Destroying My Ultimate Gamer's Paradise…

It’s time to take the Ultimate Gamer’s Paradise down. We’re moving to a new studio so the game room will have a new place soon! Watch to see how I set this place up over the years.

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The ULTIMATE Gamer’s Paradise 2.0! (Room Tour)

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this this is this is gonna be tough right here feeding the TV go off peace out the last game that we'll play on this what's going on guys your average consumer and today is a very sad day you've read the title right we're destroying my baby the ultimate gamers paradise will be no longer and some of you guys have seen this room turned into what it is over the years all the subtle upgrades the new things that we've added all the different aspects of gaming we have over here my gaming PC this is leaked the gaming PC that I built on my own it is powering the setup we've got our editing station over here our iMac pros this isn't really about gaming but we get a lot of work done here since we spent so much time or we used to spend so much time in the gamers paradise and of course you can't miss all the beautiful Gundam everywhere our shrine to Xbox with a ton of Xbox one controllers how many do we have yeah I think we have like at least 50 controllers thank you Xbox he's right but over here we have our gaming setup 65 inch TV wall-mounted LED lights everywhere so no sound system all of the systems that you could possibly want to play and that's what this little section is all about Oh can't forget this side right here this is where we have like a portable gaming systems is a dope setup if you haven't seen the gamers paradise in its full form and glory I'll have video links down below in the description so you guys can check it out but we are moving over to a new studio so we gotta start taking this thing apart no listen nobody's touching the Gundams but me and that is absolutely gonna be last you guys right here we have like just all the games that I've collected the physical copies anyway I don't really get any physical copies anymore come on show some respect I pretty much do digital now it's a lot easier instead of having to swap out games every time you want to play a different game all the pokemon games that we have I got these from you right Ari this is like a dangerous move right here all these 3ds games so when I first made the gamers paradise these portable systems were what we're in you know Vida 3d ashes but now with the switch being the main portable system that I play you kind of don't really need this kind of setup you could dock it now play it on a big TV to sit on a regular couch who needs this when you know you can just have a regular TV set up so I guess we're good we'll take this part down all right I have to connect this thing is just like I tried I tried longer than Xbox did they stop they stop supporting it I still did but that's all good this is the gaming headset that we chose for here this was so easy the Astros whenever I wanted to switch between ps4 and Xbox all I have to do is just drop it in the base and boom I was hooked up and now it's got to go it's all gotta go this is actually pretty painful to just start unplugging things Amazon TV is super clutch by the way for those of you who don't know this pretty much replaced the Kinect for me if I wanted to control the TV just use that thing just with the voice it's good stuff this this is this is gonna be tough right here feeding the TV go off peace out the last game that we'll play on this the retro ps4 Prout made to look like the original PlayStation color where did this they did a great job that one of 25 the very first one they made yeah this is number wonderful yeah number one of 25 yeah they launched it with you boy haha alright so getting the systems is out is one thing but the drawers for each system is kind of crazy but we got tons of accessories oh arey this is your controller that you made it you did a decent job I'm proud of you you know there's just so many things here that I probably will never use you know what let's make a box where we just put all that stuff inside up and then we'll just kind of give it away and maybe like on social media all right guys if you're not following me on Instagram Twitter or you're not part of my discord server this cord is definitely a big thing so if you don't follow me on any of those you should definitely hit the links down below in the description will give away a lot of the stuff that I probably will never take a look at again oh my god the video finish the rest of the video first guys I'll make sure I wait a few days before I put anything up all right guys so we got a little something old-school over here this is Aires from when she so we got Pokemon golden so a gold version so this is this is legit you know give her some respect to that we got a gameboy oh we got took Gameboy colors okay so what do we have Barbie ocean discovery Buffy the Vampire Slayer Sabrina the Teenage Witch oh man Wow mary-kate and Ashley wow you guys are girly girls at least you got Super Mario Bros deluxe I can respect that too Rugrats I've no Rugrats kid so I give you respect for that it looks like it survived a lot all right so this part is the more like this stuff is more delicate because it's like way more expensive this is where we do all our work and this we're gonna take over to the other studio and for those of you who just might be curious what kind of stuff we're editing on this is the ten core iMac pro 128 gigs of ram right here we have a promise Pegasus with 48 terabytes or 52 terabytes do you remember Jay yeah well it's got a bunch of terabytes but that thing actually gets filled up with all the projects that we work on yeah right Linus come make us a server I gotta be careful with this thing and it feels so wrong just taking anything apart with this so those are all the Xbox controllers that we had in that dror you know what let's have some fun let's put all the Xbox controllers right here I want to see just how many we all have yep wait do we not have like just one