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magog nights it has been a very good week your king Trump has pulled your kingdom's support from some climate change thing in Paris you know what that means he is obviously a mad evil genius that has some sort of weather changing doomsday device also Kathy Griffin's career died so horribly that not even I with my necromantic abilities could resurrect it and on a personal note I spent a little time in a woodshed it actually turned out rather Pleasant I thought woodshed be boring seriously guys you should totally woodshed sometime greetings my fellow impressively impatient individuals I am the savage speaker now you're anything like me who you expect a little something from your YouTube content creators every now that a video maybe one a week maybe maybe one a month you're really unlucky maybe one every two months but something so with you in mind and no selfish motivations was whether I done something fix the problem I've stolen the day literally high content for your front log there's Wi-Fi in there I'm not a complete fucking Savage it puts the lotion on its skin [Laughter] why hello there hot stuff oh right I remember I love it this is before they might do a couple of days to get them back on track but you can rest assured that at some point in the near future will be more days data content will get more of a man once he's done dialing my woodshed now what is a man yeah so Dave's dead found some wood in that woodshed after all a little mahogany hahahaha and also the beard Berrien he has a little secret of his own and it sparked my curiosity no it's not that quit assuming queerness where there is none welcome back to clear kid stuff today we're talking about one of our all-time favor moving maybe you heard of it Janet Iza I don't know that's right I want to talk about frozen because you might not know this but it's totally feminist and queer what did I just say quit assuming queerness where there is none the fuck shake Teddy do you remember when we talked about feminism yeah I do well there's a lot of really awesome feminist stuff in frozen that you might not know about most of the feminist stuff in frozen has to do with sisterhood you should hey exactly how are you going to make that gay I've got a very special surprise for you today it's my little sister Rose Halen good to see you teddy this is getting weird wait wait can you tell everyone your pronouns first and how you identify sure teddy as you see her hers and I identify in a straight cisgender lady I should see the hand right there someone is under that table moving the teddy bear what hole is the other hand did somebody go ask oh my god yeah I was just talking about feminism and sisterhood in frozen water walk us through it with our handy dandy popsicle puppets definitely so there are two sisters Elsa and Anna and Elsa has these magical powers where she can turn things to ice and snow this is I cancer let's get through it now what we might think at this point in the movie is that the only thing that will save on us is to kiss Tom's or Christophe but that's not what happens the act of true love that saves on us is when she protects her sister the most important relationship in the movie is all about sisterhood and that's a very feminist idea that love between two sisters can be more important than a girl's love for a boy you're both idiots sister hoods and Brotherhood's all this time family bonds are forged in loyalty blood and surviving hardship feminism doesn't own that you only want this movie to be feminism so it aligns with your narrative he wanted frozen to be a feminist movie then Elsa should have come out with her powers and then claim them as a disability then also called all the town's folk bigots and sexist maybe she would die a hair blue get a few piercings go on a protest also she would use her power to destroy the patriarchy and let's not forget she would have to align herself with Islam just so she could be a friend to the religion of peace and that's why this part of frozen is feminist okay okay I got it now I want to know why it's clear excellent questions yes tell us how it's queer I'm on the edge of my seat with anticipation okay the queer part is pretty specifically about the character Elsa also so cool she's got magic powers and she has that awesome stuff exactly and her clearness has everything to do with her powers and song she sings I have magic powers are you saying that I have one Disney pop song way from being gayer than a San Francisco truckstop glory oh now there isn't anything in frozen that directly tells us that Elsa is queer but there are a couple clues we can take a closer look at don't get me wrong I'm all for some hot lesbian Disney Princess action but you're reaching let it go the first clue is that she doesn't have any romantic interest in the story the only person in a horror movie rosomak accepted anna that's because she's afraid to touch anyone she freezes people to death fuckwit I'm sure that if she could grab a dick without breaking it off she'd be grabbing some dicks the luck shakes she's been locked in a bedroom her whole life she's probably a batshit crazy horny princess needs a good shag the second and third shoes are Ella's magical powers and the song let it go both of these clues have to do with coming up right coming out it's a thing talking about coming out is short for coming out of the closet wrong the magic power is the conflict of the plot and her letting it go it's just her realizing her true potential and her ability to conquer and rule her Kingdom she will destroy her enemies and raise their castles to the ground the song let it goes basically fuck this shit I'm conquering everyone in frozen elsa is scared of her powers she tries to conceal her feelings because she is scared of her powers and how they might hurt other people this is very similar to have some lgbtq+ feel when they first realized they are lgbtq+ she freezes people to death what are you not getting about this has nothing to do with being queer coming out you're trying to say that being gay kills people but that brings us to our final clue let it go Elsa finally realizes that she can be who she truly is she can finally be herself when she lets go of all of her fears and she puts on a sea dress and sings of Kools and powering on sounds pretty clear to me definitely and it's very like coming out of the cottage for a lot of lgbtq+ people she also builds a palace of ice on a mountaintop creates a massive deadly snow monster to God and puts the world into a permanent winter she's realized she's a god she can create sentient life from snow worship her or die reminds me of mother and you know the Disney is working on a frozen sequel movie write what I know and a lot of people really want Disney to give Elsa a girlfriend they wanted Elsa to actually have a love story with a girl in the next movie that would be hot I'm down quite frankly I don't care if people a gay but you're still reaching the film draws its inspiration from the fables Snow Queen by Hans Christian Andersen a classic tale of good and evil also in the original there is a princess who is strong and intelligent and wants a prince just as intelligent as her so she puts forth a puzzle for any man to solve and if he gets it right he gets her hand in marriage that'd be an interesting sequel wouldn't you agree or you could just stick with frozen – Elsa finally gets laid that would be seriously awesome it's probably not going to happen in the next movies but it would be so cool if it did but even if L so doesn't girlfriend we can still think of her as a bear character pandering if Disney were to give Elsa girlfriend everyone would know it was just force see if there's a gay character in the film they have to evolve that way naturally and organically can't just give someone a girlfriend so if they were to do it everyone would know it was to shut up a bunch of raging fans on Twitter see next time we're different where that was mildly painful wasn't it you know I hope they do put a gay character in the next Rossum movie and I hope it's the fucking moose just to piss off you Elsa nuts I hope you enjoyed this episode I've got to practice my ice magic again it's been a while thank you to beard very in a days dead please go and subscribe to them they're very good content their links are below and I hope to work with them again in the future also I would like to promote the sexy lady calendar brought to you by Marvin Medusa and her can pay trips you'll see the fundraising link loads for charity go and donate if you're willing now make this calendar reality and it will feature sexy ladies of YouTube and who doesn't want that thank you all and I'll see you next time can la piel wanna send our 110

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