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hey everyone is your friend thick noodles and welcome back to roblox booga-booga if you guys want to see me play booga-booga more often guys go ahead click that like button right now let me know how much more you want to see me play this game Wow so I know there had been an update since the last video I made but I had no idea that they had updated the blob the interface the GUI the Gilly looks great I mean I love this with with people's levels a little hard to read I like this with the food and the health it actually goes from the left side instead of the right oh wait oh I forgot I got chest I got no musics just open again so first things first uh there it has been a crystal stick so let's get that and that's supposed to be better according to you guys better than the battle hammer so let me get here's my stick my back alright let's get that off let's see this thing yeah ball boom hey now that's pretty good that's really good we need to we need to fight something with that now the other thing is ah ha look at that you see the people running there a get out of here oh yeah look at that three shots three shots that's awesome there is now an official way to get up to this well at least to that island you see from this so before this island was here but inaccessible now it looks like there's sort of a tightrope there and also people were saying on my last video to use the rope to climb up now remember we had to like before we had to use a parkour course that other people pretty much built how to do there are so many sharks so many but now I think there's a rope to get on to that Island as well so you can climb the rope here and then climb back to there and there's a new set of armor I think a new type of armor let's see if we can even qualify for it so we got a door we got crystal oh dude I got a level 100 already so it's magnetized so magnetite chestplate magnetite Greaves we gotta get magnetite yo I can't believe that I thought I love ladies things because like I think to unlock the adder no no no the crystal I think it was level 50 not level are under it ah there it is there is the rope so look at this here is the rope and I guess you have to build this to get to the rope and then what do you just yep yes oh my goodness look at this this is gold yeah baby climate climate climate it is cold up here oh no no no no no don't fall don't fall bro put-put oh my goodness oh my goodness what a fight oh my gosh there is a stupid rope here and I still can't even get up there we go ah oh God that's what we're looking for here I mean it does take ages maybe I can whack him with the crystal stick can I whack him no I gotta use this this is gonna take so long ah is it even worth and I make up to get a few levels oh I'm gonna get help thanks bro whoa he's got it look at that yo so look he's got the good stuff he is on what level is he's gotta be over 100 right ah let's see he is what wait a minute how did he do that wait math him wait I don't see it oh he's only a little 46 what how did he do that someone gave it to him or something that's cool like see I'm not even hitting it because there's someone right there oh he was a donate oh hold on hold on no no need it oh my goodness it's going away fast so it was quickly if I didn't get much out of that okay here here you gonna donate he's gonna donate what are you gonna give me what he gave me well you get what he got what he got what do you got what he got we got what he got huh I've come to come back okay okay so you're real yeah okay oh okay thank you thank you thank you yeah oh don't get him all oh he moved / – because I'm still so slow whoa all right thank you so wait hold on I heard to me that there may also guess they're all level 100 you know I've never made I don't have a crystal axe do I I think I'll have a judge so let me grab a crystal axe just cuz here we go enjoy your crystal but how did they get yeah see full mag sign how did they get it I'm gonna craft you but how get you and you need level 100 oh wait does he have low 100 yes he has level 100 oh so he's the one giving it out oh my goodness okay so I'm trying to get my level up let's see level 87 yeah you don't get much out of that you don't get much out of that okay let's let's go up to the top spot here I want to see this other Island because there's something about a meteor let's but uh be careful I guess I'm gonna I'm gonna fall I'm totally gonna fall whoa this is : there's another Island up to here – this is so high up unbelievable oh look at this leave this this office already fell if somebody fell it wasn't me I better zoom in before I make a stupid mistake hold on here we go here we go up up up and we got more gold no no no stupid you don't along it's oh my goodness oh look look somebody fell and there's mag there's mag in here Oh grab it grab it grab magnetite bar oh wait grab it grab it grab it grab the magnetite bar grab the magnetite bar grab all the I can't get in the ago wait there's okay blow blow come on give me the gold I got the good stuff I got three bars of adamantite yes tonight I'm almost positive I did yeah I did three magnetite bars baby poof all right and I haven't even been