FaZe Reacts to FaZe Jarvis Winning Friday Fortnite!!

FaZe Clan all reacted in my room as my Little Brother FaZe Jarvis won $10,000 in the Friday Fortnite Tournament with his Duo! My Little Brother is LIVE NOW –

Use Code “FaZeKay” in the Fortnite Item Shop!

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your job is in the final of fortnight Friday bro holy no way I'm getting shot how did you just build so close that I I don't know there's no way I'm Dan short whoa all right I see the shotgun it mats I don't need you max – max – yeah I'd like a spray or now I'm gonna go on it I want to sit okay all right we did kill guys here though you could check you check the loot we're apologizing to those people find any yeah yeah fourteen full team Milani hi Sky's won chopped accidentally oh my god this is how he dies the peak over and up I'm gonna corner it okay then start wondering not loose are you gonna vote on it yeah yeah yeah Bert 38 Mike he's white whiplash get the idea what I did one show that's my dynamite don't worry let's go to close to go around just go save yo George then he's not very much bro East now go up from there the pink house it went down there losing my least like two or three your own having it down five dragons South truck literally were so lost I've never seen something so lost my life let's go to God when she makes her venom yeah there's one kid in the corner they need all these they're good or bad we don't even know what the score is right now Java string [Laughter] oh my god no wait rather than the storm door you're gonna pull the guide to Grover by this guy's one shot I go in let's fucking go let's go let's go let's fucking go I have one shotgun believer I'm going let's go hey I see I see I see that let's go let's go let's go I've got one chocolate aren't you gonna send it that's so bad that's so bad Oh trees in the way I got this it's the coach I got Chuck I'm great I'm trying I'm trying I'm trying let's go let's go baby let's go yeah let's go holy let's go home oh we didn't lose once very nice ones holy [Applause] that's only let's go javis he won the of real going offer that was nuts I know you a seventeen Jarvis yeah that was banks idea I'm sorry mate [Laughter] that's alright

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