How to install "The Legend of Kyrandia" on Android Phones

How to install “The Legend of Kyrandia” on Android Phones.

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hello retro gamers today I want to show you how to install another classic adventure on your Android phone the LED should of Chaeronea first you need the app scummvm which you can find on Google Play Store you also need a second app called scan VM plugin kyra which contains the graphic engine for the game install both apps on your phone ok where to get the game well either you find an old copy on city somewhere in your attic or you go to a webpage called there you have to create an account then just look for the game legend of Chaeronea which you can buy for a few bucks then download the installation file to your hard disk open your download and start the setup file check the radio button below choose your installation folder and press install then you have to wait a few minutes now you have to connect your mobile phone to your PC on your phone go to settings more developer options and be sure that USB debugging is checked if you can't find it just google it and you'll find a lot of tutorials how to easily enable that function in your currently an installation folder you will now find three folders called dat 1 2 & 3 copy these folders if you have an old CD there are maybe two or three folders with similar names then go to computer where you'll find your phone choose where you want to copy the files I prefer an external micro SD card for that but it can also use the internal space of course create a new folder and name it however you like copy the DAT folders into it which will take a few minutes notice if you use an old CD version be sure you only copy the files with these endings and delete all the others after that you have to open the wiki page of scummvm org and look for the game legend of Chaeronea you find the direct link in the description below this video here you have to download the file Cairo dot dat for the DOS CD version now you copy this khayrat or DAT file into every DAT folder in your mobile phone currently a folder you also copy it one more time into the main folder okay that's all you have to do on the PC on your Samsung phone start the scummvm app be patient it can take up to 45 seconds until you see the Start screen go to add game find the folder where you copy the DAT folders earlier then just click on the first DAT folder click Choose and now you can see the game select the full version click Choose one more time then ok and that's it start the game enjoy the intro and help Randall to stop Malcom destroying car India thanks for watching and have fun play wherever you are see you soon bye you

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