveal D4.

  • That's good news in a way for PC gaming. However, as you mentioned it will sacrifice the Western market.

  • Hmmm, what about the 741 million people in Europe, we are the "west" too. What about Canada 37m pop, Russia 144m, Australia, New Zealand, and ALL of South America 422m. And what about the massive restrictions placed on film makers and developers for Chinese releases?

  • So if you still have a flip phone, your fucked.

  • I don't think we have to worry. Maybe with Blizzard, but as you can recall PUBG was removed from China, and a cheap knock off replaced it. Why would companies target chinese if they may just say NO and remove the game

  • the whole part with the blizzcon ticket app is just hilarious to me. the people who are complaining are properly registered on facebook for 10 years. guess what facebook does since the day they registered? hahahhaha
    so the hate is not really appropriate this time. not at all. and well spoken ryhkker.
    i really enjoyed watching that part the most. people are so ignorant these days, it is unbelievable.

  • China taking over PC Gaming? Dont wanna watch the entire video but is this assuming America is on top of PC Gaming, if thats the reason, then that would be wrong.. America is on the bottom of every typing of Gaming, we are years behind actually

  • parents Have more Control over what there Kids R playing. whether its age appropriate Or not. The Parents Needs to take the time to To look at what a kids are playing. I see it a lot 7 years playing GTA V Watch Dogs Battlefield D3 Games that are not Aim at them and are not for them. They just don't seem to care what there kids watch Or play. I think that this Bill would not be even out there if Mom and Dad Did there jobs and That is to take care of there kids and do whats best for them.Now am Not saying that games like GTA will make them Go out and do dumb shit If they did play them. If there doing stuff in games In real life that the Parents fault. But what i am saying Is Mom's and Dad's Need to step up and Do there job and Look at what there kids R in to. make sure its not something they should be playing. But I fear I have gone off topic. I also think this Bill is Dumb.

  • Diablo Immortal is not a game targeting chinese market, it's a chinese game lmao. It's just an out-sourced trash, what did you expect?

  • Social media do it and no one is up in arms about it. hahaha, really, Cambridge Analytica. and farcebook ring a bell…i love your videos but your opinion on this and mine are woefully different

  • about the loot boxes story (04:12), I don't think it should go to the point we need to give our ID when playing, but the other way around.
    If a game is not rated for adults only, then kids are allowed to play it, means anything that can cause addiction shouldn't in games of this type.

  • do some research on that app yourseelf, or is this just another payed defence video?

  • This is why i use my phone for texting and calling only it's not because it's the norm when it comes to most permissions it's the fact that it's required to get in to Blizzcon. I will not and do not ever sign anything that states it's going to do 3'rd party anything.

  • So they're doubling down on that "dOn'T u GuYs HaVe PhOnEs" meme huh? Smart move Blizzard, smart move…

  • No hype for Diablo 4, even if they manage something decent. It will be 2 years away, it is not fun getting games showed off that at 2-3 years away.

  • FF7 remake? Sexy, milking that horse some more!

    Chinese PC Gaming Racial Slavery needs to not happen plz, k thx. I dont want a P2W item mall in 95% of my MMOs, I do not want their bullshit hardcore censorship on anything.

    Loot Boxes….You cant even gamble (legally) until you are 18 so games targeting those UNDER 18 having loot boxes is bullshit and should be illegal just like letting a child play black jack in your fine establishment.
    As for no cash shops…parents need to teach their kids about money management and fuck off? Be a parent (or better one) and teach your kid how to manage their money. Have them make a list of everything they spend $$ on and you do the same for ONE MONTH and then show them and tell them "Alright, I give you X monthly, right? Well now im reducing X on how much I spend on you because I already give you that amount monthly, so either get a job or save money on those pixels buy not buying that crap and buy yourself Y cause im not doing it anymore." Parents need to provide food, shelter, clothing and preferably education (seems people slack in that regard) though only have to send them to public school and pray it teaches them everything.

  • Honestly loot boxes have to go in the pc sphere, just right out! goodbye so long! Bobby and Andrew should both get a sippecup and drink raw sewage

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