My BEST FRIEND is a HACKER?! PZ9 is JUSTIN! 24 Hour RC Airplane Battle for Source Code in Minecraft

PZ9 is Justin?

After Chad Wild Clay made IF YOU PLAY 2 VIDEOS AT SAME TIME YOU CAN SEE HACKER SECRET (CWC DeLorean vs Project Zorgo Tesla), Vy Qwaint created I SAVED VIDCON & STOPPED PROJECT ZORGO HACKER PZ9 FROM HACKING 10,000 YOUTUBERS – 24 Hour Challenge Daniel uploaded MY YOUTUBE IS HACKED! Project Zorgo Hackers Control Spy Ninjas Channels for 24 Hours in Real Life to the Exposing Project Zorgo YouTube channel, we finally manage to rescue VidCon and stop Project Zorgo from hacking all the creator’s YouTube channels. PZ9 was able to escape with the floppy disks containing the YouTube Algorithm source code. PZ9 hacked our spy pens, giving him the ability to hear and see what we do but we figured out how to stop that too. Now our best friend hacker who we believe is Justin is running around Los Angeles California. We must find him, reveal his true identity with a name reveal and face reveal. We can’t let him use the source code for any of his bad plans. Thank you for watching my PG entertainment family-friendly comedy videos for kids in 2019!

