Childhood PC Gaming: A Trip Down Memory Lane (Part 1)

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Even spends three months going through all the old PC games he used to play as a kid with predictably disastrous results.

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let's try something different I was browsing the internet during work one day as I normally do instead of you know work when I came across a video on Twitter showing off some old PC game specifically the spider-man 2 activity center game these are claimed it has some of the worst CGI they'd ever seen and yeah they're not wrong but instead of merely concurring with them like holy-moly yeah this is some stinky garbage I was like oh yeah this is some stinky garbage but I also have this game and I've actually played it many times see my video game upbringing was a little bit odd when I was still a single-digit simpleton I prefer to play games on this old-ass windows 98 computer rather than the singular snez console be owned ok why my game collection was so barren up until recently regardless I was happy with it there was a great amount of fun to be had with all these PC games but now I'm triple that age and haven't touched them in quite some time so the video got me thinking have any of these other games aged just as poorly or do some of them still hold up well I've got 60 plus games here to look through so the answer is probably gonna be yes at some point at least I hope so I think the bigger question is will these games still even work I was gonna be playing them on the old-ass windows 98 computer cuz well I haven't turned that thing on it over a decade not to mention it's super obsolete so I had to resort to my personal laptop I need to get an external disk drive for this project cuz this doesn't have one built in but then comes the matter of whether or not my 64-bit Windows 10 integrated device will read all these decades old PC games made for decades old 32-bit devices if you don't know those 2 bit numbers don't tend to mesh well together so even if all these games did manage to run we're likely going to encounter performance and compatibility issues and those are always fun another obvious concern was how a lot of these titles were targeted for a much much younger demographic ie they're going to be very simple very educational very condescending and my mileage is gonna wildly fluctuate when it comes to that so we'll be doing at least general first impressions as well as any memories about these games I can scrounge up and if it's interesting and or short enough some more in-depth thoughts about them or as many in-depth thoughts says something like Spider Man to activity center can provide all right that's enough rambling for now we got a huge amount of games to go through here that span a wide variety of genres and series and pain and who knows maybe you'll get some nostalgia buzz from all this crack – for better or worse so let's kick off this lengthy lengthy lengthy lengthy lengthy video with monopoly another fun factor buy my childhood gaming life I actually didn't like video games that much at first I preferred playing board games I know what a rebellious little shithead I was one of my favorite board games growing up was monopoly which while a popular pick to be sure I still think it's a great time and a great friendship rumor eventually I would get more into video games but I did have trouble escaping that deep deep love for board games so I figured why not combine both and we get the best of both worlds with monopoly for PC also it didn't take very long at all for a stay in Canada or a first issue guess a game when it run by itself unless I downloaded a wing 32 dll file which was inexplicably missing from the actual game apparently thanks a lot Matt you've saved this video if I get heck though I'm gonna track you down and beat you with my brick computer anyway the game is well monopoly you're all that dies buy properties get money lose money go to jail escape jail move to Cuba buy cigars you know how it goes it has an extremely simple interface – I'm sure it could recreate this in Visual Basic if programming didn't make my stress levels hit the ceiling despite that it does a good job of recreating the core Monopoly experience and is chock-full of those compressed – heck FM B's which I've always found charming in its crew this look at that the car hit 1.21 jigowatts that's a door but let's get down to the nitty-gritty the real star of the show here is that fresh jazz tinged midi soundtrack oh my lord they did not have to put this much detail into these Tunes look at these compositions they're so beautiful uh I can only dream of making something that's half as complex as this or of any of these songs no surprise the composer and the developers in general have a lot under their belt besides a mere license board game game but god damn this was a treat so yeah I was having a grand old time revisiting this sin there's a lot of fun and then it gave me horrible dice rolls and fuck me over faster than I could say bankrupt the one game I played here involved the AI getting numerous doubles buying up all the properties and putting me in their debt within half an hour and they were buying those things up for practically nothing granted I didn't tried to bargain with the