Hilarious Collection of Gaming Videos

Thank you so much for the support over the videos, and I’m officially announcing that i will be on a schedule on bringing videos every week! I hope you like this video!
Friends in the vid:

AlphaSq22 (Fabian):
Grahl Gaming (Liam):
(Ethan): DataWhale
(Chris): Ohhscumi
(Andrew): Richonhabbo
(Gio): Samplewolf1014
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Credits Needed to be Given…

Pouches of Tuna (ft. marciano)

wait everybody say everybody say hi like individually hi hi that was so individual just a blur will captured I'll tell you that the behind why what I have a flex capacitor in my closet and I don't think I've been taken I'm Liam Neeson's taken now I will look for you I will find you and I will kill you your reign Wow do you honestly think you're fucking funny seriously you are fucking ugly little cunt mate if I ever see you I'm gonna fucking slit your fucking face wide open the thunder this works their dinner yeah jump a gun jump a gun breathing Dan and Oh fucking just drinking some bullshit in the fucking attic brandon has Tod Scott guys I got very limited health left oh I just got gangbanged good good is good this is running wait are we all alive chris is gonna I'm happy like that music video Pompeii he says when the wall start tumbling down that's what I think about this is someone here you fill up you know DNA you know I think all chromosome just you guys should do Morse code that means Mike Cox or whatever that shit is uses he for you all I thought that was a toy tank do you see what happens just throw some you know it's not working wait McCarty came to us all the desperate struggle [Applause] [Laughter] come on I got this though y'all thank you go home three okay yeah actually pretty close yeah she's really close if you make it oh my god you're so close you can see the light fucking Bona Bona spoopy okay basically I'm spoopy who told me I need a hero and he's gotta be sick and he has to be a skinny fetus no way how do I am spectate are you building behind you he's behind you genius behind you behind you fucking neck all this edit the funny parts get the good parts get subtitles for it so game hey gab lawyers guess what you're the only one left oh wait did you fuck him win know the citizens or what you were dead this entire time shit blood twist my time I was fuckin just looking around that I was like trying not to kill the dog someone to kill you first Wow plot twist why are you fuckin Bruce Willis at the end of 7 wait what 6 cents you know Kevin Spacey's rapes the kid at the end of 7

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