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Johnny Bravo – Johnny Needs Money | Cartoon Network | Cartoons for Children
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ah Saturday in Aron City a day of peace a day of relaxation a day of why I'm trying to touch my inner self thank you young lady no thank you yeah what are you doing kid I'm selling lemonade so I can buy my mommy a gift cop got a quarter of glass what are you gonna fire gum here's a 20 keep the change thank you no thank you excuse me little girl do you have change for a thousand I think so neato now I have enough money to send my mommy sure tomorrow oh yeah hey I can get mama those slippers she's been wanting to buy I just have nothing right oh man I know slippers cost $25 – where am I gonna get that kind of money hey Johnny I have some extra don't interrupt me kid I got to make some cash Johnny anybody can make money you just have to figure out what your best asset is and so that my best asset my best asset all I gotta do is kiss one Betty and I'm off to battle slippers hey little mama one kiss $25 okay how about two kisses hey there little pop-tart how'd you like me to plant a big wet one on you or vice versa only 25 bucks and I'm yours for the taking hang on I think I have to make Hertz did I mention my money-back guarantee I'll never make any money like that oh yeah what does a kid like you know about making money little girl that was the best glass of lemonade I've ever had thank you sir in fact I liked it so much I'm prepared to give you a big sack of money for your recipe okay money's sugar I'm gonna make a money house Johnny you should try being a consultant consultant yeah like when I told that guy how to make lemonade so a consultant is a guy who tells people what to do well hey I can do that yeah you should try a little less Rouge that'll be 25 bucks don't slaps that'll be 25 bucks hey thanks you know what you should do with that money what put it in the bank that'll be 25 bucks hey thanks I know I'm screwing this up somewhere say mister you know if you worked out more you'd probably be able to chop faster not only 25 bucks tree killer I'm late for my foxy boxing class Johnny now there's a box of your favorite cereal in the cabinet honey but mama cook you could do it silly girl Mike it's only breakfast you can do this hmm frosted sugar bets the great taste of frosted sugar and Ben's free gift inside or into bowl and add milk oh man this is trickier than I thought greetings lonely guy tired of being dumped by women from your own country beautiful international women are willing to lower their standards to meet you today just call 1-800 la dy that's 1-800 welcome to babe phone to meet a babe press 1 now congratulations please allow 6 days for your companion to arrive 6 days what am I gonna do for 6 days you Johnny Bravo if I wasn't could I do this impressive I have a package for you sign here please change my mind so let's go find you another crate Johnny he's afraid of moon Johnny's afraid of finally what are you doing I'm afraid I'm gonna have to eat you kid you don't eat me bear see I'm too pretty to eat you don't understand kid I'm hungry I haven't eaten in six months ever try that Sun no being master of all time I must strictly adhere to my set schedule am i reaching you kid no see this this is my yearly calendar sleep and eat eat and sleep am i sleeping no well then guess who's coming to dinner wait a minute man what if I could get you back to sleep son my eyelids are impeccably timed with the vernal equinox meaning it's impossible what do you say you give me a shot huh I mean what have you got to lose 20 minutes you're getting sleepy sleepy oh boy B not working besides his barn watches 37 seconds off all the excitement of trees 24 hours a day the birch trees of the genes– Petula that's it did time's up no it isn't I still have 12 minutes left that's the VCR you imbecile I really have to learn how to set that clock oh man I think I ditched him here's Johnny I'm Johnny hey I'm Chronos nice to meet you is that supposed to intimidate me clear [Applause] hey smokey this hands were registered as lethal words boys oh isn't that just done I should put those boys to bed hey goober mass it worked I'm an ocean of muscle Evan and flown on the tide of stubbornness ubermass mama turn me into a buck bodied stud well now Johnny I don't want to be negative but well you don't look all that buff what are you talking about well you just look fat you're just jealous mama no actually she's right Johnny you're fat I'm huge that's all that matters quick give me something heavy to lift what about the washing machine all right oh man maybe I do have a couple extra stomach rolls oh now Johnny this is ridiculous I mean good heavens you've gotten house all over the floor bang you're right I gotta find a way to lose weight fast you and 58% of America model I'll be back I'm going to over mass headquarters well I'd better get the squeegee wait a second a 50-foot woman what a ridiculously outlandish idea that's the movies for you totally fake fake is right yep doesn't get any less real and giant people giant people just the thought is laughable paste is better indeed I'm just looking for the uber mass spectrum baby I gotta fix this fast I'm taking a lot of people off like whoa mom hey there a hygiene girl a little babe with minty breath hey thanks man god bless you excuse me oh that's gotta hurt bingo so I sold an entire case of the stuff to this idiot did you tell him it was outlawed by the FDA FDA is that the basketball thing no oh then I didn't tell him there that fella that's so maneuver mats no no he uh he died not so fast over man all right now mr. wizard my request is simple either you give me the antidote to this uber crud or I ring you like a sponge okay okay you win fella this is this is your mask now remember follow the recommended dosage and in six weeks you'll be back to normal ah there you go again with that six weeks stuff mister I'll have that kind of time six weeks mix weeks I knew everything it'd turn out okay oh man I gotta get to the gym [Applause]

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