banker myself when I bought properties but I want to call shenanigans here here's the thing though according to the game the AI did it cheat at all why well the ability for them to cheat was unchecked in the settings why that's even an option I have no idea but regardless by the time I had to start mortgaging my own properties I realized things were just gonna spiral out of control from there so I checked out overall it's a good version of Monopoly and again that soundtrack is fantastic seriously you look it up it's fucking great but if you're gonna give it a try get other people to play it with you or II can also just choose from the 10,000 other versions of Monopoly out there my hero academia monopoly anyone so monopoly was one of the big board games I was super into as a kid and another one was the game of life which also had a PC version that I also have fortunately this turned out to be a far better play experience than monopoly as it's way more linear and straightforward and more importantly has no room for cheating it plays exactly how life normally plays out as well you spin the wheel you land on a space you do what it says you get a job you get married you get a house to get kids which Sally around fifty thousand times Genda to the IRS move to Cuba again yep that sounds like life the presentation is also much more dynamic and buried though it still as those crew Depp and bees and this time they're extra crude the music isn't as unfortunately your turn orange $5,000 I mean it'll do I guess but it's just ain't the same and while we're laying out problems here the game being so linear and straightforward is kind of a double-edged sword as it ends up being pretty seeing me and repetitive throughout so replay value suffers as a result the larger issue here though is with this specific version of life see they inter cut every event with some sort of comedic sequence it could be an F n V or something involving these G's and I thought the F and these were crude and for the most part the only people who'd find this stuff comedic would either be the same age I've been when I was super into the game or your dad some of these jokes I'm not even sure could qualify as a joke for the last time stay away from our tire shop with that big stapler despite that I can easily chuck this one up as another fun time even if my childless family lost to another childless family it's for the best though I'm sporting a mustache like that I probably shouldn't even be around kids so we're off to a decent start so far but I'll admit those first two games are a little niche I mean I doubt y'all were expecting freaking word game games to be the highlights in this video so let's dish out a real classic backyard baseball even if you were too young to experience this back in the day you know about backyard baseball and by extension humongous entertainment these fellows were one of the most well revered developers in this kid centric area of 90s – ought to PC gaming if you want to be technical the learning company were the true innovators there but honestly humongous did this stuff are better and this won't be the only title of theirs we'll be looking at for this series but I'm getting ahead of myself there let's just go deeper into the nostalgia mine with how I acquired my copy or should I say copies during the early double O's General Mills did a cool promotional push for their cereal brands and stuck a variety of CD ROMs into their products most of them being PC games a lot of them also had free AOL hours but I doubt the parents were really buying these cereals for that they probably just wanted to give their kids something to distract them for a few hours it worked for me because we got a lot of these games through this promotion and one of them of course was backyard baseball oh god I remember playing the ever-loving shit out of this game unfortunately as much as I'd love to install the game directly from the disc to continue playing these games legitimately the Installer they provided has even less bits than what the game requires and my computer just flat-out refused to run it so I had to resort to scum B and just emulate the game don't worry scum B is one of the good boys also it's not like the game is on Steam like other humongous games now I'll admit I have played backyard baseball numerous times since my childhood PC games and not to spoil anything but out of all the backyard sports games this is easily the best they had to offer even if it's presented with this cartoony it's style friendly art even if the mouse controls are as simple as they get it is a deceptively simple game each game you go through you have a lot to think about you gotta decide what's when to go with you got a time bit right you got a measure where a pitch will land you got to keep track of the pitcher stamina really every player stamina you got to position these players based on their skill rankings so you got to be quick on their toes every time the opponent hits the ball where's it gonna land where's it gonna land ooh you're gonna catch it there's a chance they're not gonna catch any fucking pisses you off true it's pretty much like any modern baseball game ever but it's certainly welcomed and missed the kid-friendly presentation and speaking of presentation man it took me a while to really