How To Get Free Games and Apps For Any Android Phones Without Root

This is the simplest and easiest way to get free apps and games for your android phones.

hey guys what's up Ron's got here i'm just going to be showing you how to get free games and apps and whatnot that's on the android market first thing we want to do is go to the android market all right there and then what you're going to use to download the free stuff is called 4shared for share that is and then install this program is app called 4shared and then she already have installed so and then once its installed just open it up and then let's say you see this logmein that mother costs twenty-five dollars I and you know I like logmein buying a paid $25 sees so let's go for shared and then everything that you want just type it in and then follow it up with a PK because that's the phone program files log me in a PK okay then APK and then just find most recent ones that mean the one has updated four months ago most recent version that someone has uploaded and then wait for it oh sorry getting kind of kind of glary there we go and then just click click here to download this file all right make sure you have go to settings go to applications and make sure you check download unknown sources and then once it's downloaded then go find it log me in and look at that a pay know 25 dolla and that's how you get free stuff so yeah rate comment subscribe thumbs up thumbs up so there it is all right

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