F1 Champion Lewis Hamilton #CoolTech Quick Fire Quiz

Last week, following his stunning #ItalianGP win, F1 World Champion Lewis Hamilton launched PETRONAS Syntium with #CoolTech engine oil. In the spirit of ‘cool’, Lewis took on our #CoolTech Quick Fire Quiz!

welcome back to Milan it is one of the coolest cities in the world and it's just got a lot cooler straight from his win at the Italian Grand Prix current Formula One world champion and Mercedes AMG Petra nurse driver Lewis Hamilton is in town to launch the Petra's centium with cool tech engine oil and in the spirit of cool I thought I'd ask him some cool questions so we're in one of the coolest venues in Milan I'm gonna make a backdrop it's beautiful yeah you picked a really good a good spot here really good spot we're gonna be doing some cool questions so it's a quick fire quiz okay what's the coolest cream Parmesan de coolest race of the year Monaco Kudus corner of the season Oh Rouge nice nice choice coolest music artist probably Kanye coolest sports pattern Muhammad Ali coolest City New York coolest mode of transport I can fight it yeah Jack I got not like where you're going with that one coolest type of animal for me I'll be a lion not that I can get one of those but I'd love one yeah good let us know when you get one of those cool his pace you've visited maybe Tokyo mm-hmm your coolest celebration my 30th birthday was pretty good I would say Bahrain this year where I like right through the baseball at the end it might be not cool situations very nice coolest fans team LH Thanks and in the world where'd you get the best while the UK coolest victory probably Silverstone in the rain coming 60 seconds ahead of everyone corners competitor I reckon maybe Daniel Ricciardo for this big smile yeah coolest sponsor that's what we're obvious one maybe Petra nos coolest way to keep fit coolest way to keep hit yeah water skiing coolest place to chill out for me is the studio the reporter sugar you can just be your own person two different yeah it's like a different world coolest film for me to call this movie is Cool Runnings mm-hmm because it's Cool Runnings is my favorite it's so funny coolest actor probably Denzel Washington and coolest guy in the f1 paddock this is the last I'd always have to say Bernie and I think I said everyone he's the boss of everybody yeah yeah you know when he's around her I think you're gonna be answering some of the fans questions from Twitter I am so if you do want to check that out you gotta just click on here just click right here so that's it we've answered all the cool questions should we go and check out this awesome city yeah I've never actually heard that the work cool so many times you did well you

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