really appreciate this but the sprite animation is just phenomenal look at the frames on each swing and pitch and all the character quirks they stuck in oh oh the characters too they're all so iconic they tend to lean towards stereotypes but come on we got Pablo we got Pete we got Keisha we got grease don't get me wrong it has issues so sound bites get really annoying fast and as with any baseball game it can get tiresome especially in the late game but I still love this game as much as I did when I was a kid and I just know I'm gonna find myself gravitating towards it when I have absolutely nothing else to play I can't really say the same thing about Rita rabbit playtime for baby Rita rabbit one of the many OCS from the learning company this series spent tons of games made for all children of all ages and grade levels and we got stuck with the one for it Bates whoa hold on forget the game look this case this is a weird-looking case and the disc is it looks like it's just a DVR so does that mean it was copied over from an official disc no no that's impossible my parents won't have had any idea how to do that I guess they just released the game in this format where did we get it you know I can't recall probably because I was an infant when I played it yeah that's probably the most interesting thing about play time for baby while it does have a pleasing introduction and looks fine as soon as the gameplay starts oh boy look at the toys let's play yes see this is what I was talking about people sorry I'm not here to be patronized by a fucking Mouse next let's try something that's completely embarrassing to be into specifically wheel of fortune first edition yes not only was I obsessed with board games and board games video games back in the day I was also obsessed with game shows and game show board games and video games too I think back then I just liked anything that had game or play attached to it I remember one time some friends and I found a Playboy subscription cart in the woods and I was like oh golly gee that sounds like so much fun is it constantly is access to free games dude do I get to play as one of these bunny girls anywho yes I loved Wheel of Fortune so I got a game where I could play Wheel of Fortune and playing it now years after I lost interest in willow fortune it's alright they've replicates the experience of the show well enough you spin you guess the letters you spin you buy the Bell as you spin yourself the puzzle you spin you'd go bankrupt at the last minute cos fuck you sadly the presentation is quite barren and static you get the occasional change in camera angle and you can make the backgrounds different before start the game but that's about it and know there is an in epic soundtrack to distract from that either I also kind of get the FM bees to work for some reasons so I didn't get to see Vanna White clapping while trapped in prison at least that's how it looked to me so yeah there's not lots of this one it's functional probably better with more players but let's just say there's a reason this is called the first edition up next we've got treasure Cove another Learning Company game but this is one of the few titles from them that kit B was actually quite enthralled with it's a neat lone adventure game where you go exploring in underwater areas for treasure to help a bunch of fish restore a magical bridge and I didn't even have to cringe while saying that originally released for the ms-dos in 92 it received a cd-rom version in 94 featuring updated visuals in music and that's the version we have here this is just a tiny problem with it though I can't run the updated version of the game only the ms-dos one I'm not sure why not sure how frankly I never even knew this was here because I was so used to the DOS and looking at footage yeah I don't think I'm missing out on much despite all that hype though the game really isn't that impressive the mechanics are still pretty simple there's not actually a whole lot of room for exploration there's also the matter of getting hints to find your items which involve capturing these orange sea stars that shoot rhyme sequences at you to be filled and I wasn't as enthralled with doing that over the course of 20 or so minutes as I was back then so yeah I'm gonna have to pass on this one – let's see if where's the blanket Charlie Brown fares any better yes the good old peanut it's everyone likes the peanuts I especially like the salted ones and I love peanut butter – yeah this one is a bit more tolerable it's another pointing click adventure game starring everyone's favorite ragtag kick game from the streets of who knows where and has you playing either the big CB or Lucy Liu when the search for Linus's blanket as you can tell I opted for Lucy because I was found her appealingly bitchy and ignorant and this game does not disappoint a mess but what can you expect from a dog whose owner is a blockhead if you think I'm a fool and you just want to see the magic show then things could get pretty uncomfortable for you a beagle is the bus driver other than that though this is another educational adventure game that doesn't have a whole lot beyond the simple humor of these peanuts characters and even that can only go so far there may be games on hand are super easy and very very slow – at one point