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well Elida Tommo sync up since you never got your sim to use listen caro-kann personally pimen Porsche remnant from the ashes mosaic the within press impart do we very much now your PC gaming show hosts frankly Ward will be updates to existing franchises and titles others will be exclusive world first looks hello all you up in the balcony and of course thanks to you tuning in live from all over the Internet you don't seem to me happy to have you my name is day 9 I'm one of your hosts for this event joining me is the fantastic Frank we put in Lincoln and Glen were now you guys bet you thought Iaconelli more so chilly that I mean that's right midway through this show I'm gonna be asking those questions to the creative director of Borderlands 3 use hashtag be any show and we'll read them live I'll shoot until then let's start with a PC gaming show with our very first title from UK developer rebellion several years ago they announced that they were working on the follow-up to evil genius a real-time evil lair inner Julian on enjoy the penis is a doctor my little doctor Milito I suppose they gave Carl okay Gojira Dalian no Lapera sealed optimally the role of pure animal circus lost millions I love minions not given a call of a servomotor for a common deal for provisions yeah well that's a common risk this is what I say one much other in Cleveland see I was a mistake Lele Oh c'est la laaa florinela Chicharito this is my rocket ship we deliver Cannella de la Ciccia we have a plume of a particle answers I will G evil sinister quality she kept asking world domination saloon Iranian formulate the most important let me compare my world exclusive insta train the who know yes I have to be the one to tell when the would never let me holding tommooch o most you types won't even make it a whole year we have one rule you don't break the masquerade Winston we're gonna be no luck you don't break the grade you don't break the Oscar I see your power salute you and I hope you don't need that I'm there yet well Nadia Rolly city would lead a battalion what it is it's kind of a darker version of our world and the vampires Athena Athena back to last year's show it's not just a case so a sucking blood and filling up your health meter is actually – well I'm bit of shit – 101 below then a master like your desire and then they can it can feed on those people to like feel the same things as vehicle I mean I can give you like extra boosts and there was a really interesting characters in that trailer as well what kind of relationships are we gonna be forming with them as the player well very fragile very volatile relationships very mature really relationships so it's gonna be a fun time with anyone in the world excuse you actually essentially in the game when you were made as a vampire sort of very young vampire a lot of other vampires I mean at the same time and and this thing called the mass embrace and that means that essentially they're having a less lucky timing in the world York having a relatively good time I'm here to them because they don't know what they're doing they're going to bump her puberty on their own we have say a wife and children and you are morally objecting to drinking blood to survive and so the last good time let's say then the player is having so you can find them throughout the world as well and Brian the first game came out in 2004 you've been waiting 15 years for this any pressure little keys on your buttocks yeah well yeah we're well we're gonna make it work well you know people around the world watching this and of course the audience here and they all can't wait to play this game can you wait guys you'll be when can we learn more load planes to calm thank you so much Brian a car it good luck give it up in the morning when messenger interweb up with the ball have you ever wanted to play a dwarf fortress in space some answer is a Space Station sim from almanacs games and chuckle fish after a catastrophe Marty has launched a desperate attempt to find refuge among the stars your task is to manage a colony capable of sustaining life crafting components controlling colonists and sending out crews to mine asteroids but when you're living in space there can be big consequences to even the smallest mistakes let's take a look at the person but I think I see Oh chicken fish snake porque la mina de winter don't know see then loop the laminar okay we gonna go look around is that makeup with the condom they will Priscilla la Vida we serve your life as meals make friends and how it is possible how you use how will the affinity with is Jim Aune oh you know the really want to you know no less a Marathi Rosalind that'd man sir horse adrenaline Oh melodies modders and matter what a holiday they run their own studio let's welcome to the stage from tripwire John Gibson and from torn banner Steve picket hey Sean cook city then is it now I understand both you start as modest working independently now run your own studio what talk about the collaboration that you started together yes Steve so we've known the torn banner guys for a long time even giving them some advice when they were modders going commercial helping them not make the mistakes that we hate again those lands we've been friends and we've been always going to work together and now we've sort of formed this independent team professional supergroup – we've always been really close with tripwire and we really respect their games we see them as one of the few studios that's bringing true innovation to the FPS jazz well aberration torn banner expletive were losers while sclusively