Mickey Mouse Discovers the Government Cartoon Conspiracy Against Glenn Beck

When they increase the title length on youtube I’m going to rename this to “Mickey Mouse Discovers The Government Plan to Attack Glenn Beck by Paying Jonathan McIntosh to Remix Cartoons.” Because that’s the title I put in the video. Glenn Beck has a moral for you in this mashup and it is that you should remix as many Fox and Disney clips as you can because it’s all fair use!

Also the video clips in this remix are from a cartoon called Mickey’s Parrot.

Here’s the original remix by rebelliouspixels:

And here’s Glenn Beck’s crazy response:

ikat381 presents A Complete Ripoff of Rebellious Pixels. Mickey Mouse discovers the government's plan to attack Glenn Beck by paying Jonathan McIntosh to remix cartoons. There is a story on, um, Donald Duck Meets Glenn Beck. [radio] It is some of the best propaganda against me like you've never seen using Disney, [radio] and Disney cartoons but I just wanna, if I'm not mistaken, some of these remix videos, [radio] I believe, get federal funding. [radio] The communists [radio] The socialists [radio] The union organizers [radio] Jonathan McIntosh [radio] The enemies [radio] Yet another, unbelievable attack but I guess it's all fair use, [radio] and it's okay because the truth shall set you free. The End

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