I thought it was gonna get kind of weird and interesting after they introduced this aggressive robot out of nowhere and then it started dishing out math problems yeah I have had my fill of peanuts I'm actually allergic I ish I shouldn't actually be eating any peanuts I forget all that noise we got the real OG here spongebob operation krabby patty I'm not gonna spit up my opinion about the serious cuz this pretty much the same as everyone else's I will say it has been pretty hit and miss with its games but I do recall this one being pretty okay so let's see if it is as okay as I remember okay now place your left hand over your left eye and read the letters on the wall oh God punch Bob what did they do to you all right so we need a little explanation here among all these Kitty educational games and really simple platformer adventure games the latter of which I've shown none of but bear with me here they'll show up there are also a subsection of kid centric PC games that were referred to as activity centers which is special wording for cheap minigame collections because that's what they were cheap minigame collections it's quick it's easy and with good advertising and/or brand recognition guaranteed to sell big an operation krabby patty is no exception so this cheap minigame collection was cheaply developed by one of the cheapest game companies on this side of data design awwe or as I'm gonna call them ah the game is separate into two parts each with their own plot one part has Sponge Bob being forced to do what monocular evildoer plankton says in order to find his pet snail Gary and the other has plankton building a robotic version of SpongeBob's boss mr. Krabs to get the secret formula both parts feature five minigames each but don't get the wrong idea the game has only five minigames total and they're reused for each part just with different characters in a different order and with different plots set minigames all consistent moving around to find capture hook on to murder or whatever you're finding capturing holgie on to murdering before time runs out and surprise surprise it's extremely boring that ultimately doesn't matter though considering the real problem are these Buckley cinematics that play in between these minigames just look at these lovingly awful cel shaded recreations of beloved spongebob characters and fail tastic attempts at humor why do you sound like that because it's really me why do you sound like Willie the anchovy you look like Willie but sound like Squidward how did I get surrounded by stars bozer real like I get what they're trying to go for with some of these jokes I really do but they're either not conveyed well enough or they're just not funny don't be on anything while you're watching this folks they're gonna be on one hell of a trip but – wait I hear the one person who cares about this say they got the voice actors from the show didn't they doesn't that help well first off let me correct you they got most of the voice actors from the show yeah I don't know about you but that sure as hell ain't Clancy Brown secondly even if they were giving the best performances of their lives the videos couldn't save a script as awful as this one now we bring them to his place and thirdly the less important character roles were fulfilled by either members of the team or someone they found on the street and next to Tom Kenny mr. Laurence and the others they sound like high school theater students and these jeez what am I missing you forgot the whole reason for hypnotizing yourself honestly if there's anything to this game it would be these cutscenes they're just so poorly constructed and bizarre they come back around to being entertaining however taking everything into consideration operation krabby patty is pretty much worthless more like operation crappy patty am i right okay backyard soccer another backyard sports game and another humongous game how convenient not as big a fan of soccer as I am baseball but I'm sure this a bitch yeah it's another freaking 16-bit installer and yet the laptop is just completely allergic to it also unlike backyard baseball there isn't a scum B version of the game as of yet so unless I decide to build a virtual machine or get an old computer I'm apt to skip out on this one if memory serves so I did enjoy well enough to the point where I went through the season mode and reached a championship but it ultimately doesn't matter because I already had the best soccer game out there and that's Mario Strikers charged oh god that thing is such a fun chaotic mess all right fuck it we're reviewing this thing now all right so yeah develop my next level games more structure though that was a bus let's see if the Magic School Bus explores the oceans fairs any better yep I like me some magic school bus back in the day too and I still think it's cool to like it I'd say the animation holds up pretty decently and man I love mrs. Fritz lily tomlin just has so much personality in that voice of course if the show is educational in nature logic dictates that the games would have to be too well we got another one in the pile so let's just take a quick look at the oceans one and only craft the computer doesn't even recognize the icon image and of course it don't run oh well at least we can play some of the audio files okay