Matt is missing ultimately one hand shows a little Oh see weeks this is so epic maymay Oh some unknown Monty Python see talk to me about the well shibori to bringing players into their favorite reading villages and and yeah you're really you're not just going and standing in an area a bar fills up you're like you said burning houses killing peasants getting killed it's really about letting the player experiment iconic moment of the arrow on top of that we've this time around we step out scale see about two and a half times with the previous game the 64 players and tank top of that increases in but what it forces which really allows us to add a lot of drama you know what I like I will ignore the last season just battle the basket is gonna be in the game I mean I know it's a really critical element we've completely revamped I mean we really you are what we're doing here as bringing a truth in every sense yeah thank you and we'll pull these completely revamped the combat movement and animation systems so that every swing every every action of the combat feels readable and fair and also has the satisfaction of the and the weight that you would expect when to medieval knights and full armor are clashing yeah and it's it's very very fluid and much more accessible in the previous game and it's you know we're nervous what I really enjoy when when I'm playing it yeah I want to ask about the fluidity because a lot of melee combat games you hit a button and there's like a full animation swing in these sort of resets was kind of these discrete chunky times I understand that ancillary to the sword play operates differently than that yeah we kind of think of it like when you're swimming where you're kind of constantly using both arms at the same time and the part of our focus players can fight in ball people becoming the ultimate warrior fantasy and achieving glory on the battlefield well I mean I do have to ask I'm talking about swordplay and mastery but the original chivalry's I mean it's kind of like silly fun like how do you balance the mastery with the fun element yeah our goal has always been to make it so that players can take the game as seriously as they want to and also assume use it when I win least half yeah that's an important metric to track and the game has a huge influence from Monty Python as well I mean in the over-the-top voice wholly-owned the role-playing opportunities I mean the game is genuinely hilarious as an example of someone to be the man with the chicken while shooting Shakespeare like so like picking up a chick is Olivia well that's excellent well I mean I have to ask their hands on the PC gaming show let's take a look at what's coming up next coming up words life in Planet zoom from the creators of dark /zi remnant from the ashes baldur's gate 3 and more trailers interviews and game by the disease table okay like a mr. ruhle afraid to Prasanna Maronite Deegan pasta no pattern cooling error that was a brand new trailer for mosaic a dark and atmospheric adventure game coming later this year from developer kill bikes and publisher raw fury how are you guys enjoying it so far watching and ranting on our next game is a ghost scenes multiplayer hide-and-seek game inspired by a popular mod I'm gonna charge up your proton packs a Mythbusters bang enabled on this imaginary opponent it doesn't happen estimate proton pack constabie body the other Armani let's go let's go the main objective the time runs out until the clock strikes midnight if there's a hunter off by himself he can quickly just hit him in the back of the head and knock him out real quick and he has no identity it kind of can be divided in two different segments the first part of the game is kind of almost like a detective game because there's obvious at first glance so they've got gadgets like a footprint tracker they've got try to narrow down where when I see more chaotic people there's ragdolls flying everywhere and they have a cannon to really try to smash the ghosts into pieces so those are kind of the two aspects of the ghost I see talk to me a little bit about the inspiration for midnight ghost on I understand it's based on a garry's mod mod called prop hunt great so that's definitely a big inspiration but the big twist for us is that the props fight back you saw the furniture they hurled them zeroes at you they knock you out they send you flying and I want to ask about when the clock strikes midnight we saw the very spooky not give us a listen we didn't see what happens then what's going on there so midnight if even one ghost survives four minutes into the match then you hear this ominous grandfather clock chime across the lights will actually flicker out it will get really dark and scary and all the ghosts spirits the tables together minutes or so usually when it gets afraid top dollar in the soul rape suit Roman honour discordia was not afraid of a woman kill Instagram Malone bring rapes and rubbing next title we got Frankie up in the balcony if I understand correctly Frankie this is a sequel you do understand correctly Shawn yes it's a big sequel to a small indie game it's more a beautiful world engage with its creatures and the friend it's people search for magic lakes and ancient statues until you die and die again misses an explorer team war exclusive paella what accrued again no more hair salon or normal Iguala pero para para la when you cancel the window boutique when my machine how many does the changing word that is a Chinese improv on each arm novels but the lower-middle will ever know I don't know when da Booma now level terranovans a credenza with YouTube under super