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Celia the Cement Mixer Truck has brought the wrong paint to the school playground. With a little improvisation Gecko and the mechanicals attach Blue mechanical’s paint gun to Celia, as we learn the colours of the rainbow in this educational video for toddlers.

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Gecko’s Garage is a big truck cartoon series for children all about fixing trucks and vehicles, including monster trucks, buses, ambulances, construction trucks and lorries.

hello everyone gecko here the construction trucks are busy building a brand new play area of the store today great work blue mechanical new rainbow paint mixers working brilliantly below I think I might have spoken too soon Celia the cement mixers on her way with lots of concrete mixing in her drum Caelius drum keeps spinning round and round and round it keeps the concrete nice and soft until it's in the ground the mechanicals have a secret plan to make the ground less boring here we go this is the spot Celia can start pouring oh dear Celia stop what's wrong red mechanical Celia apparently your concrete's the wrong colour you need lots of different colored concrete how on earth are we going to do that I wonder that's it blue mechanical please can we borrow your new rainbow paint mixer now with a little alteration we can attach the paint mixer on to see you connect the pipe to the crumb and yes brilliant I think that's it okay let's test this out let's try mixing some red concrete okay can you help me what color is the mechanical holding up yes that's right it's orange that's looking great what colors this yes that's right let's have yellow now please Celia what colors next brilliance next up is green there's another color which one's this can you say it with me blue yes it's time for blue beautiful I think we're nearly there this next color has a tricky name it's called indigo and finest do you know this one it's called violet but between you and me it looks a lot like purple fantastic work Celia and a great team effort from everyone look at that we've made a beautiful rainbow on the playground floor so many mechanicals are going to love this don't you just love happy endings thanks very much to you for helping us out today we'll see you again soon geckos garage for now it's cheerio from gecko bye hello everyone it's my day off today no vehicles to fix and nothing to do but enjoy the sunshine at the beach the only thing that can make this better is a delicious ice cream where did you get those from mechanicals Viki great to see you one ice cream please with sprinkles and a flake viki's lost power to her ice cream churn and freezer that means she can't stir the mixture Oh freeze it hmm it looks like a problem with Vicky's generator the generator creates electricity to power the churn and the freezer we need replacement parts from the garage but by the time we get there all our ice cream will have melted and just look at this Q of mechanicals waiting for ice cream first we need a way to churn up this ice cream mixture some kind of mixer I think I've got an idea everyone stop what you are doing this is an emergency Celia Ric mechanicals come with me the mechanicals are helping out so there's no need to feel glum they'll pump Vicki's ice-cream mixture into Celia's mixing drum celia churns the ice-cream mixture around and around and around and now it's ready and oh no it's pouring on the ground Rick what are you doing it's not fresh tarmac it's supposed to be a chilly and delicious ice cream snack of course it isn't working right now I know the reason Celia is doing the mixing but the mixture isn't freezing – go and find another freezer might take hours and hours so let's all call for super Mac with its super powers go go super mechanical [Applause] Wow Seifer mechanical is using his freezing ray to cool down see Leah's drum let's try again I can see a keen mechanical with his cone ready and waiting come on Vicki now see Leah's serve in the ice cream to that queue of mechanicals let's get you back to the garage to get your generator fixed Garrett doors open at speed it's time to help a vehicle in need the mechanicals are all the parts to fix your generator so you can get back to the beach serve more ice cream later Celia was very kind she really loves to mix but she should be with the construction crew they've got a road to fix oh dear those vehicles do look grumpy they've been waiting at the roadworks for ages we're back thanks for helping Celia and super mechanical hooray I think I'm finally going to get my ice cream Wow an ice-cream from Celia and another one from Vicki what a lucky geek oh I am I think I'd better share these thanks very much for joining us today we'll see you again soon bye Celia the cement mixer is working hard on a construction site today she's pouring concrete into the ground to make strong foundations to build houses on this site needs a lot of concrete Celia you'd better come over to the depot to get some more it's just around the corner from geckos garage concrete is made from different ingredients all mixed together like a cake to build a good strong building we need good solid ground the ingredients fill Celia's drum then it churns round and round cement sand stones and water create the perfect