PC Gaming + Editing Setup with LED&RGB (Deepcol RF120)

Hi guys, in this video i am going to set up my PC Gaming and Video Editing Rig with RGB and LEDs, cutted in a timelapse for you to enjoy!

Have fun! 🙂

Support me and buy the Deepcool RF120 right here:

And find the Music Syncing LEDs by Kdorrku here:

Music by:

Declan DP – Great Days

Unminus – Just Cool

Declan DP – Rollercoaster

Joakim Karud – Echo

welcome to funny thing this is part two of how to build a studio for video editing also how to build a desk and hope you enjoy there also have a lot of unpacking to do like this where beautiful s is 24 inch monitor and then you'll also have some other people stuff like to be for PC here and also a new microphone this is an excel with excited about this too and also have some LED strips which are going around the table and yeah we want to set this all up today I'm excited so let's click on it [Applause] ice Green looks very nice [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] so [Applause] so we are buying the heck here with wd-40 and we are actually putting off those stickers here yeah because I think there will be looking much nicer without this like sticker here let me know in the comments what do you think but I'm gonna put you stickers off now so what you have to do is just put some VW and wd-40 on it let that sink in a little bit right here we go that's us just a little trick for you guys to learn to make your p45 120 look even nicer and brighter [Applause] done like it how do you like it tell me in the comments and see you next video very soon for now

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