well me told me okay yeah well what are you gonna win one of the biggest Herman we're gonna knock the truth or not we're building a new rig is investing in a new monitor and here to talk about a groundbreaking new display Sarah welcome dear what you got so whenever we will weather weather look we're now learning one thing no moon to get the funnest amazing they're mine so money Dean with the video so it's the curve some of the colors under $400 for 27 inch panel so it expands our gaming lineup so our gaming line will be expanded to eight models range from 24 all the way up to 49 check out Samsung comm size gaming to 40 horse seasons back of the room for more info yeah that's right for an you in the audience that's there you can go there for it well I want to let you know that somehow all sorts of great presentation more announcements before seen footage including gear box answers burning questions about Borderlands 3 the next game get ready to rip the galaxy in bow ferrus but as york until around more hmm throw one oh wow gave me my revision and now the pc gaming show presents what's next from Hong Kong oh hello everyone thanks to the warm applause it's very exciting for all of us at fun companies here at the PC gaming naturally we would like to show some of the cool stuff without further ado what are some of the games coming for 2019 something just going on all yelling – I will feel wins your season Nancy aha a lots happened since you've been traveling Khan we could use your skills stalkus got each other's backs right what happens to you happens to meet me i won : Oh : l Barbaro ESCO henchmen burrow developing a Nokia Luna villekulla moon of magnets shaluinn from the ordinary this basement – what one piece a great achievement me Oh who would've thought my son off to fly among the stars Sammy correlate scene please welcome to the stage founder and director of mighty Kingdom Philip Mays so yeah we've been doing our own games for over 26 years now but recently we had the great pleasure to be working with some other very talented developers and film ace he is founder of mighty Kingdom a studio has been something of a little different a little different Thank You Natasha called Conan chop-chop and considering the day that perhaps no surprise that people decided that that was yeah we have a little surprise for you warning squirrel exclusive up tomorrow esto en su lado foreign investment didn't see more novel killed always a coach abilities that are compacting Maxell kill Anita cotterpin element but good better what I will not that I'm gonna leave dynamical of the earth the area iguana illegally in a service area or compared of our [Applause] we also have a playable version here at e3 at our demo room so if you want to give now a bit of a feel like Julia Julia Julia did you not communicate with the last humans needs outrun the blazing sun a massive open world environments good times for cheer up sunshine this is one of the most original looking moti players we've seen with interesting underneath a player driven economy and some including incredible deaf machines coming to early access on Steam on July 15 let's take a trip to the last Oasis ok they get the worry nobody's thinking also really coming you know Mahalo see who have a civilian gracias por el lado I will sail the four sword between a photo Colombia little mainly the Palos cover they say take the know what we'll tow this is America Mad Max no mucho fact I was in Mad Max Maximilian Ron you know how oh yeah was a second tremendous vehicroid she lives alone and let hidden water word and let 11:29 water world or or a food less austerity more support for the proposal planet phones there we go elphaba now you masala one Oh Sybok zombies 9/11 away on the stage to talk about it is the game where the entire game takes place and that spaceship will then transform into a capital A where your entire empire begins will attempt to take over the world around you but a number of sectors need is defective is a little story but most of them so maybe you'll find a genetics lab which is still full of horrible mutant creatures then to payment complex overrun by horrible robot monsters and I did see in the trailer dinosaurs with lasers for an authority Flav is perfect no sorry look what it is so sorry to disappoint all of you you know I saw the expansive tech tree show well you felt more generous this will be more epic our new modules for units like jetpacks free troopers they also venture is begins yeah and the second machine or yeah like that it's a o w – planetfall call well I'm looking forward to it's less than two months away gentlemen thanks so much for joining [Applause] this if the world is glue the reveal of the next shooter from the makers of Sniper Elite for omiai more dean ampere mature it's awful rated M for Mature load balance silver is a wonderful Co Highlander a conference but I will assume the world OKC no no it's epic obey me goodness I hate me go sir whatever you no oscillation yogi now work at a car tire in a plethora in will be diverse elemina gets a marijuana well Olga say : oh I see with the realities lady an x-ray one everything for khumba okay the way I left that you know when I get my office for a mall Sagaponack kizomba 1011 temporada who blow oh yes I would agree with so many glances some BMI cuatro de la mia kitchen [Laughter] yeah lol complete mean we never see the performance gate 3 you will play it yeah okay [Laughter] so we will write the Chris away say hi like the love affair and that's this Janey's loser jealous pain isn't a one-man show gravity but keep that dr. Mona when in supersonic wavelength