Fortnite Funny WTF Fails and Daily Best Moments Ep.1348

Fortnite Funny WTF Fails and Daily Best Moments Ep.1348
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greetings we hope to enjoy episode 1348 of your daily for nine moments 103 for follow these instructions so join our special giveaway for the rare wonder skin subscribe and enable the notification bell then leave an original comments and the like on this video we'll be announcing the winner in four days from now [Laughter] why are you looking at this pyramid bro go back in there go get the loo I laugh we got it again i stir I'll never play that good again if you just give me this rent in fashionable style now all I'm gonna Matt's oh no every day Alice believe what the fuck over oh hey together what keeps you down and take cholesterol horses these OPD choices in movies right on iDevice Farah you saved me you leave me no choice prepare to be ethically own ah that was what you always wondered it when I faked a lot that was a fake laughs on to us just to make you feel good about yourself are not a nice friend I know your real life your real laugh is really close to Stewie Griffin slab we're how far how far is it I'm gonna set it up mark put a mark on him put a mark on him cursed nacho ladies and gentlemen we got one smile lucky target is sucked into the void I don't have a freaking clue where it goes I'm gonna land on someone's head I'm gonna land on someone's head I don't give a fuck you can fucking suck my dick JB fucking mad the bad guy and the right genetics Anatomy my god Nick you barely died I couldn't build until today yo dude be careful you're gonna go you're gonna shut down you're gonna shut down yeah I got no time to fuck around here we go that was amazing that's you right Oh motherfucker Oh oh my god dude that's the second time I hit that kind of shot follow it up with a double kill bro how do you get much better than that my gosh the botany later very medieval neighbors residence shoot me forfeit you got one lay you out like a leg Glasgow [Applause] I'm a snack this bro remember to participate in our wonder skin giveaway for a chance to own eggs this wonderful skin is worth about a hundred and seventy-five dollars and it's very exclusive we'll be announcing the winner in four days time on the 14th of September at the end of the episode here's the top featured comments that we picked out from yesterday we'd like to give a special thanks to cloudy ice ninja one Matthew Shawn and turtle for taking the time to write them if you enjoyed the episode let us know by leaving a like and subscribe to the channel for updates on our daily videos in the meanwhile stay tuned and we'll see you tomorrow

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