PC Accessories – Mouse Mat, Gaming Mouse & Gaming Keyboard

So yeah that the stuff i got didnt spend to much money on the but think i did good!

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which I polish an annoyingly second time in news video don't what the fuck up the donor fuck happened there YouTube looking at you you fucker fucker something happen I upload is up Oh something wrong with saleh and fucking them did anyway um I'm wearing a tank top so yeah I'm a douche I woman be a holder staff here me and secondly make sure you follow me on Twitter I could in the description make sure you follow me it's a great way to keep up to date with live streams and things i do liner so twitter if you have it definitely follow me and i wanted to just show you some stuff i received by computer accessories just to talk about a little bit you know just because i was doing like that unboxing and I'm gonna do like pc stuff so why not i'll just let you make some more videos for I so got this razer mouse mat it's really good as this is the second time i'm doing i don't really want to take them under books again and put it again I'm just kind of going to go over and quickly so it's a really good mouse mat it's pretty big it's bigger than my mac so it's a really solid like really solid like um you know how much some ass much even move and decide that one it's like glue you put in this good fucking can't move it um mouse I got this the gigabyte in 6900 I guess um it says it's a precision optical game in mass looks pretty sweet I mean it's got a little red lights on it they can like click and change stuff and seven macro buttons so fucking pretty sweet but pretty sweet mouth and then got the keyboard I'm taun taun taun taun it's the Microsoft microsites x4 keyboard is pretty sweet um I'm going to take out again like I said but that's hella carnal that's how it kind of looks so i guess i could do review videos once i use them all on stuff on a platter it's pretty sweet score the reason I went with this one is there it's it's got macro keys as well you can assign microbes and stuff on that and it has like the anti-ghosting stuff and he's got red backlight so you know you can turn adeline the keys and you'll come up there and it's renders or so it goes with the theme of my house so let's take just as it got for my computer so hopefully i'll get my computer pretty soon update on it it's game built now by the pc specialist everything's paid so it should be here if not next week the week after that so it should be really good i'm super duper fucking excited and i guess i'll see you npc we can play some games to give a much much less bad use of english they're not much many pc games videos to come and this can be fucking awesome and i'm excited you know it's going to be great so fix guys hopefully this one upload because i'm keeping it short and sweet and tell me what you think you know if you use this tell me what you think lie did I make a good purchase you know all that stuff so yeah I've seen any I Sphinx fortune take care why is he not shopping oh then I wasn't even clicking Bob

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