paste now it's off to the construction site there is no time to waste Celia's drum keeps moving round and round all twirly-whirly this keeps the concrete mixture from going hard too early she needs to get there in one hour no messing on the way the construction site is not too far so that should be okay Celia I think there's something wrong with your drum it's not supposed to be making that noise perhaps you should drive back over to geckos garage so that we can take a look if it stops turning then you'll be in trouble the concrete will be stuck solid in the drum oh dear it looks like Celia is carrying on to the construction site Oh a traffic jam but don't worry you still have three quarts of your time left hmm your drum is still making a terrible noise are you sure you won't come back to the garage we don't want your drum to stop Celia where are you going if the concrete hardens in your drum then you'll be in terrible trouble it'll take days to get the hardened concrete out we need to get you fixed up right away back at the garage what have you done your drummers stopped and now your wheel has come off you can't drive to the construction site or to the garage and with a drum full of concrete you're too heavy for hell and the helicopter to pick up if you can't come to the garage then we'll come to you hold on in there Celia where go go Helen our time is half gone so we need to get that drum turning again and quickly go-go mechanicals fantastic now let's get that tire changed you're all fixed up now Celia but we only have 15 minutes left I just can't see how you can get to the construction site in time if only there was someone who could help you get there faster hooray here comes Millie the police motorbike she can put on a flashing lights and clear a path through the traffic the construction site they'll phew you made it just in time Celia but that was very very close I think Sealy has learned her lesson and next time there's something wrong she'll come and get help from her friends at geckos garage I'll see you again soon bye hello everyone we've got a real problem at the garage today Rick the road roller hasn't got any wrote to roll a construction site he's really bored and now he's here flattening anything he can find hey that's my toolbox Rick we really need to find something useful for Rick to do before he causes any more damage hello Vicki Vicki the ice cream vans visiting us today too she's looking for something new to sell to people at the beach ice creams and lollies are okay as a treat but Vicki wants to sell something a bit healthier as well come inside the garage Vicki and I'll show you what we've got for you check out the rainbow smoothie trailer 3000 it can hold six different types of smoothie made with yummy healthy fruit it's the perfect drink to cool people down during a hot day at the beach what's the matter Vicky don't you like it oh I see you like the smoothie trailer but it's empty hmm how are we going to make the smoothies my truck friends can deliver the fruit but we need a way to squash it into juice that is a problem can you think of anyone who can help us to squash the fruit Rick of course that solves both our problems Rick get something useful to squash and Vickie gets her smoothies we need a platform for Rick to stand on so that he can squash the fruit then we can Park the smoothie trailer underneath to catch the juice this sounds like a job for the mechanicals go go mechanicals while the mechanicals are building the platform for Rick let's have a look at the yummy fruit that my truck friends delivering Helen the helicopter is carrying a load of giant watermelons Florence the forklift has crates of juicy oranges Dillon the dump truck is carrying lemons pineapples and mangoes Trevor the tractor has a trailer of crunchy apples and furry Kiwis said the skid loader is loaded up with blueberries grapes and plums the max the monster truck has boxes of tasty bananas and delicious ripe raspberries let's make some rainbow smoothies let's get squashing we'll start with resin Oh No Rick's crushing green fruits instead oh now I see why he was so keen inside the watermelon is red not green now here's a fruit with nothing to hide it's called an orange and it's orange inside it's the juice I love the most it's yummy with my morning toast lemon pineapple and mango Rick squashes them up the juice is yellow what's the pipes as the liquids flow into the trailers down below next I think it must be time for apple and kiwi and a hint of lime the best juice color I've ever seen just like me a lovely green now I don't know what to do blueberry juice isn't really blue so let's add grapes and then a plum purple smoothies just as fun just one more box of fruit to go squash those raspberries nice and slow add some bananas and it's ready to drink this final one it's super pink fantastic well done everyone those smoothies look great before you head off to the beach Vicki I think we should do a taste test mmm these are yummy the people at the beach are going to love these healthy fruity drinks thanks for joining us at geckos garage today and helping us to make delicious smoothies see you again soon bye if you love this video tap here so you're the first to know about my latest videos thanks for watching

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