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you guys do to pass war hey we destroyed it and we stayed Victor you let the big cognition fail I still have the YouTube algorithm source code in my possession okay we gotta go find pz9 right now this is really important you guys ready let's go look easy 9 has YouTube's algorithm source code and that's gonna allow him to do some really bad things to creators on YouTube so we need to find pz9 right now keep an eye out for him yeah where are we whoa wait we're just outside of VidCon right now that Khan was so nice this place is like dump yeah trash everywhere why did pz9 run over this way he must be trying to hide from us what whoa nein over here and over here whoa and another one he could be in any one of these doors to board it up this is possibly PC 9 secret hideout he wrote the word 9 on these doors let's go down the stairs here is he doing where are all those hairs come from are they having a meeting right now I thought he left projects are go no he rejoined prodigal because we won't help him Daniel with his VidCon mission so he decided to get pressure gurgles help that's right what a pz9 turned me in revealed I was a double agent they welcomed him back on the team I'm it gave you the exit ceremony I wonder if practice circles man at pz9 kiss the VidCon mission failed he was in charge of it it's all his fault Oh Oh Oh Oh he kicked all three of their pots why is he doing that oh he's not the move let's follow oh my gosh this is gonna be here too you just try pushing on he doesn't stand a chance against busy night my gosh it's okay if you fail pz9 everyone fails sometimes it's not their fault it's your fault busy night what another hacker just popped up why is that hacker even trying he should know PC that would beat him easily so he still has YouTube's source code that must be what projects are always trying to get from him cuz if you have access to the source code you can pretty much do anything you want on YouTube you could give yourself a hundred million subscribers so pz9 can be bigger than t-series and beauty bye isn't here guys his best friend yeah what if you guys just went up to him and beat him up maybe you can talk to him that's a great idea Regina yes we should try to use our words before we use our fists maybe he'll give us the source code and we can just give it back to YouTube and say here you go excuse me buddy my ninja what an unpleasant surprise busy night Justin okay we know you have YouTube source code hand it over we need to return it to YouTube don't do anything with it that would be wrong oh the source code you're talking about these you want them yes I guess it doesn't matter we already have the source code up means this was easy what even our I'm not even old enough to know what these are or anything I think people used to use these long ago they're called floppy disks Oh like in the ancient times yeah it's kind of a CD or DVD but a really old version Wow Daniel how old are you I'm a tech guy I've researched all the tech of the past century so how do we get the data off these disks how can we even read it I always come prepared in my backpack I have a UDC really you know that is a universal disc inverter we can read what's on these things this yeah oh hey just what my backpack I did we're talking about it starting your backpack we should actually double check to see if the source code it's actually on this thing pz9 could be tricking us I'm gonna slide the disc in to the universal disc drive let's plug my phone into this alright what's the second it's downloading is downloading wait it's a link to a YouTube video hey guys why don't we put these videos on each of our instagrams mine's at Chow ball play mine that equate mine CWC Daniel at CIBC Regina maybe it's like a tutorial on how to use the source code boy excuse me I hey Chad are you from the African savannah because you look like a giraffe I'm what a minute I'm from the African savannas you call me a giraffe there is a country named Chad in Africa you must know his geography but he insulted you chad is so mean but I love drafts so it wasn't really an insult but it wasn't a source code yeah there's no source going on here do we check what's online yeah okay yeah it's another video okay push play wow I love your look where do you shop baby yeah baby guess not anymore I mean I'm like in the kids section now guys what is this you totally tricked us there's no source code on these desks what about yours Daniel one of these has got to have the YouTube source code on it another video we gotta push play Daniel laughing Daniel you're so playing you said you're funny what are you looking Oh funny looking oh my god I thought it was being nice for a second jerk well at least I'm brave enough to show my face yeah Peevy and I Virginia what about your floppy disk to the camera better be it guys another video roses are red and violets are blue Regina has the posture of PZ top you stand up straight yeah have a nice flat back yeah what's with these poppy disks yeah nothing worthwhile on these I'm gonna put links to all these videos so you guys can see them down in the description below underneath this video well you guys I can see that this video was last modified at these coordinates right here maybe a PC nines there with the real source code cuz he obviously gave us like all these fake one let's go there go go go the coordinates lead up here yeah we're pretty much here according to the coordinates the gross looking place keep your eyes peeled for pz9 if you see that in here it's just totally empty air you guys huh look over there what yeah they must be spying on pz9 too they look like parties although members yeah they are they probably want the source code for themselves yes madam first before they get it it's gotta be around here somewhere if the project circles looking for him here we must be in the right spot easy dad's right up here oh yeah guys we just passed this floppy disk you must have dropped that took the wall oh yeah did he see us you might have left this as a trick I think we better just check I mean one could take the roast right okay let's watch it like files or something but they're all redacted hmm oh that means like restricted you can't see it's a sensor there's one right here I could get on too okay looks like a letter letter says to whom it may concern but everything looks blurred except for wait the signature is me or Dino down I'm gonna I must signature expert you guys really okay okay looks like it's a scribble hey remember that one time Daniel was still a lie detector and working for pizza pizza the projects are though that's right we were following him we followed him to Starbucks yeah and he left the receipt behind and I uncovered that it was Daniel e-signature expert that's right how could I ever question you it's like a scribble and then towards the end it looks like it's an eye and you tell like an eye Internet Justin yes teen he signed his name just just look like a Justin maybe it yeah right I think that's confirmation that pz9 is for sure Justin we better follow oh don't repeat jp9 you gonna go to Burger King she's just went into Burger King doesn't Justin eat fast food a lot yeah he loves it no I wouldn't say that I mean he tries to eat healthy but yeah sometimes he does he fast food I guess oh he did cheat days I don't think he sees that so let's just run into Burger King okay okay let's go let's go let's go whoa hey hey what are you doing spining Josh GAD ah let's get out of here guys no no you can't get out of here no no no we're not gonna give you a shout-out no we got a really weird Justin go where is he Virginia where'd he go did you see him yeah sure I lost track on ah shoot this guy sir go guys oh man I'm not violent yeah I know but we're following somebody so you're just dropping us yeah yeah yeah did you see him Justin yeah it confirms that Justin is pz9 last time you guys saw Justin in real life oh my gosh I think it was probably over a year ago yeah long long time ago back in LA yeah when we found him with a hacker mask on but he told us that someone had tied him up but now I think he was just tricking us and he actually was wearing a hacker mask do you see that beard it's just like dzenitis beard we saw pz9 go into Burger King and then a couple minutes later Justin comes out you probably took his hacker clothes off inside a Burger King trying to disguise himself as a regular person but hello we know let's go into Burger King maybe you'll have some clues or something okay let's go let's go did you see anybody weird in there like a wearing a hacker a hacker you owe me in Wapping no no no no no no no not a whopper but guy wearing a mask half a mask and he was like wearing a skirt kind of oh oh you mean the Burger King you know he's only just the mascot you know Ronald McDonald no no it was a guy all in black the white mask oh yeah he's so crazy oh my goodness you know he was talking but it's like he wasn't even talking in complete sentences okay like what was he saying he was saying like flashlight you know your your nose you know enjoy your food your what your boots and also ah that sounds like the projects are the language you guys and we use the decoder wheel boy okay well where exactly was he sitting Oh like over there over there yeah okay well thank you sir appreciate all your help you've been very helpful okay thank you thank you have a good day guys who got check this area for any clues that Justin may have up to behind ya can you reach it yes he said that's where Justin was sitting me here so this note must be from Justin yeah I think so no in person meeting huh there's a signature you're the signature I am this looks like maybe scribble but that's definitely an I Johnston the signature on the floppy disk just look like this one right yes it's good it seems like Justin was leaving this clue for someone letting them know that he can't have any more in-person meetings okay we gotta figure out exactly where Justin winter how can we do that what about office Oracle language that that random guy said that Justin was saying can't we do coder will spy ninjas if you have the decoder wheel decode it leave a comment down below did you guys remember what symbols you say he was saying a bunch like put boot oh oh wait I'm Filipino means foot are you serious yeah you know okay he's an old Stu okay Locke was one oh he said flashlight which i think means flashlight it's in the last video he equals pz9 if key equals nine foot equals K nose equals a lock equals R flashlight equals P so we got a K we got an A we got an R and a P what is that spill carp huh that's like a fish but I don't think that has a K in it maybe it's like pot whoa Packers are always meeting in the park I'm looking up at the closest park it's got to be that one right it's gotta be should we just should we just go there all right guys it's over here marks this way Chad what should we do when we see Justin right he's our best friend so I don't know she would do we find him I don't really know what we do I'm so confused now it seems like he's definitely pz9 yeah but he betrayed us he was so mean to us Daniel what do you think we should do he's messed up our lives so much we gotta fight him yeah really he's not my friend he's your friend yeah Justin these are really really good fighter I'd be careful let's keep going the clue that we found said that pz9 is in this park so guys we need to keep your eyes out for pz9 AKA justin most likely I see pc9 right here do you see him did he change back to his projects require clothes are they two different people I can't tell right guys I'm gonna use my binoculars for my spy essential kit yeah I love that okay so he's on a laptop chatting or something talking to the laptop so to do like a FaceTime call or Skype call or something could be Gopal sir it wasn't it okay there's two hackers right there they have a hacker dude that's not that same dog it grew up about a puppy the same breed well for Zach was right there what do we do they're definitely not on pz9 side right that's why cuz PZ and I betrayed projects or go okay guys let's just go up to that tree projects are gonna see us we need to listen into pz9 safekeeping okay clean it well you source codes being uploaded to the internet your voice it sounds really familiar do you guys know what it is that's a familiar I don't know very high and squeaky yeah you spine and just recognize that voice leave a comment down below that'll be super helpful to us if we can figure out who PC 9 is talking to Bathsheba's local hackers they're making a move on feely night right now we didn't we need to get up there before they do or like fun injures you

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