on that island yet I don't even have that in bad that I don't even know how to get it oh so he's gonna give me his magnetite set right now he said give it right here no way no way but holy cow holy cow holy cow holy cow guys we just oh my goodness oh gee thank you okay okay wait he says oh oh my goodness he didn't he was not kidding give me your get it Oh God three mag I can craft you backpack yes okay yes I have three okay check it out check it out check it out check it out check it out check it out okay here we go here we go one two three boom yes oh thank you so much the mouse circuit okay hold on let's do this let's put it all on let's see let's see all right let's get this so here we go magnetite chess play we've got magnetite backpack oh yo guys look at the difference between the crystal wait hold on let's get let's get the magnetite pants on and where's my magnetite hat oh no hat oh all right so I still so wait oh let me switch hold on so let me switch let's put this back uh let's go to weapons here we go yeah yeah yeah so let's do that let's put this away let's take that back out yes okay now all I need is a hat I mean I need a matching hat wait I feel like I feel like it gave me one no did he not you know what let me drop some stuff I don't need a leaf bag I don't need a hide bag I don't need leaf leaf no I died I don't Oh magnetite mask it doesn't have an icon boom there we go full magnetite there so oh oh are you kidding me I've almost fallen already again I don't like this you know what imagine if in this game you took fall damage this would be so scary because you can lose everything well I guess I would just wouldn't with yet yeah yeah I made it alright let's chop down a tree let's see how good this is oh my goodness it does ten damage and look yo guys check it out you get essence for chopping oh the ancient tree yo look at the size of that thing so it's got dude this has more health than anything more than the old God it has 26,000 self Oh he says it gives tons of essence we have to break this thing all right I'm gonna go around this side and we'll it will break this stool break it chop it down we will chop it down ah okay so you kill the kick crystal guardian and it drops it's on the edge yeah kill it kill it Oh oh man dude holy cow okay okay use a pickaxe okay so this thing moves around a lot chop chop chop chop okay and you got to keep running with it this thing is annoying it's like the worst thing ever wonder if I should stand in front of it like this and then here we go just hold it still let's hold it still yeah let's crush it dude crush it now I don't know why it's not moving now ah hahaha oh I thought I was able to block it but I guess not yo oh dude so there is a mad crossbow I have iron I think I got iron but um I kind of want to make it myself oh my goodness come on get it get it get it get it get it get it get it get it I can't even hit it I can't even hit it hold on there's just too many people who oh whoa whoa okay it's got 180 170 come on you know this is a time when you know it's helpful to have people but um oh I get it you don't want to kill it on the edge because it'll drop the magnetite on the bottom so I think there's a spirit unit I'm trying I'm trying to try and try and try it aw dude oh yeah okay so that I think this might drop the spirit key someone said they had one so here we go come on come on no what I can't I can't see I can't see I can't hit it this is one too many people are here and we're all just hitting each other because of the hitboxes so come on they're there Oh 50 40 up 30 come on ah come on somebody can get it somebody can hit it right nope not gonna happen I'm gonna go I'm gonna go ahead I'm gonna go ahead we're right ahead here it is here it is boom boom and there I got the chunk did I get one what did I get what did I get one I got picked something up would I pick up oh it's just a crystal Chuck wait but huh okay get ready to run okay okay so it dropped the spirit key I get it okay oh and it takes us to this island here go you place the key here and run it says the guy says so is it quicker to jump and run I don't know I don't know it's faster just go so you kill that thing it drops him crystal which I picked up and he grabbed the spirit key cuz I didn't know what to do with it and it get it opens up this bridge so you can make it to here and then one then what claim this totem of the moon that's it you destroy the totem of the moon and find the meteor and then mine the magnet what are you kidding me alright here we go the totem is about to go down and there it is Rob magnetite whoa find the meteor find it if it drops magnetite well I got one so we have to find it let's go let's go let's go what are we jumping oh my goodness Wow alright it drops let's go okay so do we need yeah and you okay let me make a let me make one two let's go where is it go find it let's go what does it look like oh I hear it I heard it oh there it is I see it I see it I see it there it is there it is I see it someone built a fence around here we go let's go I found it I found it yeah baby okay so it's right behind this here are you on my team bro yes there it is yo check it out baby and let's let's let's start mine it