more ah we have one more Xbox controller over here to round it all out the UAC Xbox one elite controller yeah so 6 times 6 36 that's it only got 36 controllers here I said like 50 before I thought we had a lot there's a lot alright so let's take down this TV for those of you who don't know behind this TV we have like these LED strips so these guys right here what kind of gate with that glow but we got to take all this down I guess I can show you guys like what kind of went into the cable management so that you guys can just see a floating TV floating sound bar alright Eric you got this now we've got the TV and let's just put it on the floor right now alright guys so this is pretty much the cable management that went into this so we've got our bracket over here this held up the TV so we cut out a hole we put this cover over here so all the cables can neatly go inside of the wall and then they spill out through here at the bottom it's gonna be pretty easy to just pull all the cables well actually let me do it the other way around does this plug is easier oh yeah that's how we did them a cable management for the TV and sound system now we got to do this guy the gaming PC this thing listen I am NOT looking forward to this because to get these aligned took me so long and having to hide the cables back here gosh guys but I will say though the over time the cable management for this setup has gotten atrocious take a look guys and don't judge alright the J Raceway that we used to have in the back the adhesive started to get weaker and it started falling off but it doesn't matter now we're going to take it all apart where does one begin first of all let's get these Gundams honors I don't yo guys over here this al jar this is from Ikea and Alex drawer is pretty common but this is kind of stuff that's inside of it phones for days all the phones that we test my personal phones from before I even started the channel all that stuff is inside of here but instead of emptying all that stuff out we'll probably just move the whole drawer all right now this feels like I'm actually destroying this place like this monitor really and for those of you who have been asking about the RM I use this is from lock tech they're actually pretty good arms it's been a pretty difficult to line them all up perfectly since they're three ultra wide monitors but this arm allowed me the flexibility to kind of move them and position them exactly as I wanted I think they have some that can hold up to two monitors so definitely get my recommendation they've served me really well so there's a motorized desk and I can kind of raise up the height to whatever I want so if I wanted to be a standing desk boom but this is actually really useful if you're working on cable management it makes it a lot simpler to kind of go under and do what you need to do this Jay raceway was overstuffed for sure it's just too heavy fast you see how crazy this is just all of these cables so all that was hidden inside a this guy right here so if you have a desk setup of some sort this J Raceway is in absolute MutS it's a must-have all right so computer is gone the monitors are gone everything even this little sound panels that we used to have over here all gone so these are the only things left I think what we'll do is I will grab all of the Gundams place them over here so it's going to be a little bit easier to kind of get these things out of here this is gonna be the slowest thing cuz man so right here we've got the metal bills these are the more high-end version of Gundams for those of you interested they're a bit more expensive and they come pre-built but they've got like metal pieces they're a lot sturdier these will last quite a bit longer look at this guy it's got a lot going on this one that is something else Malcolm I'm good bro okay you two are the last people I need helping me I'll be able grateful for this sorry guys now go put a death but all right guys so these are all the gun them over here and also over here these guys actually helped me put them on the desk much to my dismay I did not want them to touch anything but they did anyway we checked my heart rate after we did this it's changing now 13 minutes ago it was resting at 63 and then it shot up to 102 when we just checked it just to show you how much they were freaking me out so pretty much with the Gundams over here we can kind of look in this direction there's not much else here I gotta take these pieces of art down but you guys know if you don't there's a closet here with a lot of stuff though so here the gamers paradise closet and this guy has tons and tons of headphones Gundam boxes lots of portable chargers speakers Bluetooth speakers if you guys for all you guys who always ask me where does everything go it's here baby so we'll probably just do this part tomorrow I am I think we need a little break I've done enough destroying for one day okay so day two and I think we've pretty much cleaned here completely out closets actually empty like I said it was gonna be so it's completely barren inside of there it just got a couple of figures on the sides and that's pretty much all there is to all of the artwork is down except for that guy over there but that's the gamers paradise this is now just a normal room with some Gundams but the new gamers paradise guys is going to be dope trust me gamers paradise 3.0 is going to be absolutely insane we got it in a bigger better location but it might take some time to set it all up since this guy took me a few months so keep your eyes peeled for that hopefully it doesn't take too long but also hopefully you guys took away a little something from this video how some products have held up how I did cable management how cable management has held up but hopefully you learned a little bit of something here but till the next video guys hopefully you enjoyed it if you did be the cool guy or girl I give this video a thumbs up and definitely thumbs up for the next game is paradise and I'll catch you guys in the next one till then it's your average consumer base

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