do any weird world take him listen man little me mobility semi-definite wants to be simply know that remnants a co-op action shooter set on an apocalyptic earth then across the body won't live for a bit buddies a huge variety of different environments who's the player so as a player you're I'm sort of a Odyssey like quest to save the world and we really wanted to have a bunch of different cool locales that you go to just to experience a bunch of different stuff and you start on earth but becomes rapidly changes very quickly as you get into the game and one thing that we've talked about before is that replayability is a huge focus played through it ten times and still be seeing new bosses new monsters new locations how exactly does that work yeah I think one of the coolest features of the game is the dynamic generation system so we didn't know where to look and what consequence doing theses bosses everything you've built those all by hand right yeah it's all hand scripted but the system takes all the pieces and stitches it together so you might play the game and come into work and say hey I talked to a giant tree and fought a dragon boss and I'll be like I met a guy on a helicopter and all got a helicopter and killed a tree and we'd have completely different experiences and playing the same game and you just have to keep going through and eventually explore what all the possibilities are yeah you can play the game you see the stuff you can jump in your friends world to experience the content in their world and that's a big part of the game just jumping in and seeing what you get well I want to ask about loot which is I understand a big part of the game how does it function side this ever-shifting gameplay experience do you find a boss or me an NPC or get a cool unique sidequest it generally coincides with the cool unique item there might be a boss wetsuit or a magical item or armor so if you play the game you get all completely different events you'll have different equipment than I have and in the trailer I also saw that there were three people walking through these you mentioned the co-op experience happened in Chile so the game is difficult I mean you will die a lot in this game so awesome there's a huge advantage to bring your friends to come in there and help you take down bosses or fight off different events or just generally progressed through the world yeah well I mean it's a big fan of blood-borne in Dark Souls I'm really looking forward to remnant from the ashes what blood-borne it's coming out awesome ladies and gentleman earlier keep those questions coming I will be asking on stage the creative director of Borderlands 3 doesn't matter what platform you're on just use hashtag PC gaming show yeah when I put into the center panel now she was talking about our next oh my oh my two years ago we put a video in a video called Griffins it's changed quite a bit in the last two years it's now a deck building roguelike where you don't just fight but you also new go she vowel game whatever they set up break bread show that they will be tedious you know energy given me eternal agreement hotel as a traditional switch there instead of Cohen treat at which location our [Applause] Cochino clinic amudha helluva little avoid food it really cinnamon c11 see what's in the wholesaler for killing all the masala vesicles around Fort Augustus if there is something say multiple segments they looked at all of it anyone how many we go going here nice glance Donovan Lanza Ronnie sue is the latest game from the makers of the brilliant planets inside whether it will give us involves you building and but it showed no less he will do the math spent economist only the sweet you may give in the limo kept the chalice you know it interact with each other till children which means the world you build around them and today anything I make a chicken marisa kirisame twitch CEO when the thing is hidden the phone revolver so lamented with it on dental at a mission officially twitch internet he tweets well location on a hot rock show not evolving what was that Alliance is what the supermarket also tagging with Oh Saudi cool return I can't wait to watch thank you so much [Applause] I'm not telling you what am I a miracle looming industry legend and shampoo hero you know caffeine a lovely [Applause] Sookie oh you Sookie one day you were in the following games hang on Space Harrier outrun afterburner virtual racing and Virtua Fighter you son battle wound also created the Shenmue series and he's here to talk about Shenmue 3 [Applause] I just want to say thank you to all the fam supporting me for the wrong 20 years thank you very much so I'm at the hero sit corrected all oh thank you my boy for media literacy 3 3 boudreau see that's right let's take a world exclusive look at Shenmue 3 Shenmue 3 cheetah 3 were exclusive honestly I don't think your kung fu is strong enough Grandmaster I don't have a deal and I have you who put the other a long time ago martial arts were bad but humans are interesting creatures they're practiced in secret away from prying eyes and became stronger this very moment team was passed off oh you wish to but it's evolved yet one by one or you can limit up to what maintain that you say to me yeah stop it they threaten and extort money from the shop owners get drunk by noon and cause trouble everyone in town is afraid of them Las Vegas in Victor wait right there some are only 100 salary need to follow that same address meaning listen why don't you listen I know so many people been waiting for Shenmue 3 I would like to once again thank you so much thank you you saw him for