let's oh do we mind this oh the meteor rock check it out oh this is so cool yes let's do it oh my goodness the meteor core has so much health Oh there we go oh man ok let me get the meteor rock let's see what happens when I break one of these you get anything no oh yeah you do look at that you get one there but the meteor core I think gives a lot more let me let me get rid of all the others the other stuffs oh wait where did it go oh thank you thank you Oh grab it alright there we go nice nice nice oh man alright well thank you thank you well at least he Oh No okay we need to tribe we need to try blue shad there we go okay and hold on old bro you got to be careful dude you got to be careful because if I hate you it's gonna hurt it's gonna hurt bad okay watch out dude watch out okay just just relax I'll invite you guys in a second hold on all right okay oh boy oh oh I'm sorry oh I'm so sorry I didn't realize okay just stay back just stay back for a second guys no way just stay back because I might end up killing you I don't want to kill you I don't want to kill you just stay back for a second I just want to get this thing okay just watch out watch out dude for my good business poor ass Steve looking new guy okay oh here he goes yes yes boom boom hey somebody took it no yeah took it yeah forget you took it don't you tug it gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme it's okay I guess you know what I like I didn't I didn't actually get those myself someone else got it for me and to be fair I do have this guy I do have the magnetite Shelley I do have the magnetite Shelley Boop that's mine hold on a second hold on a second one more dude so when you get one meteor I think there was three from that there was one from the rock how much do I have actually let's see I've got what is that eight I the weird thing is I can't scroll sometimes look it looks like eight so I think you get around ten I better eat so let's eat eat eat okay and then let's start inviting people there we go boom and I got the spirit key on a crystal chunk Oh No oh well you can have it I don't I got the spirit key that's all I care about now I've heard that this tree is well they said almost down but now we've got a ton of people hitting it so I'm gonna stand over here I think and I'll get my shots in oh he says come now okay I don't know my goodness Oh Oh guys look at all this XP holy cow holy cow just fill it up Phillip Phillip Phillip Phillip Phillip L don't know how much XP have I gotten holy cow holy cow getta getta getta getta getta getta getta getta get as much as you can bro get as much against look it just went everywhere oh we need another ancient treat somebody else is giving my you can do that on your own you can get probably 10 but obviously when I it would take you a lot longer to harvest it the tree or kill the tree or whatever oh we keep the one like a soccer ball when we get that last one it's mine it's mine yeah dude okay so I got to like eighty nine and three quarters Oh yo oh thank you can i oh thank you wow thank you dude so there's the crossbar so there is supposed to be a cross not crossbo it is a magnet i crossbow yes it is oh man so how long does it take for the tree to grow back that whoa look can you go down there well how does me go down here I kind of want to go down there where does it go oh no no I don't know I don't that goes all the way down to the bottom we did it we've actually we've pretty much done everything new I mean besides the crossbow I've gotten pretty much Oh a Sun tree oh yes dude the trees give essence up here because we're on this moon Sun Island so you get I think you get you get xp for chopping it and then you get the essence dude this is great so what about this tree is a regular tree knows the Sun tree so dude this island is all about leveling up oh nice chests jazz mom hahaha oh let's do it again remember I did that that one time let's do that again let's do that again hold on hold on chests all right here we go chests all right here we go ready 35 flem chest let's open open open up it here we go here we go here we go that's like the server Java baby here we go break the server come on oh dude it did yeah there we go that's what I'm talking about let's get some sticks and some logs and I don't even know what come on out go out guys come on out oh I'm doing that I love saving up my chest and just doing that that is so fun you guys okay hey there's someone stuck under the rubble here we didn't dig him out here here here yup it's like disaster relief after an earthquake or something Oh magnetite meteors falling from the sky OHS I didn't know somebody called it oh dude we gotta go get it let's go check it down let's go down that let's go down the center yeah baby oh oh I see it they're already there ah man I like to complete rot well I didn't go to complete wrong way but I see people going to town on it right now oh man I don't think I'm gonna make it quickly enough I better hurry let's go get him all right he's got some he's got some good are you guys go cuz good stuff here here we go boom woo come on why can't that oh dude I got nothing left here come on get out of here dude get out of here come on come on can I get him you