okay that's enough of that I found an emulated version we can look at all right so the kids in the fridge have to go to the ocean to learn about plants or something the bus turns into a pre-rendered 3d submarine that barely fits into the environment went to the ocean and then I got to play this boring minigame for about two seconds and they get the fuck out of there next let's try something that definitely will work instead namely clue finders mystery of the monkey Kingdom a funny monkey game yeah I like this already this Learning Company offering is a slightly more mature version of Rita rabbit this time for math of all things and it's the re-released addition to as it was originally titled the clue finders they're great adventures the mystery of macro yeah I'll take the other subtitle thank you so it starts out with mattre took another animal last night everyone is terrified laugh trap you must use the keyboard and sign your name on this piece of paper cool and I will use the video link and be your backup right any time you can't figure out what to do use santiago's read wish shit it sounds awful okay don't worry about it this happens all the time maybe it'll be a little better once we actually get into the game oh nothing hurry called the cunt finders all right next up we got backyard football yet another entry in the backyard sports series this time with the take on American football and not the other football this one's notable for being what I believe was the first game in the series to feature actual sports players as kids themselves granted it's actual sports players from 20 years ago and there are far too many quarterbacks here today you can place any of the 32 NFL teams which was also first and you could create your own custom character with their own stats appearance and name and yeah it took advantage of that other than that it's pretty much the same as the last two but with football to be honest oh I'm a bit more cold on this one rich or spectively it's still fun but something just wasn't clicking here it's probably because it's just a shallow and simple a representation of its respective sport as baseball and soccer war but in this case it suffers for it rather than benefits you're only relegated to five players instead of eleven and the placement strategies on offer feel pretty lacking like there isn't a proper option to defend against a field goal and I had to make my own Hail Mary because I couldn't find a play that resembled eight not just that the gameplay feels clunky and inaccurate as you're forced into a bird's-eye view if they're at the game and it's hard to tell where exactly you're aiming at least that's the excuse I have for why I missed two extra points but why am i complaining I have other big-boy games I can play if I want a meteor experience and there are still good elements to it I don't know it's okay but I don't think I'll go for that cereal bowl cup anytime soon moving right along we've got Disney coasts oh sorry let me try that again ultimate fried Disney coaster hopefully my CPU can handle the high g-force and endless screaming you ever played roller coaster tycoon well it's not that but it's pretty much the same thing or at least a similar series but this time it has Disney World themes it has a lot of rollercoaster features to suit your rollercoaster needs and if that's your thing then this will most likely scratch that itch I put a good amount of time into it when I was younger made some terrible roller coasters that could have sworn there were a bunch of pre-made ones include with the game but they're nowhere to be seen in my replay I made a wooden roller coaster or an ax steel coaster that I could have sworn what turn everyone off but the star studded judge panel found it pretty adequate so let's just try killing some people it's better than coaster works at least I play that game forever in a day instead of Sesame Street easyread what a fascinating title I wonder what it entails oh wow Singha wiped yes next game now here's a kid-friendly adventure game that's held a far better than any Learning Company or Magic School Bus game could ever hope to freddy fish this was also by humongous entertainment cuz while they were known for backyard sports they were also known for a host of colorful adventure games around the same time we got putt-putt we got the Jama Sam we got spy Fox we got daddy bear and of course we've got Freddy fish I have the first three games of the series in my possession and we'll quickly go through each of them starting with the first one the case of the missing kelp seeds god damn it not even for Freddy fish thankfully the good people in dive dive studios put a bunch of humongous entertainment games on Steam a little while ago so we can just get from there instead of going to scum V route I mean yeah I could just use that again cuz it works with that program but I mean they clearly put a lot of work to get these games on here so Oh use the scum V anyway oh yeah whatever I here we go Freddy fish case of the missing kelp seeds Freddy Frisco to Graham Kerry she said the kelp seas are missing if they don't become not missing all the fish will die so we get the team up with Freddy's buddy Luther and go on a nice long 40-minute journey to help get the Celt seeds back from these two shark boys and