joining us that I serious everyone thank you deep voice our next title is nearing my manhood heart it's based upon a game I'd may have anything called Heroes of Might and Magic to about you but it's a quality game boy advance our gracias por venir pneumonia now sit Robi the narrator is not Kenya – everything missing the community loketh yeah Miyamoto Buddha me another one the OEC consumer they compete songs internet they hear it to declare the name of the game is songs of conquest and here to join me in talking about it is the elation designer from lava potion Carlton the big story really big I mean let's just start off FEMA Britain steel so get within the town lip-reader tell my future wielders is what we call our commanders and you recruit an army and then kind of send off your wielders on an adventure and they go exploring the world they pick up resources to flag and you know I know that part of the core loop is obviously get the resources to build up the township but what reason armies man talk or me about those juicy battles yeah so to the battle just like the whole game is so you go into combat you bring them and then all the troops a different staff together me Omaha no German they go in a nation of order and then use like chess but instead of horns and I know that to do magic you need to bring the troops you need to bring Lulu didn't know when is a personís I don't know where as always either political ecology Commissioner Daniel Alyssia you know broken leaf we know as I said now our next title is an update to a popular co-op game let's see what's in store for remission Kim motels and you know we're about this your mood ready when I go to a guy you don't know next we never sent a super idea Netflix no Erebus and knocked on Superman sedative in you well the pollution finding us if my empathy aware una nueva narcissus OMA Donovan accent too Mira one that's the way ridiculous what Commerce yes emote coming Zimmerman tied to competitive delicious at least element of chicken yeah when you know you're going ham on a fellow the native the game behind their computer screens you can sign up now for the Berman tied to your an artificial consciousness orbiting Mars whose auto purpose is to terraform the planet starting from a single drone in your landing site and turning the planet into a flourishing second home for Humanity courtesy of developer to lawn industries and publisher war fury Tomatina convey our activity to ever see not alone as we all know the reaching the red planet was not humanity's greatest achievement transferring the complexity of the human mind to machines was silly cuando yo Martin Oh yo bro on that distant dusty wrong but upward can tell when the journalism models are not lazy very very Derrida and begins their mission no what are they I'd see me it's they gonna tire are you of course I'm with you Houston Houston tomorrow leave us six why is a girl by nature we got Tector beer up bida bida bida bida in the universe our next guest sent players back in time to rewrite history telemarketing happy to be here been waiting 10 years to come back on a big stage at e3 showing off a game gif to win but well when I started panache shiny body Warcraft environment at first what could be made let's go back at the very beginning it'll be easy to me though she did evolve apology tequila cuando yes we do well you play our last common ancestor well the big apes and then you have to explore your environment and eventually you expand your territory you expand your clan because you're not playing that one badass character you play a group of badass character and eventually you evolve into different species up until Lucia simulation of roughly 2 million years ago well it's all about elegance form a prey supid already subpoena basically at the beginning of the lesson and and and basically at the end it's pretty much you who you're the predator in the tower craft that's that's in a scene in willows lunesta one comment curiosity you need to explore you know I'm a game about character basically writing the story with tonight's this 427 but make some big Indian legend although where I keep where to tell you what Tommy Nagas main PC let you tell oh the legs cloud let you tell them I loved and played with players you Piron yes they were it's a policeman warfare attacking with our cover let me know – it Taraki sit on another home that time saloon but I don't know what chocolate genoise – I wanna mess all my home ass Oh Kobus I give it a lot wanna hit anywhere ha ha ha indeed Otto chess has turned out to be a sensation millions of players take it away today this is due to you Camille I believe we can finish our job quicker officially today I look forward ah i lure for achoo all you playing although chest thanks so much for sharing the news with us Frankie up above I understand is an inspired indie game well fine now shown because one of the things we love about crystal spin on the future on one screen at the same time so you'll see the future change based on your decisions in real time here's the word exclusive reveals ya understand basic and possibly don't tell me Jane Jensen on Towelie did I refer only you know me to the planet could you make the hard decisions and would you be strong enough to I won't either but instead passel will proceed simile men learn from the past and impact in the present you can rewrite the future yeah well Chris tails that demo out Aniston or a shot oh it's how you use it and I'm holding one of the well quite frankly it's a bit average isn't it next game thoris a brutal where heavy metal in no no I would travel my way through the dunes Citadel