Cartridge Games Coming To Smart Phones?

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cartridges might be coming back in a big way but not in the way you think so as we progress in the technological sector and video games and whatnot and data storage we come to an understanding that we no longer need disks or actual physical media to play but again that presents the question do you really own anything where is it just in the clouds it's like air you own the air but you don't own the air you can't grab the air but you can grab the air so that's why a lot of people like physical media well apparently a company known as beat Robo showed off a thing called Pico cassette and if I remember correctly that means a small cartridge Pico means small which plugs into a mobile devices smartphones like headphone jack it doesn't work on older phones it has to be a newer version like an iPhone or something well the pico jack is essentially what happens when you plug in a cartridge except that unfortunately it's not really a cartridge but instead it takes the information that the cartridge is telling the smartphone and unlocks and apt to play a game so it's kind of like a plug-and-play cartridge what ends up happening is you will plug the cartridge into the headphone jack receiver and it will send a audio signal to unlock that specified app for that game I'm not sure if there's going to be a front loader or a bootloader of some type a program to handle this or like oh you have the Super Nintendo program and you plug in the cartridge and now you're playing mario you know something like that but I would have to say that these individuals maybe have missed the point of why smartphone gaming is so popular with people on the go and not at home I can't remember the last time i was talking someone and i asked them what they were playing at home and they were saying like angry birds or something on their smartphone these phone games are played on the go because they're on the go and people don't have anything else to do while they're on the go they can't pull out their 3ds they don't have it on them but they you have their smartphones so then people like this would have to pull out their cartridges and bring a bunch cartridges with them it's like a pastime man and as much as nostalgia would make me happen to see kids pulling out the cartridges and playing you know super mario brothers or da kine or something on their smartphones I don't think it is going to happen I don't think it's going to be massively successful for the simple reason that it's just a pastime the past time that happened people used to carry around game boys play Tetris and things of that nature but no longer do we do that because we have smartphones unfortunately I carry around my 3ds but I don't carry around a bunch of games with me because cartridges are small and they get lost even the old gameboy cartridges got lost man they're not that big so to say that this is going to be a success successful project I think it only shows that this is a potential I've seen stuff like this before a lot of stuff like this honestly um there are cheap Chinese knockoff clone consoles that have stuff like this where you insert a cartridge but there's not really anything in the cartridge it's just you know something it recognized that something is in the cartridge slot and just loads a different program so yeah it's kind of it's it's playing on people's nostalgia you know and that's all I have to say about this so thanks for watching ladies gentlemen and I've been Pro tamari and i'm setting up good gaming and god bless and now the important decision of joining the maverick rebellion we are a tight group of individuals who rebelled against stereotypes and greater evils that are commonly accepted isps children being conned out of games sexism and video games enough is enough and the Mavericks have had it if you choose to subscribe or stay subscribed you are joining the fight against injustice by watching my numerous video topics from net neutrality publishers covering up botched releases the Mavericks are always informed on the issues plaguing your gaming experience today so don't be left out in the cold and don't let those people keep you down join the maverick rebellion today and become a member of the community that will listen and engage with you what are you waiting for just click subscribe and you'll be company Mavericks unite

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