STOP SWIPING and live a little! Forget electronic devices, turn off your iPhone and toss your iPad away, it’s time to play with plush toys. And not just any toys, but homemade and handcrafted! And if you can’t decide which plushie you’d want to make DON’T WORRY, we’ve got a super special reversible plush that is so popular that it’s gone viral in the last year! Slime Sam and his pet human Sue will show you a tutorial with detailed instructions on how to turn a few socks into a very cozy, cute and fun flip plush! It’ll be a penguin and an owl 2-in-1. It’ll make a great present or a sleep plushie, you can play with it and wash it after! This fun plushie can be a part of play pretend or something everybody will be asking about at school! Make it now and show us what you’ve got!

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Title: Cuckoo

[Sam]: Today… An important question will be answered Which pencil will the great artist Slime Sam… that's me… use to make the first line? This one? No no… This one! Noooo… Better use this one! Oh… it looks like this important question won't be answered. Poor artist slime! Aahh! I need to eat something! Right. Yes… yes… there was one cookie left! Why is everything so high?! Where's my little cookie? A cookie… And a chocolate! This is good, of course, but what… what should I eat? Ohh! [Sue]: Hey Sammy, check this out. I want to sew a plush toy, but I can't decide which color it should be. [Sue]: Sammy Sammy, come on get up! [Sam]: Ugh, don't do that again, all right? [Sue]: I didn't know you've had such a problem with choices today. [Sam]: I can't even help you choose the color for the future toy! [Sue]: Oh, cheer up.I think I know what to do! We'll make a two sided toy so we won't have to choose an color! [Sam]: Oh, this, this is interesting [Sue]: We'll make a little penguin out of the blue sock, and the chocolate brown sock will make an adorable owl! [Sam]: Animals? From socks! [Sue]: Yes, it'll be fun, will you help me? [Sam]: Only if I don't have to choose anything. [Sue]: Nope, first bring me an empty bottle. [Sam]: Will do! [Sam]: Alright. Okay, where are they? Uh… In here, I think! Okay! Hn! Hmm. Which one should I take? Uh, green, red? Green… red… uh, green! No red! Huh, green! Yes, no, red! Okay this one! What's that? Snow? Susie? [Sue]: I am a future penguin! And I need snow! [Sam]: Oh, I see. I'll just leave the bottle here. [Sue]: It's just stuffing for the future toy! [Sam]: Uh, I thought I was seeing things! [Sue]: Sammy, tell me what unites a bottle and a fluffy sock? [Sam]: Uh? [Sue]: I need them to make a plush toy! [Sam]: Haha! Very funny. [Sue]: Hey Sammy. Can you give me my sewing kit? [Sam]: From the shelves? [Sue]: Yep. [Sam]: Sure, of course. It feels like I'm an errand slime today! Up, carefully now! Hnnnn! Ah-hah! Here's the kit! Let's grab it… and go! [Sam]: Oh! Hey, this looks like cotton candy! [Sue]: No, Sammy. It's just stuffing. [Sam]: So fluuuuuffy…. [Sue]: And now I'll pull the second sock over it. Like this. Ah, there. Now, I'll cut away the excess. Remember to be very careful with the scissors as usual. [Sam]: Sue! Did you know that teddy bears were one of the first plush toys? [Sue]: Oh, I guess that's why it's so popular [Sam]: Well, now, there are lots of different plush toys! Guys, which is your favorite plushie? Take a photo of it and share it with us! [Sue]: Look Sammy, I sewed the edge. Now nothing will fall out. [Sam]: Hm… it looks… cute… but.. it doesn't look like anything! [Sue]: Well that's why I've cut out additional parts from the white sock. Let's place one here and another one there. I need to sew them like this, but be very careful with the needle [Sam]: Oh! Would it be possible to make beads not look like candies? [Sue]: What do you mean? [Sam]: Well, I think you always have candies on your table, but then I get this unpleasant suprise. [Sue]: You mean these "candies"? These are eyes for the toys! I'll sew them on the owl. [Sam]: Oh, sewing is so complicated! Definitely not for me. [Sue]: But you are great at painting! [Sue]: Done! Sammy, what are you doing? What do you need the brush and pastels for? [Sam]: You'll see! I may not be good at sewing, but I can decorate, and this little owl doesn't have one important part. [Sue]: Like… this? [Sam]: Like what? I can't see through your hand… [Sue]: Give it a try! [Sam]: Ugh… ugh… I can't! [Sue]: Here! [Sam]: Oh! A little beak! [Sue]: I'll sew it on… and, done! [Sam]: Mmhmmm, and a little bit more, and here… [Sue]: Oh, Sammy! What are you doing? [Sam]: Making it pretty! Adding the final touches to our owl. [Sue]: Ah, this looks so great. What did you use? [Sam]: Crushed pastel and a brush. [Sue]: Cool, and our owl is done! And now… Ta-da! [Sam]: Oh, wow! A penguin! Do it again! Do it again! [Sue]: Sure thing! [Sam]: Wow! [Sam]: Susie, can you make any animals like this? Of course, Sammy! Which one should we do next? A kitty or a panda? [Sam]: Aaaaaah, choosing again! [Sue]: Oh… poor Sammy… Guys, did you like this idea? Give a thumbs up if you did. And let's get it to two thousand thumbs up to support Sammy! Maybe it'll make it easier for him to decide on the next craft Bye!

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