about forests overcoming it then nobody at the first although children yet simple overpower per album Tommy one more turn if the universe Superman then dormitory make curve of contract see it'll turn commensal now say when I went to follow verbunkos Gemma Chris tails please Dallas mr. lammeter Paulo okay Vicki Vacaville weird sorry Lorraine Motel in all of us son again let me go to the legs yes in case you have not been in downtown LA III it's amazing it's beautiful and joining me is the amazing and beautiful pulse saves great a director of borderlands three beautiful is the new one thing yeah there you go Paul welcome I mean there's been so much hype around Borderlands three what's the stuff you're really excited to be sharing this year at e3 Stephenson will see Garth away of money this time we're gonna talk about Mo's and she is island still at the alone loot we're talking about you know the different shields he's a mech pilot she has this big mech it's called iron bears you know we have movies that she can equip either a mini gun or a real barbecue your enemy definitely love water letting you know and yeah Mo's is a terrifically fun character for us right but I want to make sure we get to right now one of the big categories of the mountain because you mentioned having a billion guns are some of the other gear you have a progression system so you can live with that gave me one Calandra nades like one of my favorite things so in the past we've had grenades if they've had like one thing they can do different things we're combining this saying threw a grenade and a grenade Hannah yeah baby come out in the grenades with fire guns as it was going through right so you have like a ton of different grenades they fit her in there Oh stand out in front of you you know there's gonna be a single-player campaign what's gonna be happening beyond the single-player maybe you can get you know it's basically we double down on the skins that you can open up as you go through and the cool thing about that is like every interplay on on that account alright last category we're gonna go through and we're gonna fire questions how do the boss fights in Borderlands how do you build upon that right so I think of a boss fight you know we have an old-school perfect for more information on the quick select a Pokemon see the lifestyle cinema next game we're going to be visiting a guest that we saw earlier in the show get it we'll see you to Silla ranking what you got for us oh really sharp as giggles but the place is legal whittle away at 11:17 de e is an open-world action RPG or device in a panel talking a small baby shark pop thank you survive in this harsh world and try to eat your way to the top of the ecosystem there three words [Applause] mucho secret Apogee the chicken a la foto okay at the resume as you normally would tell yeah mucho love to do you is that when I saw the cameras and everybody do it on me and you know how suli Sally Kohn Nintendo Lavo o Selassie Pacific I did Oprah liver man either coming soon romance Oh Tsugumi cooling Lederman in the trailer that was scaly scaly the villain in this he's not a very nice guy and it's adventures a powerful tale that allows you to jump to incredible Heights it took a load simulated lungs that allow you to spend a little more time on the beach getting those afternoon snacks just really quickly John everyone's wanting to know they've questioned when's it coming out really hard hammer heading away at this game and trying to make it the most awesome shark RPG ever won the sign name yet we do not ready to announce a date pretty certain you're gonna see it before the next PC gaming show well I hope we do John wise I'm gonna have to start biting people in fact I'm quite hungry at the moment so I think actually I'm going to find an audience member because you guys look tasty so I'll see you in a bit this will give us have you done to the pursuit of a second ago said in a morning you the failsafe without booty bump you know it Oh necie you keep over dad you know one of the absolute best parts about being sponsored by Iowan for the PC gaming shows that I get to sit for this next segment and talk to you about terraria terraria is one of the best-selling PC games of all time very 30 million dollar part of the reason we're gonna see is the fact that the developers realized to see a game until availabl going from 250 items that released to now over so finally Lin went on it let's take a look at their can ultimate expansion coming up terraria lieutenant a little pocket on one see ya terraria terraria like oh you know Guardian they pity me Connecticut even now one way I remember you know a double if you want super simple actually stream is the Kazakh at the magical impossible see because o koala the next title that we're going to be looking at is a game that is the spiritual successor to her story it's called telling lies by annapurna interactive and joining me today is game director Sam Barlow and actor producer Logan Marshall Greene welcome gentlemen thank you too much it's a rare look at the fun of it right now if you haven't played her story and totally should it's fantastic it is a game where you watch live interactive video in order to uncover what happened with a murder what's the premise well they can piece together story time which contains secretly recorded intimate and private conversations between our four characters something has gone terribly wrong and it's up to you to figure out what and why it's time to take a look at a scenario a single circular board more turns you y'all never to call it the least item night strap but all men of pacino