don't you don't get him come on come on go on come on hit him hit him get him out of here get him out of here ha we got it guys this is ours now baby bazaars now baby yes it's our magnetite is the only I thought he and you took my magnetite he took my magnetite wait everybody's taking a night to tie tie yeah yeah alright I'm gonna go after the Shelly here I'm gonna go after the Shelly here get some XP out of it at the very least I look looking at he let me have it he'll ever have it okay lucky [Laughter] buddy it's like here is a smell good how do you like that beautiful right so at least I got one piece out of this and I think he's the one who called it over I think he got the spirit key so we'll go back up there again and see if we can get that yes oh thanks well that's not probably not gonna happen but um at the very least wow there's so many people I don't think anybody's actually hitting this huh I got one yeah yeah I got one and some other people got something too yes that's what I like I like a wedding when everybody gets a little bit now where's that guy we chased off everybody's waiting for into place at limits we're all like standing on the edge of the mountain and waiting for that that that the dock placement I think he's gonna get I think he's gonna get it let's just do this sure this'll work see we don't need no docks we go though we go the legit way we go to legit oh boy sorry buddy we go the legit way and the ancient tree is not back yet but we've got a ton of Sun trees which starter on give me the essence there oh we're about to hit level 93 okay so apparently if you go to like this and scroll all the way down yep he's right the god bag level not 100 but level 1000 now I had seen people to pass all right I think the most I'd ever seen was like level I want to say like in the 200s so I'm guessing you can get to level 1000 and yes if I think I'm gonna get it one day that I don't even know how much time that would take to get to level 1000 and I don't even know if the god bag would be worth it there it is level 100 baby new recipes oh I haven't seen that I forgot about that magnetite cross bone magnetite mass 9 that I just played magnetite everything all right cool so um well you know the other thing is we are low on food let me let me a lot of people are complaining that they is hungry and I was hungry too let's see if we can let's see what's a do we yeah look what's a resource chest let's open that let's open one of those and we'll get ourselves a good chest and a few pleb chests why not let's just do it let's just get them all there we go there you go have fun guy it's hopefully it'll be some food in here because there's really Wow yeah there's food there's some food yep there's some berries there's some leaves I don't even know what else but um I just want to eat I just want to eat some berries and that'll make me happy maybe an apple yeah there we go alright we're good pretty good everybody eat I mean it's helping it's just taking a long time ah there we go most people didn't pick up anything but the food so yeah they were hungry so let's go ahead and craft okay I'm dumb I can't spell whatever magnet well how long have I been saying Adamantite ah it's magnetite you idiot what was I saying magnetite crossbone they're crafted dunzo okay so let's get this baby out where are you my magnetite friend let's put you away let's take you out there we go check it out guys boom yes magnet sight crossbow hole oh yeah look at us yeah you know the only problem is it's cool but the only problem is the entire server is blue so we can't use it against anyone but we rule this server don't we yes we do well guys I think we are like well – thank God bag we unlocked magnetite everything and I got the nice thing is you don't have to cook it but I've got let's see how much do I have I've got a looks like ten but I don't know why I can't scroll this I think it's just a glitch with it but I got 10 more magnetite and I even have I should have the man you can't even search your inventory that's annoying well I guess I can drops what can I drop my iron bag ah there we go now I can scroll I guess I had too much there I do have a spirit key so we can get more the tight do I even need a regular while I'll keep it I'll keep it but um anyway uh more stuff look at more nixb yeah love it but yeah I think we've gotten everything except for that one little guy but you know what maybe we'll get there out of the vault ever get to level 1000 if any of you guys have gotten to level 1000 and gotten the God to bag let me know in the comments what it actually does and whether or not is worth it and also thumbs up to you for uh for being dedicated to this game because at level 1000 at this point in the game that's pretty crazy so guys if you enjoyed the video and you want to know what happened you want to see more booga-booga on my channel go ahead and pick up those chopsticks and poke that like button as hard as you can also don't forget to follow me on instagram and twitter please do be coming over to Dan subscribe and don't forget to tap that Bell I'll see you guys again soon uh thanks for watching and of course you live


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