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Gecko has been busy fixing Sammy the School Bus in his Garage and has secretly added a fun contraption to his back doors… a super slide! All the mechanicals love the slide and we hope you do too in this educational video for toddlers.

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Gecko’s Garage is a big truck cartoon series for children all about fixing trucks and vehicles, including monster trucks, buses, ambulances, construction trucks and lorries.

cackle now don't touch that watch out for that whole red and green mechanical get these kids under control green and red are struggling to keep those mini mechs from being silly I think that they could use a hand from our friend towtruck Tilly her cargo bed can hold them safe to stop any more fuss so we can think of what to do to help Sammy the school bus we need to replace those old rusty doors with smooth new ones but while we have Sammy here at the garage I think we should install a surprise for the mini mechs to make getting off the bus more fun there the doors are all fixed and the mechanicals have added an extra something special one two three four five let's try these minimax home so they can try out the surprise I'll follow you in Tilly to make sure everything's working okay Hey that's right it's a surprise slide one two three both what's a cool way to get off the bus thanks Sammy and thank you little mechanical for the hug that's really very kind of you I'm glad you liked the slide and thanks to you for joining us today I hope you had as much fun as the mini mechanicals did we'll see you again soon bye hello everyone our friends max the monster truck is here the stadium he's practicing jumps and flips for his new super stunt show max wants to attempt them 360 degree backflip it's one of the most difficult things a monster truck can do to perform a perfect backflip and land back on his wheels again max needs to flip all the way over not 90 degrees not 180 degrees not 270 degrees but a full 360 degrees that's a full circle Max is getting into position think he's ready three two one go max go 90 degrees 180 degrees 270 degrees Oh No Oh max you nearly made it but you landed very hard on your front wheels I think you might have broken something let's check your steering okay max try driving in a straight line Oh zinger now try turning left oh dear oh dear now try turning right oh dear oh dear oh dear that's not good I think we need to get you to the garage right away hello Tilly please can you come over to the stadium right away max need your help hello hilly are we glad to see you maxi's front wheels don't seem right could you tell him to the garage please and can you give me a lift back to garage doors open its speed it's time to help a vehicle in need let's all see what we can learn as we make Matt's turn Max's job didn't go well that landing sure looked so I think his axle might be bent let's lift him to make sure the axle connects to the wheels and helps Mack change direction just look at his wheels sag he needs closer inspection with a broken axle max can't jump this really isn't great I'll call on the mechanicals to get that axle straight go go mechanicals there max is looking much better now well done mechanicals hmm I think max needs more power to complete his backflip without crashing again I'll get the mechanicals to fit his engine with a turbocharger the turbocharger fits on to Max's engine to make him more powerful so that he can go faster and jump further Wow listen to that sounds like max is ready to try that jump again let's head back over to the stadium max is ready 3 2 1 go 90 degrees 180 degrees 270 degrees 360 degrees Ethernet Oh backflip and a perfect landing well done max I'm glad max completed his amazing jump in the end with a little help from his friends at geckos garage thanks for joining us today we'll see you at the garage again soon where is Bobby he's very late oh hello everyone you haven't seen Bobby the bus anywhere have you Bobby was supposed to be taking us back to the garage half an hour ago but there's no sign of him it's so cold today and blue mechanical forgot to bring his hat scarf and mittens Oh No there's Bobby it looks like he's stuck in the snow he can't get out of that snowdrift and he looks very cold that can't be good for his batteries just like us Bobby the bus doesn't feel very well if he's too hot or too cold his batteries work best when they are warm Bobby's batteries can't give his wheels enough power when it's as cold as this and his wheels don't have enough grip on the icy roads we need to help him right away come in Tilly I'm sending you Bobby's location now please can you come and rescue him from a snowdrift make sure you put your snow chains on your tires the weather is terrible out here here comes trusty tele two e's poor bobbies pains with her super grippy tires and sturdy snow chains she's so strong and steady she doesn't make a fuss even when she's towing a big electric bus I don't think blue mechanicals feeling very well either hello Tilly are we glad to see you let's head back to the garage to warm up Garret doors open at speed it's time to help a vehicle in need let's all see what we can learn as we make Bobby turn poor Bobby's wheels were really stuck he couldn't make them go and his batteries don't work so well under all that ice and snow now Tilly's brought him back here out of the winter storm we need those kind mechanicals to make poor Bobby warm go go mechanicals I think that little hairdryer will melt this cold snow shower I think we need something with a little bit more power that heaters more like it he'll soon be warm and dried but how can we keep Bobby's batteries warm when he's back outside when we go out into the cold we wear a winter hat so they're knitting one for Bobby why didn't I think of that Bobby can stay with us for now to keep warm overnight you can go out in the morning as soon as it gets light good old Trevor the tractor he's spending the evening clearing the snow from the roads with his snow plow the snow is melting trevor has helped to clear the roads and Bobby has his new hat to keep him warm he's off to do his job and pick up some passengers I'm glad we could get Bobby warm again remember to always wear your coat hat and gloves when you go outside in the winter just like me and the mechanicals hang on a minute what's happened to poor old blue mechanical various if you love this video tap here 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