recursive let me tell you in the videos I've only ever been in love once it's with the girl I met when I was 18 that I was too young and naive come we are in traffic up arrow I guess I still carry a torch for the record I'll and you have we make training about the KFC communicate the gospel our emotional Melita ramela Larry Chinese that I'm over we cinnamon tea the procurement there Oh Sam I got some questions for you if you didn't let me know you're gonna get mine again I mean I saw you know it was loading video what's going they do indeed or we take a little exploration you would have in a normal video game so without walking around in a 3d world yes I guess you know in the quad running around you know please don't hang close attention and you're gonna be picking up on the subtext listening to names people places and with that information you're gonna use that to find more coins it is central in this way SS troops in world well I mean you know a lot of times with open-world video games they talk about you know the square we're talking about how many hours I'm gonna be there so we got like over 10 hours of footage here so it really is a story that encompasses you know PMS what I wanted to do with this one was like I say really embraced this idea of it being an open world game you are free to explore and follow your curiosity we need to just lose yourself in this story yeah well I'm curious Logan as a performer in this kind of game what is it like to actually try to have all the layers in there for each performance also not knowing when a player is going to be seeing the specific footage or performance another open-world game but our approach and Sam's approach was not a show and we had to understand it a to be and so for the most part that's how we shot it obviously not gonna return it to you and in this case we're living out of out of order but we actually spent linear in how we approach the story and we tend to see like all the other times we're actors we just went after into it and then what do we want and try to make it deep you know it's got a lot of scope yeah but we wanted to make it as deep as possible and Sam one of the best movie and TV directors I've worked with so it was very similar a little moonbeam I do want to stress to any of you if you have not played her story its quick to play through it's absolutely brilliant please check it out in the meantime but we're of course waiting to find out when can we play we'll have a date soon right now you can go to steam you can wishlist on Steam we all love steam steam compared to the PC what a big story didn't hear story so we'll say I'm Logan thanks so much for joining me on stage her story you know didn't pitch at all you know but on the balcony Frank he's gonna be talking to us about a game that my friends year after year after year keep telling me I have to play because of how much they've improved it Frankie what's going on with the warframe well warframe aside from being upstaged by a giant duck with getting a glimpse at the future of warframe and here with the latest look at the next expansion to the universe its face mum Rebecca Ford slow chat behave yourselves please because mother's here now Rebecca what are we about safe we're gonna take a look at amazing trailer that our team is prepared waiting a year for a look at what we've been calling rail jacks so it's about time to you know see what we've been doing yeah let's take a look they suffer a via Norton computer pretty because I am dak dak dak but we test all you seeis mmm listen listen annealed equivalent way here in the marital Amelia Hogan okay okay no trollop warframe Yarrell see in the box and say the Julio animals too and I will assume warframe MP ran dream [Applause] but they went way only I want you to join me money must be so exciting to know that the fans are finally I wasn't shaking before we started talking and now I am because it's real because you know Empyrean is what we're calling codename rail jack it's basically taking the space ninja part of warframe sending it back up to space bringing players that squad gameplay they know taking the enemies like the corpus in the grineer giving them their own rail jack to essentially explore the solar system with and take down the bad guys and when it becomes 10 Oh Khan is in London Ontario it's still ice fixed and you can come watch it online on get my 1000 arms into it I cannot say that on live television but you know there if there are ways but yeah you just have to watch do that just to mine 30 minutes of our Tanner live show you can get it but because we got well thank you so much for being with us again okay now we've seen some amazing stuff today but nothing quite so gloriously stranger zone next game developed by Brooklyn based studio feral cat den it's an existential based chat Odyssey set during the Big Bang yet it's actually bang everyone because we about to get bonkers Genesis noir or Ursula 3 will be civilian limited run games the Neo tiempo red beretta corner mighty pirate Peter Chooch remember CEOs a burrito kaolin I don't know no Silesia Nino's sent emali he let Malvinas valid signature gonna go to the London area in the septum I will see chocolate I'm sorry we didn't have to be submissive sooner well you didn't okay this is no are this if you can know or Genesis no arts watch the stylish our Mexican we're gonna take a look at is the twist on the stealth Johnson's be called El Hijo where you play as a six-year-old trying to escape a monastery and find your mother mother using toys and tricks to avoid monks let's take a look at this gorgeous if it didn't a liar the subject