My Gaming PC Accessories

Void Headset:
Logitech G910:
MX Master:

good at Canary kong harbour views calm today I'm going to be showing you what kind of accessories I'm rocking on my new i7 7700 k gaming PC here we have the logitech g9 10 Orient's part to the RGB model I think that's the only when the g19 comes in tues RGB so I just have to be wave pattern going across right now it's kind of hard to see with the with the light on point that in another direction and you can kind of see it scrolling across there so we have the g 9 10 I am rocking the Logitech MX master very very very good Mouse um I'm very very impressed with that mouse monitor wise right now we are using a samsung i'm not going to pan it up because it's going to be too hard to get back into focus in the reading but samsung and a dell monitor i will have to samsung monitors wants my new desk arrives it should be here sometime next week they are two fifty nine inch desk from ikea they're going to be put together in one long desk and put on the back wall in my office for microphones and headsets i am using the corsair this is the the best buy um exclusively felt on the course or website and bestbuy com it is the the void RGB on special edition which is the they call the yellow jacket they are wireless they're discharging right now so you can see the colors are changing their again kind of hard to see but II computer went to sleep so they stopped let me change the colors it may be let's see what's a good yeah so there is going to show is done charging but there you can see the colors going there and there's a little bit of a thunderstorm going on outside so RGB void headset wireless and we have the turtle beach stream mic up here that's what I used to stream on what I'm on OBS and playing on PC this is what you hear my voice from now from now on but when I'm streaming Xbox that is what the computer uses to pick up my voice for stuff like that so that is my gaming rig setup like i said i 777 hundred k GTX 1050 TI and i will be doing a full pc tour I've had a couple people I asked for the full details and specs on the pc i will be doing a full pc tour um but the case arrived damaged for the pc so i'm actually waiting on a replacement from bezel for it before i make the video so it should be up in about a week this been called our views calm don't forget to comment rate and subscribe for more and as always have a great day

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