a giant octopus squid father giant octopus squid father find those kelp seeds you gotta put and click your way around this massive ocean along the way you'll find a bunch of items and sometimes you'll need to trade those items for other items or you'll just use those items on various a bunch of things yes it's all very simple but like I said I enjoyed this far more than any other educational game that we've looked at so far mainly because it doesn't force you to do any kind of educational stuff throughout the game well actually it is there but they're relegated to side activities have to find that out the hard way after solving these freaking math problems for five minutes and like most point and click game solving puzzles and stuff is all based around logic you want to save this kid fish from being trapped under this rock well you got to use this wooden plank to get it free oh you want to bypass this annoying yield well then you gotta bribe them with your peanut butter and jelly fish sandwich oh when you want to get past that net elementary my dear viewer all you have to do is get the super Knickerbocker wakil all you have to do is use the super duper to Kombucha poly gizmo I mean yeah that's obvious this game is the pure definition of charming all the characters are fun and endearing it still looks fantastic even after 25 years especially the backgrounds oh god the backgrounds are so gorgeous and there's even a randomized element to find the clues that get the game a good chunk of replay value which if that does sound familiar the game was produced by Ron Gilbert yeah fun fact he was actually one of the cofounders of humongous entertainment and having that known that for years it makes far too much sense I do have a few nitpicks with the game though I thought the story resolved on a note that was far too saccharine for my liking it's like oh we found the seeds who'da Booga we are evil and what to steal the seeds to keep them for ourselves hey that's wrong Derrick oh you're right sorry about that it's cool homie let's go to me at that big seed everywhere yes it's a stupid complaint for something that's meant for the young ones still learning their values and all that jazz but with everything else in this dicks out and not in the best way what also stuck out was Freddy's voice it's very shrill oh god she sounds like one of those kids YouTube channel announcers other than that though I was really happy to see this game held up so well makes me want to try out all the other humongous games I missed out on yeah I got room in my backlog for that times get radical with Disney skateboarding well I mean goofy skateboarding so this game is based off the direct-to-video sequel to the goofy movie an extremely goofy movie which I'm pretty sure is is well regarded as the first one that according to the internet and skateboarding was a big part of that film so why not make a skateboard game out of it I mean it's not like the Tony Hawk games are really popular around this time that would just make this seem like a complete cash grab three players either Cooper MOX and go around skateboard and doing sick tricks and collecting coins while listening to the most generic skate punk music ever doesn't look that great either it's like a smooth out in 64 game and it controls it kind of jittery and unresponsive but look at these sick tricks dude strangely enough this is also another one of those games that you could get in a cereal box but rather than the whole game is this just a demo however if you but let me make sure I have this right a pack of Purdue dinosaur chicken nuggets then you'd be eligible to receive the full game we got another board game video game game here scrapple I don't think I've ever actually played this version but I did play a lot of Scrabble dude junior high my budding eyes were the champs of that shit you should have seen us we were undefeated throughout the entire year so for that one team that cheated you know who you are you know what I got a good feeling about this one I'm feeling lucky here I'm feeling pretty lucky so let's just pop this sucker 800 Rugrats go wild you know that one crossover movie clap see Cuzco did to Bank off the success of their two biggest TV series and it wasn't very good they've got a game too and the PC version appears to be a really short and shoddy point-and-click adventure game as you do problem is I can play it I put the disc in the disc tray ran the disc it went to installed the stuff from the disc and then in foreign me that my cpu speed was too slow to run this disc I'm not even gonna try to figure that one out alright this is not going well what do we got next Oh Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone right right right I love Harry Potter during my growing years hell I still love the series it's a fun touching and iconic franchise that anyone can get behind so of course a buttload of video games were made around it the first one is a little weird with that though it was originally released for the ps1 Gameboy Color Game Boy Advance in the PC around the time the first movie came out and then from generation console version to ride two years later laughter the Chamber of Secrets had already been pushed to market and the third film was being developed even then they still sold a buttload of