DIY Fairy House Using Cardboard

Do you believe in fairies? Slime Sam believes he can catch a fairy with proper tools, like a box and a stick and a path made of candies… However, his friend Sue thinks that no decent fairy will allow to be treated like that. So, she suggests building a beautiful fairy house to make a fairy feel welcome.

This house is made entirely out of cardboard, but it has all the pretty things a house should have – a brick chimney, wooden siding, roof tiles. This house doesn’t have any specific measurements, use your imagination to make all the pieces: the base, the eaves, the little towers. This house also has multiple windows and even a real door. Slime Sam is a true door-maker. It’s hard to believe that this door is also made of cardboard, it looks just like a real thing.

Once all the cardboard pieces are assembled, it’s time to paint the house. Sue uses different shades of brown, black and green, as well as a bit of red to create that foresty feel. The house becomes more and more beautiful with every touch of the brush. And while Sue’s painting, Sam’s making a welcome sign for the fairies.

As the result, the house looks absolutely magical. Do you think fairies will be attracted to it?

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almost ready what's ready Sammy what's all this fine but please explain what Sammy you can't no fairy will allow to be treated like this we need to offer a beautiful house to a fairy then she might come hi guys welcome to a fairy tale well of course not but we're going to use cardboard to make the house for our fairy boy she's so light and graceful we need a house like that too what did they give a like that they just like the video oh if I fail the inspection what a relief no wonder it's a fairytale house well I'm off to get fairy tale decorations kami who's going to help me guys I'm going to need your help too that hit the small bell below the video and let some magic begin look our magical base is ready it's time to add all kinds of pretty details on top when you're going to have this little Tower it's a good idea but the cardboard won't support the weight of your plant and that was Samuel the grumpiest slime ever just a bit more and our wonderful detail on the roof is done now let's add another thing could be was magic in action guys admit it who wanted our Sam to become a fairy oh now now you've got it all wrong that's magic now there now our house has a base calm down Sammy you want to learn to fly didn't you Sammy quiet hey hope he's fine right let's add one more Eve right here working out very cute there's also going to be a chimney on the roof of our house right right this way the fairy will understand that she is everyone welcome suni did you get rid of the wings wings wings no wings but you know wings I'm fine I get it guys if you like to be really Sam give him a like what's this cloth it's a carpet inside Sami pop you could search for a prettier carpet looks like Sam's decorating skills sometimes fails dear Sam a kitchen towel is not a carpet and Oh Danny Danny and how's it coming out so nice I hope you didn't forget it on a door and windows of course not we'll make them right away guys be careful with the cutter and while you are cutting out the opening hey the door this store is awesome Sammy let's glue it in no line I'm sure you notice that I had already good hinges made of craft foam oh are you sure have now the door can open and close easily right Susan it's time to get ready for the aerial is a mummy and Tinkerbell is a fairy yeah yes yes mr. boss guys Sam and I prepared lots of decor pieces here we have blank and roof tiles and even bricks for our chimney very unusual you like it give it like if you do a fairy house cake thank you have you got any more decor ideas Oh Sam switches between tasks so fast and I finish one task first then I start another do you like more both of them don't look so good it seems that the fairy transformation really messed with you Sammy will it help some question you landed a candy not help me indeed Candy's quickly bring Sam back to its senses and I'll use these paints to give the house a more finished look Oh wonderful Sammy that's more like it thanks to the magical candy should I put it wait a bit I haven't finished painting yet Oh fine you'll place it somewhere when you're done okay sure I'll bring one more thing definitely love that huh what do fairies definitely love what do you think guys Oh cakes the painting it's coming to an end I'll add a bit more details time Wow area again to live in a house like of that look at your beautiful sign right here and we can wait for a fairy I really hope this amazing health attacks Oteri's attention well we can only leave it and wait and you guys you can give this video a like and share it with your friends bye you

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