Ozzy Man Reviews: Game of Thrones – Season 6 Episode 7 newgamesvidoes trailer

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Ozzy Man Reviews: Game of Thrones – Season 6 Episode 7 newgamesvidoes trailer
Here is me recap and review of Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 7 “The Broken Man”. Cheers! Support my video making via Patreon any time ya like:
Spoilers! Me bloody recap n review of GoT S5E7.

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GoT Spoilers! The bear and the maiden, an ep written by Mr. Martin. Woohoo! Here’s me recap n review. Benevolently

we open on a cult listening to join Bayers and building a wicker man the camp leader gives everyone positive encouragement he's having a super-duper day this wanker carries a log by himself because he's Sandor fuckin Clegane the Hound has been living the quiet life eating chicken veggies and drinking vitamin water the deadwood fella talks about religion but Sandor is mostly interested in food cut to the trendy standing desk which the high Sparrow is happy to rent out the sly old bastard talks to Marge about her sex life she says she's not very horny but he's like well that doesn't matter you're a baby-making factory for King Tom I bloody get to it nurse ratchet watches over Marge's catch up with grandma Marge gives her a cheeky night and they talk in code like a couple of paranoid drug dealers using facebook Messenger it appears Marjorie wants to start up a florist company and has even drafted a lovely logo grandma is proud as punch the wildlings are being flaky and unsure if they want to fight all Johnno can say is well you're here now and you're pretty fact no matter what he definitely makes them think and so does torment with his amazing hair and then 11 gives John Owen endorsement fuckin nothing can beat that friendship sir say and grandma Tyrell go another round of saying the moist and seeing who can do the least you can hear sir say thinking about doing something though her brother gets to ride a horse Jamie looks over some primo real estate brawn bitches about being employed blackfish listens to the phrase threatened to kill his nephew EDD Muir he calls their bluff though and does a walkout they have nothing to do but stand around in their stupid little hats head mew up lets out some we fuck yes golden hand fuck yes Jamie takes command of the siege the new group is trying to get the Mormont's to join in them Johnno rambles about the past so gets told to shut the fuck up and get to the point which makes him forget about the point luckily Davos remembers the point Sansa quickly forgets the point and then gets yelled at for not making a point Davis gets everyone back on point fuck he's good at that lady Mormon says we'll join you only because of davis back at Riverrun blackfish tells jamie to suck a bag of dicks this is his castle Jamie thinks about his options House Glover tells the new group to suck a bag of dicks Santa thinks about her options and then finally Johnno gets the point the Greyjoy's have dropped the anchor to have a big fuck-off orgy fian is unable to join in yara gives him a motivational talk and promises they can achieve three to five things if he stops being a pussy Sansa tells John oh how shits their army is he's thinking it's not that bad at least we have a giant she then secretly proofreads an email that she wants to send brother ray runs a group therapy session and talks about being a recovering psychotic the master class is interrupted by local street toughs Sandor knows their fuckheads aya forgets she's probably being hunted and goes for a walk ten seconds later I'm yelling fuck off fuck off this book spoiler is not funny my tactic appears to work and she gets away kat-tun dead wankers everywhere sandals new friends have been butchered they didn't even get to finish building the wicker man like my father before me I'm working my hand like my brother before me I took rebel Stan I actually hadn't indulged the thought of the hand coming back that much I know I know but I'm officially fucking pumped now me other favorite scenes were the ones with Jamie and blackfish young Lyanna Mormont and I is fight for survival blackfish is one of my favorites supporting characters in this series I can't psychologically tell you why I guess I want to be like him when I grow up he's tough as nails but knows how to be a top like it was great seeing Jamie have goals and objectives having his lannister wits challenged opposed to his physical prowess I like Bron when he's not being forced upon me because everyone thinks he's cool this was a good amount of brawn it's gonna be interesting to see what happens at this party once Brienne rocks up on behalf of Sansa now in regards to this cameo young lianna moment kicked it in the dick it's like nothing we've ever seen her originality was gold she's a character that's young but not dumb she's not needing lessons or excessive mentoring I'm sure we've all come across a kid in real life who seems to instinctively know the way the world works you don't know how you don't know why it's just amazing and all you can do is shut up and listen to them yeah my third favorite scene was the one with aya in this sequence it was really tense there's definitely something fishy about it though I was thinking what's going on she looked like she was vigilant and preparing for a fight last week and now she's strolling around on a bridge I'm happy to put the tin foil hat on and say you know this might not be are you but let's wait and see this episode is called the broken man which mostly represents Sandor Clegane Brianne broke the fuck out of him and his contemplating if he can come back from a life of robbing and killing what I really like is that this idea can be applied to Westeros as a whole the mood of the episode feels a lot like some of the book four chapters we explore the devastation a large walk and have on smaller communities and common people this peaceful community is trying to escape the devastation but unfortunately they can't its ongoing house Glover is trying to escape the devastation left from Robb Stark's failed campaign shutting their doors and hoping to stay away from any further killing and robbing house warmint was hugely protective of their 62 soldiers it took a classic Davis speech to win them over the siege at Riverrun even feels exhausted and sloppy I don't think these tragic little frayed blokes really want to be there the wildlings reminisce on when they were a strong army under Mance Rayder but they're fucking exhausted too it's a heavy episode and it's looking into who has the energy left to continue the war to rob and kill again and come back from a broken state I filled with them overall these latest episodes are not so action packed but I'm not panicking the bloke who directed the hardhome episode from last year is directing the final two apps for this season shit is gonna get real also a big fuck yes 2114 saying a word Sheila's would love this fella he's such a good listener Santa is no doubt going back to Littlefinger with this letter that makes me nervous honorable mention to a LAN up for roasting sir say I thought sir say was bouncing back this season but now she's probably not she'll end up chucking a tantrum and rage quitting cheers to Ryan for sending me that one I like our Lena Headey and Aidan Gillen both have psychotic slow blinking down pat they fucking love a psychotic slow blink a someone is copyright infringing someone on set we're staying

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