Ozzy Man Commentates Game of Thrones Season 5 Trailer

Bit of fun, warming up me recap vocal chords. Will wait for the season to start before breaking shit down thoroughly. My predictions are usually bloody terrible anyway. Let’s kick round some ideas in the comments.

now cut the fucking shit Cersei walks out of the Sept of Baelor as Jamie looks over dead tie when the Knights of the Vale passive Cersei rage broken man face a new season begins with a bit of canoeing our there's bran and now it's a Kubrick film Sansa is lectured fucking whip bald prick looks like dawn oberyn's home Santa gets lectured wildlings hit the beach dissolve to a Sheila bloody self-harming Margaery gets married for a billionth time the Lord of bones looking like a tough cunt varies on holiday tyrion falls out of a box fuck yes beard the red woman prepares a sacrifice Cersei standing around more crazy bearded vacation fun times galloping Kit Harington finally getting better at acting fucking finally Sansa falling asleep in a bubble bath two women in the woods wildlings eavesdropping trying to get a password to go beyond the gate Daenerys talks tough Jorah is up shit creek bloody April a threat bloody beard Cersei gives Jaime a spray justice the red woman doing more dodgy religious shit and now drinking with a beard yes Jon Snow a big fight where the fuck's Jamie erection advancing technology grandma Tyrell Jon fighting Jamie getting walloped cut from a mask to reach symbolic brawn chops down fucking horse some kind of fun wreckers pour out alcohol bastards ire knocks on a door and looks at needle as if she's about to say goodbye to the present Jon Snow gave her in season 1 bloody title card played in on some more Knights of the Vale and then cut to a fucking Bolton board game played with flayed men vacation fun times very says where we going out tonight pensive Danny there's a bloody dragon more canoeing unique love dead prick fun boobs a morning walk back in dawn Spears pleasure or pain a fight galloping more fighting Margaery hug fighting a raven everyone's fighting finally we finish on the harpy statue at the top of the great Mira knees pyramid crashing down our shit ah fuck that's gonna be expensive

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