copies especially the PlayStation version which is notable for being the fifth best selling game on the system beating out Crash Bandicoot Metal Gear Solid and even goddamned Tomb Raider but of course we're not looking at that version sorry to disappoint those wanting to see low-poly Hagrid the PC version of the game was developed by no wonder whose backlog consists of several licensed games and educational games much like the endless stream of them we've seen so far today and was published by EA of all people I wasn't worried about that at first cuz this was before they went full dark but after installing the game I encountered a tidy little problem see EA was making a big deal about piracy in the aughts and for the longest time implemented these pesky empty piracy programs on their PC titles that'll be a good topic for controversy one of these years but here's all you need to know for now this game uses a similar program and it's required to be activated in order to get the game to run I know it worked just fine on older computers but of course Windows 10 doesn't recognize the program so I couldn't get the game to work but I wasn't gonna give up an old heart just yet so after some long and extensive research via Google I found I wasn't alone in my plight to play this game and a true hero among us found a fix for this all I had to do was just copy these Google Drive files over to the install files and bada-bing bada-boom a Trojan virus brought forth our doom just kidding it fixed it and with all that build-up how is Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone for PC it's ok so what we have here is a very disjointed retelling the first film slash book in the form of a 3d platformer complete with a lazy slideshow detailing the backstory uncanny character models courtesy of the Unreal Engine and surprisingly decent voice acting from sound-alikes Harry McCarty I've learned on my own you collected all the challenge stars 20 points for gryffindor the ever mentioned platforming is extremely basic as we've come to expect but the real draw here is the endless amount of Secrets and chests for you to find in addition to the many other strange things I was into back in the day I had a huge affinity for these chests and playing it years later I still found myself searching through every nook and cranny looking for the things they're just so goddamn enticing and so big and full of secrets I'll just open up all these chests probably not my favorite chests in video games I think Wind Waker takes that so fucking big man so goddamn big unfortunately the variety of goodies to collect this kind of small just amounts a shit ton of beans and some wizard cards and the game isn't structured so that Hogwarts is a freely explorable area that you can rummage through to your heart's content now instead the levels are completely separate from one another which means if you didn't collect everything before moving on to the next one there's no way to go back what's also kind of annoying is the levels themselves sometimes they piss in the wind sometimes they just drag on and on and on and on and on and on and I get it plant lady you want me to act as your personal exterminator but I'm pretty sure I've murdered every single juiced-up beetus flytrap off the face of the earth what more do you want from me even more annoying are the janky controls not so much for movement I've played enough hitman that I'm used to these tank controls and centers perspective now I'm talking about casting spells which is something you do just as frequently as moving whenever you bring up your one and a symbol appears in the environment or on an item you can cast a spell that corresponds with that simple but your guess is as goes – whether or not it will actually connect sometimes it does sometimes when you can't stand it just fizzles out sometimes you can be in the best spot possible to cast the spell and the symbol doesn't even appear at all and sometimes you just stick the wand up your ass and cast a spell on yourself as I said though the worst aspect of the game is how poorly it tells the story of the first film / book it's a glorified highlights reel and that's such a bad approach for something with as much plot and lore as a series like hair freakin Potter for example with this kind of direction you get going from the kids convincing Herod he can't keep his dragon too hairy receiving his invisibility cloak with no setup or explanation whatsoever despite my complaints though this isn't a bad game not at all it's one the few games I actually bothered to complete for this lengthy ass series but unless you're very familiar with Harry Potter like I am or you just want to have an easygoing time with a 3d platformer rather the countless ones out there I want to recommend going through it ok that's about as much as I can take for today but we still got a lot of games to go through I just pray that we get a few more worthwhile ones so will that be the case which games will even look at next time what could be in this mysterious CD pack and why did this hack take so long to put up this video you'll get answers to all of them well most of them next time so thank you for watching and see you all in five months I mean next week [Applause] you

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