Intimidating Helpless Gamers

I went around and made a bunch of people scared at PAX East. This video is the result.

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Intimidating Helpless Gamers at PAX East 2019

I'm furious oh let's shake a child I'm gonna shake a child come here good I'm gonna shake you wait how's it going everybody I'm here at PAX East 2019 I'm going to be intimidating every gamer they will be so scared I'll make them fret I want to see you fall over I really want to see you fall over I want to see you topple how many fingers you got five freak show when can we redeem our pack escapes in Minecraft we can't wait that thing does you have to climb to use the toilet sometimes only the urinals hey he's clueless he doesn't know where he is all right what games are you excited to see a pax this year do you know any games you say bro ha yeah for all yep brought yeah yeah for night night guys the media room is right behind us I gotta go never seen him there so laughing they just said fortnight they screamed or denied in front of a bunch of working businessmen they were trying to miss one of the Spider Man spending his backpack around his head did you miss that I did he did that those those poor guys were just trying to do their stocks their stories this year packs we got lot of options we got four ie pegs the discord Jeff Jeff are you up for an interview both know you have really cool products like the Death Adder basics good Death Adder from razor so what aren't you telling us I think I think I don't think I'm quick enough for this report extra pillows this what does that mean I wish I knew that doesn't help me virtual reality hot dog cooking that would be fun get out of the way Cooper chill reality tax filing tax filing yeah but you can get better at tax filing no pleasure virtual reality matted amazing oh I agree are you excited for the new Madden game I don't like sports have you seen my yeah but it it's matted you seem mad in before I've seen it this year they're adding some pretty fresh stuff to the game just lots more football on both sides of the screen does that mean there's like two footballs on the fielders no just more football in general yeah [Laughter] that's pretty awesome Papapa Papapa I am defeated your entrails are demolished how many times do you get asked how's the weather down there once every pax do you know that at VidCon my friend actually said that to you on ironically no I don't remember right there is like it's like all right Kristin see you down there what's your favorite packs booth this this pack so far the anime section was a kitties no I want to get in on this they've led in G fuel they have so much led in it and it's it's disgusting there's so many toxins you're gonna get Elle you've done anything illegal at the convention center yet I don't think I can tell you but all I can say is I have a knife I think that counts us telling me no I can't think of things to say while he is playing tennis eliminate the middle class alright we're gonna back to hot ones know if you had to make a new Pokemon know what what would it be what kind of Pokemon would it be have you done anything illegal here yet answer the question miss please don't pop on my microphone throw me some opinions what anything please stop talking alright favorite meme they just burped yeah

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