from studio in waters I did see the name get away Camille cake but Bible adventures don't mean listen way Gokul yamo PC gaming same as divertido Milito parado don't intend to tierno burro pero que vou palsu tempo mama Teresa my metabolism mama please let's say you will trade on whole wheat on say chocolate cup the T allele victim o Muhammad SAW from could either seen limited run games so rather wait until the but if you don't we see what W this was only just recently announced how did this partnership come about we went to leading loss an awfully we didn't run games to know each other and then suddenly in 2016 I get a phone call from the in Stuart who's the big boss of Mike in the head of you need to come to Seattle right away and we're gonna have to owe you one for you mr. Haven and it was pretty much everything that we talked about he says I'm gonna pretend this to my boards do you still want to do it somewhat isoquant o to me it's the crown jewel of Dean the computer games right I mean for me personally for all my friends so it just means so much to us fathers gate do you know when it's so exciting to see it come to it not only a new generation came after it they said that every American girl limited run games so lucky Sangha way volcano lanin retail a lot of them physicals for the heat and you know second emphasis one of the story elements the solution Kousaka him in the night trap key synonyms remasters you know suck I don't name actually miss out some creditors that means the government ones you are seeing the only name is switch crew its accelerated so that's not second console Aquino you're physically creatures iconic characters iconic places Cecily did you ready the gameplay elements because obviously love you know vo in Mon own Gaddafi that one how do you translate somebody the Allen same things that players want a city what keynote I went to New Englanders and so we poured it as much as we could to the video game we looked at what works really well we looked at the things that didn't work that well because it is a video game for people so we started modifying those things and then we had to add things on top of it because if you play tabletop you have a game master and you say well I want to do this yeah start a fight with a pigeon he's like okay well exactly that's it so we had to add systems to make that possible within the game but we've been we've gone very very far yeah I'm in creative an example of like a crazy moment that a player might do that you could actually play out in the game well I could let's say that we get into a fight it's because you asked a nasty question I don't care what I tell you whose leg the chair over there in terms of your role speaking to Larian studios you have tons of databases and players to go into there you see yeah I said bleep see now we're not getting one another drop my house off would merely tell us a man making gaming I seen the look on whatever a moment about second game we want to talk about paper I understand that there is a tabletop prequel coming for baldur's gate exactly we think there's Damon all the different games coming together yeah one Greg Lindley we don't run games so 17 we're releasing our next tabletop campaign Baldur's Gate descent into a furnace and it is the next chapter in the baldur's gate it's a prequel to do you want a redeem bothers gay or send it to damnation so we're putting players you can label a little psycho with a minute blood-stained cushions a moonless are physically with the runway people have been waiting for a long time yeah because I'm in second quarter when it's ready we this is the game that we want to play so we want to make sure it's really really good and then when when that's the case then we'll release it well I know a lot of people have been waiting a long time I think I speak for a lot of people here when I say take your time if the divinity original sin games are any indication the way either telepods Cabo Luna P yeah both literally concluded let's bring up on the stage the fantastic come here Frankie a little secret are sort of Pollyanna Lake yep in actor mini gonna say anything about personally showed up this morning and of course the sponsors who helped make this possible epic game store I win frontier fun calm paranoid of us an interactive hover casts perfect world rebellion tripwire and Samsung as you know Pete things maybe elephants who did so Manny of course I'm personally looking forward to songs of conquest and as you heard there's games coming out all the media Jose ds-2019 and a little manana cast ik III is officially begins tomorrow big shout out to all the other press conferences hello again dropped frames good to see you two years in a row we hope you all have a fantastic time at e3 and go play some games and make some friends see you next year bye bye bye Joe now let's aghios yeah I mean I owe you notice let's get you know vamo : or even know like a Cinderella dress you will Remos I'll trace him boom – he saw me not eat want this we want to put it but limited run games no confidence again you had an shall should see the aisle should see that worried ah but the bye-bye usually trees it sorta see Micah Zenko tempura those game is this bit on how severe John always go right now that you say Jordan going to bed Georgia's going today is careful that's today this day dony cats nerdiness that was the Microsoft so no Pearson ex-girl be this dejar leakiness get on people they're better than we will MOCA Gordon is jockey Gordon is skateboard a saucier your daily calm down okay come here Johnny Oh not for me

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